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  1. Do it if it makes you feel good, whether it holds value or not. After gathering strong evidence of financial co-mingling, we added papers where the vet has us both down on one account for all three of our rescue cats. Can't hurt, might not hold value, but if they want to know the most of our relationship, they might as well know about our pets.
  2. WAC means your service center is California. I haven't received my biometrics appointment yet either, but not too stressed about it. You can reschedule your biometrics appointment if it happens to be scheduled around your Europe trip.
  3. Every process requires new biometrics. AOS -> ROC -> Citizenship or GC Renewal (if you don't want to become a citizen yet and decide to renew your GC every 10 years)
  4. You can travel with your green card and extension letter. Doesn't matter if you did biometrics yet or not.
  5. Ik had mijn visum pakket met 4 dagen op de mat maar ik heb (en ken) applicanten die ruim 2-3 weken hebben moeten wachten, tot op het punt dat ze het pakket hebben opgehaald zodra het klaar was. Laten we er wel rekening mee houden dat het Consulaat duidelijk aangeeft geen vliegtickets te boeken tot je je visum in je handen hebt. Waarin het 90% van de tijd soepel verloopt, heb je ook de 10% waar je erg lang in administrative processing (AP) terecht kan komen. Of de interview officier kan na het interview nog besluiten dat je meer bewijs in moet sturen, of de approval kan intrekken. Daarnaast kan het ook liggen aan het visum-volume die maand.
  6. Ah-- I'm alive. Still no sign of the biometrics letter. Not too mad about it, saves me a vacation day if they decide to reuse my biometrics from AOS. 🤣
  7. I honestly can't wait to file for citizenship. I want to be done with the USCIS forever 🤣
  8. Yay!!! I haven't checked in here in awhile, California is one of the fastest centers for I-751 I think. I feel like everyone gets their extension letter really fast lately. I was super duper scared as I know some people that did not hear anything up until 1-3 months later. Pleasantly surprised most of us are receiving our extension letter within 2 weeks. Hurray USCIS.
  9. It will go from ready to administrative processing to ready to issued. Very normal process. Breathe, you'll be fine.
  10. I came here on the K-1 visa and so far, we've spent a total of $3000 in immigration costs over the course of 3,5 years. It's not cheap, and the US petitioner (your partner) has to earn a minimum annual of $21k in order to sponsor you. You cannot attend college or university without a green card. You will have to get married within the 90 days of arriving on the K-1 visa, and adjustment of status (extra $1225) will take about a year. You're 18 years old. Travel to the US, go see how it is in person, travel back and decide. You might have very good chances in receiving a student visa. You can study and see your partner at the same time without the obligation of marriage. That way, you can see if he is the one in person. It will also be great evidence when you start the K-1 route.
  11. Them asking for your passport is 100% a positive thing. That means they were satisfied with what you sent. They can't print a visa without a passport (it will be in one of your pages). No worries!
  12. Should be soon! It was the other way around for me: received text and case number on Tuesday but credit card was charged yesterday afternoon.
  13. Exactly my thoughts. Did your package get delivered yet?
  14. I mean, did I really need four sworn affidavits? No. But just for the heck of it, I added four as our family was willing to submit them and it was free of charge to get them notarized. It just makes me feel a little better, whether they hold value or not. If it makes you feel a little more sane, then go for it
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