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  1. Hi all, Does anyone know how long we should set aside for the oath ceremony? Not the time between the interview and oath, but the day of the oath itself. How long can we expect to be at the courhouse? All the discussions I see are quite a few years old and everything seems to take much longer these days. Kansas City Courthouse if someone has that specific of information. It is a 4+ hour drive for us, so we are just trying to plan work and accommodations for the big day! Thanks in advance for any helpful replies!
  2. I answered a question and shared an experience. The term late filing was intended to indicate filing outside of the initial 90 day window and not to imply there was a requirement to file within the window. Sorry I confused you.
  3. Not saying the N-400 would shorten it under 2 years (ours was over 2 years before we even filed the N400 - so 2 years is a pipe dream - ask almost anyone who filed in 2020! I am just saying our estimated date for the I751 from USCIS site was still another 9 months from now - the estimated time frame we were getting put us at August next year - aka 39 months from filing. But once the N400 was scheduled the I 751 moved with it. Or at least it appeared to My son's I 751 was filed at the same time - same envelope even as my wife's - he has no N 400 filed and is still waiting on his I 751. Their biometrics and all communications from USCIS happened together - until her N 400 was filed then her application started moving - his did not. Coincidence? perhaps. But a strange one if it is. Regardless, if you want to file the N400 there is nothing to be gained by waiting - and to respond to the OP no penalty for waiting.
  4. Personal experience. If you want to file the N-400 do it. No worries on late filing, however, it does seem to hasten the I751 process (not that it matters in the end - just nice to have it done.) We sit on the I 751 for nearly 2 years - filed the N400 and 6 or 7 months later - both are scheduled, approved and my wife is in queue awaiting oath ceremony. I believe that if we had filed as soon as it was clear to do so, she would already be a citizen, and it would have saved us needless months of waiting on the I 751.
  5. Is anyone else (I am sure there is, just feels lonely) been waiting 2 years for the I 751? Our filing was May 26, 2020, Biometrics completed on December 11, 2020 then nothing but crickets for the last 17 months. Really caused an issue when we tried to buy a new home and the underwriter has basically accused us of lying since she "got her I 751 in 3 months...." Just looking for someone to tell us they are still out there hanging in limbo too.
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