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  1. For Morocco, yes it's important, but for other countries not so much. Ideally you would submit the bulk of your relationship evidence with your initial petition. Then at the NVC stage, you could upload evidence of events that have occurred since your petition was submitted. Things like any additional visits made, or even chat conversations if you think they are important and relevant (maybe discussing a major event or plans for the future). Unlike many other embassies, Casablanca specifically doesn't generally look at any evidence brought directly to the interview. This is why it is so important, especially for those going through the Casablanca consulate, to include your evidence ahead of time with your petition.
  2. K-1 visas are not currently being interviewed at the Casablanca consulate yet due to COVID restrictions. It's unclear as to when they will begin interviewing K-1 cases again. So unfortunately you have a bit of a frustrating wait ahead of you. The only thing worse than a slow moving case is a case that is seemingly stuck with no timeline to move forward. Hopefully they will begin processing K-1s again very soon.
  3. The fact that you have met in person multiple times and have a child together is good. I know a lot of people on this forum will say that having a baby together isn't "proof that your relationship is legitimate", but I would say that of the couples I have seen go through Casablanca specifically with a child together, the child always seemed to benefit thier case.
  4. I agree with 10+ years being of some concern to the Casablanca consulate. With that said, there are other factors to consider as well, such as how much time you have spent in person together, how much evidence you are able to include in your initial visa petition, etc. I've seen both K-1 and CR1 age gaps be approved in Casablanca, some with ease and some with a few additional AP hurdles.
  5. Because I didn't do enough research ahead of time. It probably would have saved us money in the long run. It ended up working out fine for me, but many others who went the K-1 route in Casablanca ended up being denied and having to pursue the CR1. With that said, there really are many successful K-1s though Morocco too, but if you have red flags (and let's be real here, the most common "red flag" is a large age difference. Things like differences in religion, education or income can be more easily overcome). If you are roughly the same age as your partner, and you can show that you visited him several times/spent a significant amount of time with him, then the K-1 might be worth a shot for you.
  6. Casablanca is tough as others have mentioned. If you are willing and able to make another trip before filing the visa petition, I would definitely encourage you to do so so that you can include those photos. Casablanca generally will not look at evidence brought to the interview, so front loading is especially important. And like others have mentioned, you might want to consider getting married and doing the spousal visa. My husband is from Morocco and we successfully went through the K-1 process a few years ago. You can message me if you have any questions specific to the Casablanca consulate.
  7. Finally received NOA/Extension letter in the mail today~ Timeline so far: 5/28: Mailed out package via USPS 6/1: Case received (LIN service center) 7/2: Made online service request inquiry 7/10: Called USCIS to ask about status (was told NOA was mailed out July 6) 7/13: NOA arrives, dated 7/1 Fingerprints still not applied yet (no update to status and no letter received), but that seems to be the case for many LIN filers.
  8. Called USCIS this morning and was told that our NOA was mailed out on July 6. I'm hoping that is accurate and that the letter will arrive in the mail sometime early next week. Our case is at the Nebraska service center, received June 1, 2020.
  9. Submitted an online inquiry yesterday (they received our case on June 1, so it's been 30 days), the auto response said to expect a reply by July 23. We are supposed to fly to Morocco on July 28, but not sure if that will happen 1. because we might not have the extension letter and 2. because Moroccan airspace is closed and it is unknown when it will reopen. All of this uncertainty is driving me crazy.
  10. Had to call to get the receipt number since we forgot the G-1145...but we are officially June filers! May 28: Mailed I-751 petition June 1: Case received by USCIS (Nebraska Service Center) June 4: Credit card was charged July 1 will be the date we will make an inquiry for the NOA/extension letter, if needed.
  11. I'm only sure of what I have heard from several others. You might want to contact the consulate to be sure, but it seems like interviews in Casablanca are suspended for the time being. I've heard that several people have received the cancellation notice coming from the IVcasablanca@state.gov email address.
  12. Yes, others with upcoming interviews in Casablanca have reported that the consulate has stopped all visa interviews until further notice.
  13. You received a lot of good suggestions here about the importance of relationship evidence and what to include. Casablanca is not an easy consulate. While relationship evidence is not "required" when submitting the I-130 Form, it is important that you include as much as you can anyway. Are you filing online or will you be sending in the petition through paper mail? My husband is from Morocco, and although we did the K-1 process and not the CR-1, I know many others who successfully brought over a Moroccan spouse on a CR1 visa. There is no "fast" way of getting him here, but if you take time to study and understand the process, you can be successful.
  14. Welcome to VJ. :) My husband is also from Morocco, though he came to the US on the K-1 visa. However, I have made many friends on here and on other sites that that gone through the full marriage process in Morocco. You are correct when you say the process is different for everyone. There seems to be no "standard" process in Morocco. Most people I know were able to marry in under 2 weeks, sometimes even within 1 week. It also helps if you come prepared (and your list of required documents and steps is accurate). Feel free to message me if you have any specific questions about the process, or if you would like the links to some FB groups that are specific to the Moroccan marriage and visa process.
  15. Is there a thread dedicated to the I-944 form? I'm trying to help a friend complete it and we are stuck on Part 3: Public Benefits #16 Have you EVER received, or are currently certified to receive in the future any of the following public benefits? (select all that apply): - The last 2 boxes are: No, I have not received any public benefits (which they checked) and; No, I am not certified to receive in the future any of the above public benefits (this is the one we are confused on). I suggested to check the box (indicating "no"), but what about if/when they become a USC in the future? Would they then be certified? Am I overthinking it?
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