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  1. That sounds fairly normal. The Casablanca consulate seems to be taking around 3-4 months to schedule K-1 interviews at this time. I would recommend reaching out to your congressman to do a congressional inquiry. Sometimes the consulate needs a little "push" to get things moving.
  2. It's very normal to have an engagement party in Morocco. In fact they will likely ask about it at the interview and ask to see photos. Some of the VJ users might say some scary things about the Casablanca consulate (and they are right that it notoriously difficult), but a traditional engagement party is generally not a problem at all. We were actually asked at our interview why we did not have a traditional engagement ceremony and had to defend that. I've seen plenty of couples show engagement party photos at the interview in Casablanca and never have I seen it be a cause for denial or concern. As long as it doesn't look like a wedding party (engagement party photos would be a simple and small gathering involving engagement rings, sharing milk and sweets/dates vs a wedding party with a large number of guests, multiple wedding dresses, traditional wedding chair/furniture photos, etc).
  3. What is your current case status? It's very typical for it to take Casablanca 1-2 months from when the status first appears as "Ready" to send out the K-1 interview date. You don't set it up yourself, they will email you a packet with details and an interview date and time. If it's been awhile, you can also try emailing K1Casablanca@state.gov to try to speed things up. Hope you get an interview date soon!
  4. Went in for biometrics today (Naperville office). N400 filed in May 2021 Biometrics done 9/2/2021 Case status says "actively being reviewed". Hoping we don't have to wait too much longer, but also trying to keep low expectations and prepare for a long wait.
  5. I know plenty of successful K-1 couples who uses engagement photos during their visa interview in Casablanca, and none had any major issues with the engagement photos in particular. The milk and date engagement ceremony is a very common and important aspect of Moroccan culture. I know many in these forums in particular advise to avoid anything that looks "too wedding like", but in general this is okay in Morocco, as long as the photos don't depict things that look like wedding customs (tons of different dresses, many people, extravagant furniture, etc).
  6. Submitted N400 online (based on 3 year marriage rule) on May 12th, receipt notice dated May 13th. No notice of biometrics being reused yet, hopefully they will reuse them...but if not, it's not a huge deal for us since the local ACS is only about 30 minutes away.
  7. We finally got notice that our new card is being produced! πŸŽ‰ Timeline (LIN service center): June 1, 2020: We received your Form I-751, Petition July 15, 2020: Fingerprints reused notice March 18, 2021 New Card Is Being Produced!
  8. The recent K-1 interviews in Casablanca that I have seen have all been cases that were being sent to and processed by the NVC during the early months of the pandemic (February/March 2020). Like Jeanne mentioned above, they are slowly working on cleaning the backlog, but it's going to take some time. The consulate also started using a new K-1 specific email for K-1 inquiries - K1Casablanca@state.gov.
  9. What does your CEAC status say? As others have already mentioned, Casablanca is known for extended periods of AP and long visa processes.
  10. Casablanca is finally doing everything is electronic now, there is no paper packet. As long as you have the visa stamped in your passport, you should be good to go. Make sure that you get documented permission to leave Morocco from your local authorities. Usually evidence of the passport/visa are enough, but you should be prepared to give additional information about the nature of your travel if needed (unification with your spouse). You won't be allowed to leave Morocco without this document.
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