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  1. Thanks! I will send this in. I also called USCIS and asked for them to complete and address change. Hopefully one of these ways works.
  2. I am the USC. We followed the links from https://myaccount.uscis.gov to complete the AR-11 form online. I was not aware there was a need for me to separately fill out another form 865. USCIS also didn't recommend this on the phone just now when I told him we completed AR-11. But we can send another form with the same information. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for this, I just called now and they didn't have our address we submitted the end of Nov. He informed me to watch the status on their website and if it changes to interview scheduled to call them and they can reschedule it for the Houston office.
  4. This would be plan b, if immigrating to the states doesn’t work. If you both love each other and want to be together don’t rule it out.
  5. Hello! About a year into our AOS journey we moved to Texas. We already submitted the online form to report our address change. However, I’m wondering how it works when they move you to the new office. Does anyone know if you are put to the back of the queue based on your date you changed address. Or is it based on your original receipt notice? Just trying to estimate how much longer it will be . The Houston offices have a much longer processing time. thanks!
  6. It’s possible, I’m aware of their story. We just don’t know all the details of it, and it’s a different consulate so hard to say it will be the same result for you. Going the k1 route is more risky. It can’t be appealed so if you are denied you have to start over. Typically the immigration process isn’t really helped by having children. So if you have kids, it’s not going to make it easier for you to get approved. The consulate usually only cares if the woman is of child bearing age, like is she able to have a kid. Not if the couple has one.
  7. What you have said about your ex doesn’t appear to have many red flags besides meeting online. So I can’t really speak much to that. Was she Muslim, Christian, or Jewish? Sometimes religion can be a problem. If they aren’t one of the above it can be a red flag. Meeting your current partner on a dating app is a red flag. It can be viewed as you looking for a way out of your country. So while it is a place for people looking for serious relationships the consulate will be very critical of you because of it. Spending time together and having co-mingling finances and doing as much as you can to combine your lives will be best. The cr1 can be appealed that is correct.
  8. A definite red flag is that you have met both of these women online. What website did you meet this 2nd girl? You will have to overcome this with lots of time spent in person. Also as others have said, you need to know why your previous k1 was denied. What was the age difference between you and the first woman? How many times did you meet before you filed? What online website did you meet at? Because North Africa is a high fraud area with visas and you already have one denial with a different woman, it would probably be best to go the cr1 route. Especially because you can appeal this if it is first denied. حظ موفق
  9. One week of time is simply not enough for Morocco. I spent just over 2 months over multiple trips to visit my fiancé, we were approved. Age is also a big factor, particularly if you are able to bare children still, this is because culturally it is very important for moroccans to have children. So if you are older that might have been another reason. Your best path forward at this point is to visit as much as you can, marry, file a CR1 and apply again. Wish you both best of luck.
  10. Sadly it is very difficult for a North African person to get a tourist visa let alone a work visa. If I had to guess, I would say your fiancé will most likely miss the wedding in March. Covid has delayed the visa process. As far as what visa type you prefer, it’s totally a personal choice. We did the k1 even though most people on here had told me before I made the decision I should do the cr1. I’m happy I went the route I did. Good luck with your process. I wish you all a speedy k1 visa!
  11. Yes, you should request one ASAP and explain the situation. Hopefully they can process it quickly.
  12. It’s just the main uscis number. It took them a little over a month to respond the first request, so I would say your timeline right now is within normal range given current circumstances.
  13. After biometrics we called back to request biometrics again, it’s been more than the 7 days we were told, but it was more than the 7 days we were told before when they finally sent us notification we needed to complete biometrics first. I think they are just very backed up. I expect to wait a month again before we hear anything.
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