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  1. It will be worse, it’s Houston. But that’s okay. Thanks for the information. Greatly appreciate it.
  2. Oh, another question...I was sort of in between jobs when we applied. My previous position I made about 3 times what is required. When we applied I had accepted a close to minimum wage filler position to just get by while applying for jobs in my field. I submitted 3 years of tax transcripts all showing I made more than enough to support him. I wrote a letter indicating my current job and that I was looking for work and expected to have a position later in the year. now that my situation has changed, I’m assuming I just bring that information to the interview to update them. Or is there another way I can update my case? Suggestions?
  3. We filed AOS for my husband the beginning of April. I got a new job and we will be relocating to a different state sometime in June or July. Currently, we just received receipt in text form of our applications. I know we need to send in AR11 to inform them of the change of address once we have moved. Is there anything else we need to do? I’m also just wondering how the move will effect everything. Do we get put to the back of the queue at the new field office? Or does it go based off of our I797 receipt date? Most importantly, I’m also hoping it won’t prolong his EAD and AP applications. Timeline on this website shows him getting them by Decemberish. thanks for the help.
  4. So even though he has done a medical 6 months ago, we need to see a civil surgeon to have him complete form 693? Sorry to be daft, just seems excessive.
  5. So I read in the guide for AOS this: " If you are a K-1, K-2, K-3 or K-4 visa holder the I-693 instructions state that you are not required to have another medical examination as long as your Form I-485 is filed within one year of your overseas medical examination. Regardless of if you are exempt from a medical exam, you are still required to complete certain portions of the I-693 and have a Civil Surgeon certify the form (and seal it in an evelope). Specifically, you will complete Part 1 (Information about you) of the I-693 and provide both the form and your DS-3025 (if you have it, proving your vaccination history) and any proof of required vaccinations that were completed prior to entering the US. If you do not have a copy of your DS-3025 you will need to provide sufficient evidence of your vaccination history to the Civil Surgeon (talk to the civil surgeon's office to discuss what vaccination records they accept as proof). If you do not have proof of your vaccination history the Civil Surgeon may insist on re-administering all the required vaccinations prior to completing the I-693. Once the Civil Surgeon has has verified that all required vaccinations have been performed, they will complete form I-693 Part 2 (the vaccination section) and Part 5 (the Civil Surgeon's Certification). They will then seal the form in an envelope and return it to you." Is this for real? He needs to go to a civil surgeon to get the form completed? Seems like elsewhere on the website it has been said that you only need to include 3025, no mention about the 693 and seeing civil surgeon. Any help is greatly appreciated 😁
  6. Thank you. So is the receipt number the same as a USCIS number? I am filling out the 864 and just don't know if that part should be filled in.
  7. Do you get an assigned USCIS number when you apply for or receive a K1 visa?
  8. I was able to add my moroccan fiancé to my American Express credit card without a social security number when he still lived in Morocco. This was very easy to do. I’d see if the us fiancé can do this for you. Good luck.
  9. You haven't found a way to look up updates to the SAVE database have you? It's frustrating for both parties to call the SSA because they don't really know what is going on just that it isn't complete yet. :S
  10. Oh man. Sorry to hear this. I hope you get the card soon!
  11. K1 visa Went to apply for SSN 10 days after arrival. He received a letter at the appointment saying they needed to verify him through DHS and that it happens occasionally. They told us it should be completed within a week or 2. We are 4 weeks out at this point. I've called every week since we applied and gotten the same answer that they are still processing it. The last couple of weeks they told me it normally takes a month, which is quite different than 1 to 2 weeks we were initially told. Is anyone else experiencing this kind of stuff? I read previous forums from 2014 about this and that it doesn't take this long anymore. So I'm just confused.
  12. He arrived in jfk and immigration was a breeze. Thanks everyone for the help and support. ❤️
  13. Have a non-stop flight to JFK on the 3rd. Currently he needs to get authorization to leave Morocco and has been having trouble at his local office because he already left and came back. No one seems to know exactly what form to use and says that he can't leave unless he has a marriage certificate or is sick and needs treatment. So it's not going very well at the moment. Still have a couple of days before he will need to leave to travel to the airport, so there is still hope.
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