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  1. Mezyan

    Move to the US

    I don't think you will have much luck getting a work visa. Sorry to say. Not many companies would hire a software engineer who requires sponsorship. There are MANY software engineers in the states that are able to do the work without the need for a visa. Maybe try looking for a global company with a location in morocco to work for. And after time you might be able to relocate with them? Good luck.
  2. Quite a few people have used Jim Hacking. I had a consultation with him that was very helpful for our situation, but at this time we don't need to pursue anything. From what you have said, I wouldn't think you necessarily would need to use a lawyer. Jim can offer advise with a consultation though.
  3. You guys decided to do the spousal visa? congrats. Hope the getting married part goes smoothly!
  4. I'm am 9 years older than my partner too. I don't think it's a big deal at all if you have enough face time, met family, and don't have other red flags. Our age difference was brought up at the interview, but it didn't seem to be a concern at all to the officer. They liked that we had spent a lot of time together 5 trips and around 80 days, they also liked seeing photos of me and his family. Good luck with the process!
  5. Same answer, 5 months. Expect to hear from them around April unless they get more backed up or if for some miracle they catch up. It would be best for you to fill out your timeline.
  6. Whichever one has availability! They fill up fast.
  7. We have done all of the above with rooms. Renting an apartment from someone in his hometown, getting 2 hotel rooms (but never using the 2nd), and just getting one hotel room. It totally depends on the hotel if they will let you just purchase one room. I have called some and they have been fine with it. Others will tell you it's not possible. One of the hotels that was fine with it was the Hotel Sofitel in Casablanca.
  8. Casablanca is notoriously slow, they receive a high volume of cases and things happen when they happen there. Patience is key, I wouldn't file a WoM at this point. You just need to wait and distract yourself with other things.
  9. I have stayed in high end hotels with my partner without hiding him with no problem. You just need to call and check. I've also not mentioned him one time as well and we were not arrested. But I wouldn't really recommend that. You can also go on sites like airbnb and ask the hosts if it is okay, foreign hosts often do not mind.
  10. Is hashish legal in your country? Maybe that would make a difference if it was? That’s a hard place to be in. I’d go to your interview and If asked about it be as honest as you can be. IMO it would be worse to just no show to your interview.
  11. Blocked by a judge! https://www.wsj.com/articles/judge-blocks-trump-administrations-health-care-requirement-for-new-immigrants-11572746016
  12. We've been waiting 4 months already with nothing. All you can do is be patient and follow instructions on your consulate website for contacting them for an interview.
  13. How can you know every single person that is applying for a k1?
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