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  1. Thanks I appreciate it
  2. Hi everyone , i hope I can find an answer to my question. We applied last August 2017 for the adjustment of status and I received my work permit last December 2017 since then I didn't heard from the uscis for the interview , when I check my case it says : At this time USCIS cannot provide you with information for your case . Please call the contact center for more information , wich I did couple of time and the contact center is not giving any answers all they said wait for a month then call again Does anyone had the same thing or have any idea ? Thanks for the help !!
  3. Mehdi-T


    Thank you , i appreciate it and hope you guys are doing well
  4. Hi, hope you guys are doing, I just received my work permit and it says on the bottom of the card "serve as i 512 advance parole" , my question is will i get another card for the traveling outside the US in case if i want or the work permit show the both ? Thanks for the help
  5. you welcome , and thank you for the compliment
  6. if you're entering the US with a k1 visa u will not pay anything but if you're entering the US with cr1 visa i guess u will pay the fee my noa2 expired before i entred the usa it doesnt matter as long is your visa still valid
  7. no i didnt pay anything when i entered the USA
  8. I've already passed through this . If u need help send me a message in private I will try to help you and answer your questions
  9. i guess that depend on each state , i went to pass the driver licence and the person in charge in the DMV told me that my case need to be approved first and to bring the i-797 that will show that . but he said that i can drive with my moroccan licence and have my passport or any thing that can show i entred legally to the country with me till i pass the test . the problem is my wife tried to add me to her insurance car but the company refused that till i get my ID
  10. Mehdi-T

    Marriage Validation in Morocco

    Thanks for your help i appreciate it
  11. Mehdi-T

    Marriage Validation in Morocco

    Sounds good . I did it in English with the iman in mosque . It was for free I don't know if it's the right way to do it in English or do I need to re do it in arabic
  12. Mehdi-T

    Marriage Validation in Morocco

    Does the Islamic marriage certificate have your names . Witnesses names . Signatures and the amount of money that your husbands gave you "Mahr"?
  13. Mehdi-T

    Marriage Validation in Morocco

    I entred the US on June 28th . Married on July 15th and submitted the AOS two weeks ago and at the same time I did an Islamic marriage at the mosque with two witnesses . So what it is the perpes from doing this with the Washington ambassy ?
  14. Thanks for your help brother ☺
  15. Hey guys hope everyone is doing great I entered the US in June 28th . Filed for SSN two weeks ago and we got married in July 15th . I wanna know what is the newt step now for the adjustments of status cause I'm lost . Can you please make it clear and advice me about what we need to do Thanks in advance