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  1. In the ref they ask only only for tax returns and our immigration lawyer asks the same thing I just wanna make sure everything all right
  2. Hi guys in December 18 2018 Uscis sent us RFE regarding adjustment of status, and my sister in law wants to help us as my join sponsor she make good income, in the RFE Uscis asks for most recent tax return, is it fine to send 2017 since my sister in law she didn’t fill tax yet for 2018.
  3. Awe thanks for your helpful answer I would like to ask you about this list they ask me for it’s dosesn’t include last 6 months work employments or paystubs should I just send them what in the list. I m sorry for all this questions
  4. awe ok should i send those both forums with one joint tax return
  5. my sister in law and her husband they both wanna support me and fill join sponsor they both make good income, my question is that my sister in law and her husband they have join tax return should both of them fill the form and send it with on tax return and copy of w2
  6. hi guys i have ref and uscis ask me to send join sponsor i 846, my wife sister she is married and she wanna fill this form i-485 as join sponsor, my question is she fill tax return jointly with her husband, should i send them two i-846 form filled with her and her husband with one tax return from. Thanks
  7. i got what you mean can you please show me which form the join sponsor should fill
  8. We submitted last 2 years and explaind why she didn’t filled the third one
  9. We filled all forms including I-864 with tax returns bank statements w2 everything and she made for last year areound 29k we mentioned that she is self employed and that they should check sechudle c page in the tax returns after waiting for all most 3 month we got ref asking for join sponsor
  10. The letter says that I need join sponsor and which documents the join sponsor should send with it