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  1. Thanks for the information. I guess we have nothing else to do but wait. Good luck to you too.
  2. We are still waiting and has been 38 months since we filed i-751 and been waiting for interview schedule since September 2019. Our case was outside processing on June 28 and we filed an inquiry with USCIS and Senator on June 29. It is very frustrating and we are thinking of hiring a lawyer to sue USCIS if we don't here anything by August 2022.
  3. I know all waste of our time. They cannot even prioritize and follow the new risk based approach where interviews can be waived. It is frustrating.
  4. After 18 months extension letter expired we called USCIS and received an appointment at the field location and had the passport stamped with one year extension. So with expired green card and stamp on passport travel was allowed. I believe this stamp is the evidence the airline needs.
  5. My wife was ready for Interview since September 11, 2019. So frustrating and yesterday was the first day past normal processing. We filed in May 24, 2019 so normal processing for us is 3 years 1 month which is absurd to call it normal.
  6. I sent my inquiry to USCIS as today is 1 day past normal processing time. I also forwarded to the senater as well. I filed FOIA 2 months ago and did receive it last month. I see the notes from immigration on N-400 mentioning that the case is pending I-751 and will be a combo Interview. I see online that many folks who filed in 2020 and few in 2021 already got their I-751 completed so idea why it is causing more delays. Any updates for you?
  7. I agree with you and no much help from representatives. I filed FOIA and will seenif this helps. I contacted my senator as well. I have no idea why USCIS is not addressing the requests by priority date and I see others getting approvals for complicated fillings even earlier.
  8. Congrats that your case was completed despite your difficult situation. We are still waiting in day 1,107 days.
  9. Issue is they keep forwarding the date. Mine started with May 21 which is exactly 3 years after filling then they pushed to June 4th and when it was getting closer it was moved to June 24th. This is why it is frustrating and adding to the fact that 80% of I-751 are completed in 31 months. Can you share your field location?
  10. Thank you wished I was in New York and no news for almost 37 months in San Francisco field office. One more month as they keep pushing the processing time and I find a lawyer to sue them.
  11. Congrats happy for you! Was your Interview waived? What is your field office?
  12. My PD was May 2019 for I-751 and May 2020 for N-400. Status for N-400 is delayed because of pending I-751 as I was told that it will be a combo Interview for both I-751 and N400.
  13. In 3 weeks I will be waiting 37 months for I-751 and 24 months for N-400. My field location is San Francisco. I looked in processing time which moved from 36 months to and extra week and now moved additional 3 weeks. This is really frustrating especially when they mention 80% of I-751 is processed in 31 months. Our case is not complicated and we have strong evidence and no idea why they can't consider waiving the interview or schedule ASAP.
  14. Congrats!!! Can you share your field location? You are indeed lucky since my wife I-751 was filed in May 2019 and N-400 in May 2021 from San Fran Field Location and we are still waiting so frustrating.
  15. Congratulations 🎊. I submitted a service request since my wife is outside processing time. We filed I-751 on May 2019 and we have been waiting for interview to be scheduled in San Francisco FO since September 2019. We filed online N400 in May 2020 and I see status saying our request is delayed. All I was told when I called for my wife passport stamp was that I-751 and N400 will be a combo. Now I understand response to my Request for outside processing time inquiry will take time. I hope we hear something soon and SFO FO sucks although filed in 2020 earlier than you you already have an interview. Maybe the officers there are just vacationing in the City and hardly working 😆
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