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  1. Oregon (Portland specifically) chiming in here. My husband was able to use his extension letter when he transfered his California DL to an Oregon DL when we moved states in March of this year. Zero hassle. The DMV guy had to make a bunch of photocopies but seemed completely unbothered and told us they see these all the time.
  2. Yes, we used the credit card authorization form as well. The card was processed a day or so after our package was received.
  3. An update! We received a letter yesterday informing us that my husband has a biometrics appointment on January 10. I suspect this is the last we'll hear from USCIS for a couple of years lol.
  4. SuznAaron mentioned above that this appears to be the case. Although based on the thread lurking that I've done recently, people who applied in late 2019 are only now getting interviews, so we have quite a wait ahead of us.
  5. Oh my gosh, hey, MSC/CR1 buddy! We also got MSC. I was freaking out because only one other person seemed to have gotten that service center, but it's good to know that it's because my husband came in on a CR1. I was hoping we wouldn't have to do biometrics/interview, but oh well... We submitted early December, and the i-797 was sent out to us on Dec 9. So now I guess we're all just waiting!
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