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  1. Thank you! Honestly, we were emotionally prepared for a 6-week wait as well. It's baffling how/in what order they decide to process docs, and a part of me expects to get an email any minute now saying they made a mistake and turns out we need to submit xyz before we can move on. Good luck! ❤️ Keep us updated. 😊
  2. Hi all! Just checking in to say that we submitted all docs between Friday and Saturday (this past weekend) and received a DQ email today! Assuming that NVC gets Veteran's Day off, that makes it 1 business day processing time. For reference, I submitted an i-864EZ instead of the full i-864, so not sure if that helped. Not quite sure how they decide in what order they process applications, but counting our blessings. Good luck to everyone, and congrats to those who are also moving on. ❤️
  3. Does NVC not put you on hold anymore? I've tried calling a few times and get a voice message saying all agents are busy every time, but it never puts me on hold, just hangs up.
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