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  1. I think you have a good case for an expedition request. Make sure you push the fact that your husband needs you to be present to physically assist him, especially if he currently lives by himself. Don't make your request lighthearted, make sure it's as dramatic as possible (speaking from personal experience).
  2. Just a heads up, I needed the decree and the divorce petition. Both can be obtained via the clerk of court
  3. Received the 24 month extension letter today, so now I'm good till December 18th 2022.
  4. Not completely sure on the 2nd half, but don't show up pretending you're still together because that would be fraud and cause a lot more issues for you. The correct course will be to change to a divorce waiver, but I'm not sure the process with waiting for the divorce decree. I think you just keep responding to the RFE till you have the decree in hand? Show evidence that it's currently processing. After that, it's out of your hand and I don't think it can be used against you.
  5. Congrats! How long was you waiting for them to schedule the interview after it was ready for interview?
  6. That's absolutely ridiculous. Removal of conditions should just be abolished if our incompetent and underfunded immigration system can't process a simple removal of conditions in a timely manner.
  7. Congrats! Where’s your local office that you’ll be interviewing at?
  8. 2 questions, 1. Are you requesting to change to a divorce waiver? 2. Are you responding to an RFE?
  9. Yeah not really an issue, all USCIS care for is that your divorce is finalized and your marriage was legit / good faith. I'm still financially tied to my ex in a lot of ways (not through choice), that's just a reality of marriage and the divorce process. I personally couldn't live with my ex, but if it works for you.
  10. It depends on the field office, some have longer waits than others. I've been waiting 48 days for them to schedule an interview now, but I know people have been waiting over a year. The expiry doesn't matter too much, only if you're leaving the country or sometimes for employment verification. Only the card expires, not the status itself. You can file for citizenship 90 days before the 3 year rule under marriage, so your wife should be able to apply for citizenship already if that's the path you want to take.
  11. ROC really doesn't need a lawyer, just fire him and do it yourself if you're unhappy.
  12. Don't bother sending them the divorce decree, it probably won't get attached to your file and you'll receive an RFE anyway. I didn't have my decree when I submitted my removal of conditions with a divorce waiver and I received my RFE like 2 months ago requesting a copy of the divorce decree and the divorce petition (I got this from the courthouse records for like $4). It went very smoothly and I'm just waiting for them to schedule my interview now.
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