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  1. We did our interview in the NYC office but adjusting from an F1. The green card was approved the day after the interview and took roughly about a week to come. That is the norm but it’s definitely not a guaranteed timeline.
  2. Congrats! See you in two years for the renewal.
  3. Nope. That means you’re ready for your multi-month wait until they actually schedule that interview that you’re ready for.
  4. We didn’t need to do a renewal but my wife went to Dr. George Liakeas. We paid roughly $250.
  5. Hey. I posted my experience from about 2 months ago.. it’s near the top of page 6. You definitely should have copies of all recent financial documents and proof showing you’re in a real relationship. It may seem daunting but it’s not too bad. We took copies of join bank statements, credit card statements, and such. I’m happy to share my cover letter for what we brought so you can get an idea.
  6. Your I-765 should have gotten you an EAD. That's what you should be working on since your F1 isn't exactly valid once you've applied for the I-485 and I-130. My wife was in the same boat and did her internship with the EAD. You can always switch to the green card once it comes through.
  7. Yup. Waiting is the name of this game. I don't there's any request to expedite the interview process itself. You can expedite receiving the EAD/AP if it's needed urgently but that's about it. Like you said, every case is different. We waited a full 10 months from our PD to interview notice. Good luck!
  8. Cards in the mail as of today!
  9. We had an RFE for our application. Our case status had indeed changed to Evidence Received or something of that sort within a few days of USPS delivering the package. That said, I don't trust the status online at all. It never updated after that even including the interview until last light for card in production.
  10. Great news.. our card is in production! My wife (and I) had our interview yesterday (Jan 30th). Not sure if there's a proper place for interview experiences but I'll post here first and then copy it out. Our appointment was for 12.50p but we showed up atound 12.30p. We actually got called in within 5 minutes of checking in. Our officer was very friendly and escorted us to her office. She asked us for our passports and state IDs. Things started rocky immediately because our driver's licenses are actually for NJ though we live in NYC (I grew up there and that's where I keep my car still, etc. so didn't make sense to transfer drivers license). Anyways, explained the situation to her and we had enough proof of living in NYC though she told us to make sure to get this all cleared up before we apply to get conditions removed. While discussing the address, she went ahead and looked at all of our joint financials. We had prepared a cover page outlining for what all proof we were showing and in what order which she greatly appreciated. Anyways, she then asked us about our story, which we told her from when we met, dating, proposal, to wedding, and life since. During this time, she asked to see photos, so we showed her the printed out photos we brought (we didn't bring a wedding album or anything like that). We had all in all about 20 photos, 10 from the wedding, and 10 from everything else. In the photos she asked who several people were and asked specifically for a wedding/engagement photo showing both parents together. She kept a few samples and gave back the rest. That was all the proving we had to do. I had changed jobs by then and asked her if she wanted the updated affidavit of support I brought with me and she said no need and just updated my info on the demographics page. She then confirmed my wife's biometrics and data from her demographics form. She then told us we'd be getting a temporary green card within the next 120 days and gave us a results notice showing that our case is being held for review. She did make it seem to us that she closes out files after her last interview of the day. At this point, I did get a bit worried since I've read many a horror story about the dreaded case being held for review and cards getting super delayed. Thankfully, I just got the email notice that the case was updated and the new status is "New Card Is Being Produced"!!! The status update is actually dated yesterday, the day of our interview, so our case officer was as great as I thought she was. We did manage to sneak in without needing a new medical (it expired on 2/7!!) We've got another week to wait for the card and then 2 years before kicking off the next process. Good luck to everyone else who's waiting and in the pipeline. Feel free to reach out if you need any help. We managed to do this all without any lawyers but very much thanks to VJ!!
  11. i'd also like to point out.. my status online has never changed nor did i get any notifications about my cases even though i have received a letter saying with my interview date. i'm not complaining but just make sure you're keeping an eye out in your mailbox. i've signed up for the USPS notifications for incoming mail and that's helped twice now for knowing that we've got mail in from USCIS that the case status never showed online.
  12. My wife and I just were traveling for the holidays and received a notification from USPS that we had mail from USCIS waiting for us at home (got that on 12/27). We just got home today and found our interview notice scheduled for 1/30/2018! For those not following, our priority date is 2/21/2017 which is roughly 310 days between notices and 340 days to the interview. For anyone with experience with this.. my wife's medical is dates 2/01/2017 which will be just short of a full year on our interview day. Should we bite the bullet and pay for a new medical to bring with us?
  13. Sounds like it all worked out in the end. Nerves cause funny things!! My wife and I are thinking about just bringing an up to date medical whenever the interview doesn't get scheduled to be safe and not delay anything anymore. Do you remember the date for you medical? I'm curious to see if you get an RFE.
  14. Congrats. Seems like we should all move to Pittsburgh. Hope the family issues have resolved and the move went well (it's a lovely city btw..). Good luck with the interview.. keep us updated!
  15. Same here.. priority date of 02/21 and nothing yet as far as scheduling. I've been tracking 2016 filers and it's been looking like roughly 10-12 months.