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  1. The only other question she was what/when was her last international travel. My wife approximated this and was actually off by a month so at least her case officer wasn't looking for exactness in this answer.
  2. Well it's happened. My wife had her interview and oath ceremony in the same day today. Interview was scheduled for 9am and she was called in at 11am for the interview itself. The interview itself only took 5-10 minutes. She was asked only for her passport, greencard, and drivers license. None of the rest of the documents were requested. She prepped enough apparently and aced her 6 interview questions. She was then asked if she has travel plans in the next month because if so, the oath ceremony would take place later as you surrender your green card at that time. Then the real fun began as she had to wait 4 hours for a slot for an oath ceremony. Two of them took place while she was waiting but was told those were mainly filled by people who were called in specifically for an oath ceremony. Anyways, at around 3pm or so, she took her oath. quadruple checked her naturalization certificate, and wave a tiny American flag. We just got back from picking up some apple pie and an ice cream sundae from McDonalds to celebrate all the best that America has to offer in the most American of ways. Good luck to all and thanks to VJ for being and guiding us through this journey! Next step is getting a US passport and renunciating prior citizenships... very much looking forward to ending the onslaught of paperwork once that's all over!
  3. Just dropped my wife’s I-751 full packet out at the post office. Didn’t see a thread yet for November so figured I’d create one so we could all commiserate together. Her’s is going out to the Dallas, TX drop box. How’s everyone else doing?
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