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  1. Update on my wife’s status. She was approved for removal on conditions without an interview on September 4th (case updated to “Card is in production”). We just received the physical card yesterday. We had an EAC case number. Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  2. Agree here but take whatever helps you sleep at night.
  3. Texas Service Center. See the following site for more info: https://www.cilawgroup.com/news/2015/06/04/uscis-receipt-numbers-explained-lin-src-eac-wac-ioe/
  4. My check cleared today.. this is one day after i received the text and a full week after the status shows that they received my wife's application.
  5. We followed the guide VJ. It includes a sample cover letter which we tweaked. Also, don’t worry that the address locations on there are a bit outdated. https://www.visajourney.com/content/751guide/
  6. Can you all please move traveling on extension letters questions and conversation to
  7. G-1145, E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance You're applying for citizenship? Did you already do ROC last year?
  8. Got the text confirmation today that my packet was received on 11/6 with a case number for the Vermont Service Center. 13.5 - 19 months here we come!
  9. Fair enough. Each person should be informed of the experiences and make their own plans accordingly.
  10. Here is the topic: There are many success stories there and instructions on what to travel with.
  11. I don’t think believe this is true of the general advice given on VJ but I’ll look up there experiences and share links. My wife and I also intend to travel internationally with the extension letter. Not going abroad for somewhere between 12-18 months due to processing times doesn’t seem quite right.
  12. Just dropped my wife’s I-751 full packet out at the post office. Didn’t see a thread yet for November so figured I’d create one so we could all commiserate together. Her’s is going out to the Dallas, TX drop box. How’s everyone else doing?
  13. Hey all, I didn't see a New York City 2017 thread started up yet so I figured I'd kick one up so we can find who all is waiting here together. We just sent my wife's package in this week (02/16/2017) and so are on the train to waiting. Feel free to post your file date and keep us updated. From everything I've read it's an 8-10 month journey here so lets be friends!
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