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  1. You should apply for both an EAD and Advance Parole. I-765 and I-131.
  2. The link is for withdrawing an APPROVED visa........your visa is not yet approved, so it could make a difference.......the email which was sent earlier could convey doubts about the relationship. The only way to know is to make contact with the embassy to determine the current status......good luck.
  3. Actually, your visa will not expire next year. Your visa has been automatically voided the minute you overstayed......
  4. Wasn't an email already sent to the embassy to withdraw the visa ? Are you the petitioner?
  5. Visa Journey is THE source for the latest, greatest, and most accurate (usually) immigration information.....😏
  6. Have you read this guide ? https://www.visajourney.com/content/k1k3aos
  7. Hopefully, they will request your passport soon after submitting more evidence.
  8. Where have you read that India does not typically keep passports after an interview? I have never heard of such..
  9. Where have you read this? To y knowledge, Consulates always keep passports unless there is an issue which leads them to think the visa will not be issued within a reasonable time.
  10. Rarely are second interviews conducted. At some point after you submit the additional documents, you will see notification of 1 of these three things: 1. Issued 2. A notification that your case is being sent back to USCIS 3. Administrative Processing Administrative Processing is open-ended, and it can last for hours, days, weeks, or months. Hopefully, the visa will be issued soon after submission of your additional documents.
  11. 26 hours a week is full time? That sounds like part-time work. Anyway, you will have to find a joint sponsor or get an additional job. You also should consider the costs of healthcare......Please don't under estimate the additional costs of immigration. The K-1 is just the beginning.......AOS, ROC, Naturalization are in the near future. I wish you well in your journey.....this will require a great deal of knowledge, planning, time, patience and money.
  12. missileman

    I134 form question - Employment

    If an I-134 is required, it should be accurate at the time of submitting it.. I-134 information for a previous employer would not be valid.
  13. The Immigration process requires a great deal of knowledge, planning, time, patience, and money.......good luck.