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  1. Hey everyone! Here’s our AOS timeline till date: 1/20 Sent package via USPS from San Diego 1/24 package delivered to Chicago lockbox 1/26 fees charged to credit card 1/29 received text with case numbers for I-485, 765 and 131 2/2 - received NOA1 for all 3 forms. 2/5 - received online account mail 2/6 - submitted biometrics reschedule request for 2/12 instead of scheduled 2/23 2-7 - biometrics rescheduling confirmed for 2/12 via online status 2/8 - biometrics appointment letter received (old date) 2/12 - biometrics appointment 2/13 - EAD and AP approval from USCIS site
  2. Hello all! We got our K1 issued and now going thru the AOS process here in the US. For the K1, we did not mention any middle name in the the I-129F petition. The Indian passport and birth certificate also did not any middle name, rather name, father’s name and mother’s name. In the US (CA state) marriage certificate however, we listed the middle name. Additionally, we also asked for a name change with new name still containing a middle name. We had some questions: 1. When filing for I-485 and I-765, should we list a middle name? 2. What is the significance of providing and not providing a middle name?
  3. We are approved all! K1 visa approved at Mumbai consulate on the 2nd of November!! We are flying to US and have started making marriage plans there. Can’t wait… Hope everyone here gets their visa approved soon as well.
  4. Thank you for your reply. Let’s see how it goes for us.
  5. Is “Long term Visa/Stay” not valid? we have our PCC using that option. could u pls advise @Summerbrezz07?
  6. The only email is from NVC and it is sent to the petitioner when NVC sends the case to the embassy/consulate. This email contains an attachment/doc that is titled K1 FTP. K1 cases are handled by Mumbai consulate (and I digress by saying that in 2022 some cases were handled in Delhi as well). When Mumbai sets the status to “Ready”, we need to start with our DS-160, fees, etc., as explained in ustraveldocs.com After “Ready”, the beneficiary is supposed to get a paper mail called as a welcome package or P4. This contains FTP letter, copy of approved I-129F and a generic instruction letter with personal details at the top. You don’t need to wait for this P4 to start with DS-160. The P4 is needed by some medical sites for health exam appointments but you should call them to confirm it. Hope this helps.
  7. DM me to get a WhatsApp group who are in similar situation
  8. Tends to take 2 weeks to find the appointment but also requires that you keep looking for appointments. We found our appointment just last night.
  9. Is it correct to say that the field offices are where the biometrics and any interview are happen? If so, makes sense that the field office will change to be closer to the applicant’s residential address.
  10. Hi everyone! (Caveat: I am planning ahead as my fiancée is still in her home country of India and soon to attend her K1 interview) After my fiancée (K1 visa) and I get married, we will be doing the AOS by filling I-485. Since, our address during filling will be in California, we will be mailing it to the USCIS Chicago lockbox. However, after a few months of filing our I-485, we intend to change our address. Maybe move to the state of New York. How will this change in our residential address, a few months after the I-485 filing, impact the 'Field Office' that gets selected for our GC interview ? Appreciate the help.
  11. For our K1, we got our appointment for medical exam in Mumbai at ReleClinic. They told that results will be ready for pickup the next day. Is it really that fast to get results? I thought it would take 4-5 days. Can others share their experience?
  12. Got our interview dates. 31st Oct for biometrics in Mumbai. 2nd Nov for interview in Mumbai. Can’t believe this is happening and finally. That took a lot of effort cause we had to check constantly and also got locked out for almost 2 days. But, the slots do open periodically and we found them at 3pm India time. There’s a WhatsApp group which was very helpful for folks looking for Mumbai K1 appointments.
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