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  1. There is no need to be nervous, Look straight into the eye of the co and answer the question, 8 of 10 questions is a pass
  2. My visa has been issued guys thank you lord
  3. Case changed from refused to ready now to administrative processing. Who knows when it will be finalized.
  4. Hi Guys, I sent in my passport and Sa Police clearance which delivered to the Embassy on Monday, Can anyone tell me when I should be able to expect my passport back and visa? Its been a long process Thanking anyone for help
  5. Dear XXXX, The Consular Officer has reviewed XXX case. We have received the new medical exam and your 2019 taxes. We do not need a new Nigerian police certificate . Remaining items are: XXX passport and SA police certificate XXX can also come pickup all the photo albums that were provided to us at his last interview. TODAY I HAVE SENT IN MY POLICE CLEARENCE AND ALSO MY PASSPORT. IS THIS THE FINAL, PLEASE SOMEONE SHOULD TELL ME
  6. I don't know if this is a good news or something I should be expecting or be happy about, but I am trying to stay calm, Embassy wants wife tax for 2019 wife has sent it. Embassy wants my passport, Police clearance as the one on file has expired, and also to have my medical, I have also applied for police clearance, in which I know its the delay, it takes SAPs to issue it after 2 weeks. Please I do like to know is it that after they received all these will visa will be issued? Its been a very long journey for us please tell me I am finally going to meet and be with my wife? Any help will do.
  7. Thank you VJ for your help and support . I was at the Embassy at exactly 1pm and my appointment was at 1.30, We were called in into the immigrant section. Co; How dd you meet your wife Ans Co. Where did you guys go when she visited Ans Co. How long have you been married to your wife Answer Co. When do I want to go meet my wife? Ans; Co where will you live with you get to the USA Ans about 2 Questions and I was able to answer to the best of my knowledge. Meanwhile while I was been interviewed, they already placed a call to my wife, Well in all I was approved and asked to wait for couple of week due to backlog. Thank you everyone .
  8. There were no red flags, Trump caused it because of the ban I would have gotten my visa after my interview
  9. Embassy wants Petitioner on the phone on the very day I will have my second interview, Can anyone help me on what questions I should be expecting, I have less than 4 days to prepare someone would tell me what to expect I am nervous
  10. Yes of course we do, we have been married for over 10 yrs and she usually come to me every year and spend 1 month we knew each other for 15 yrs now and got married 10 yrs in between
  11. Ok. Here I go, My wife got an email for me to the immigrant section of the Johannesburg consular in South Wednesday for an interview, Meanwhile consular said my wife has to be on the phone at same time I will be at the embassy anyone has any idea what they might want to ask? Your help is needed
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