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  1. No, but you need to add the child if it's born before the interview/oath. There's nowhere to indicate it before bith. Congrats!
  2. I know someone who got one because he worked for an airline and claimed not having a US passport while working for a US airline was a hardship and got it.
  3. When you enter the US on a CR-1 you don't have a green card yet, when you get it in the mail it should be an IR-1, but as @pushbrk said, sometimes they issue the card as CR-1 and it needs to be corrected.
  4. Germany makes it really difficult to be a dual citizen, but it's possible if there are extenuating circumstances (this wouldn't count, I don't think) Your best bet is to try for the reentry permit for up to 2 years, then reapply for the CR-1 if you decide to move back after the permit expires. Good reminder that permanent resident also have to file US taxes no matter where they live.
  5. Ah, that makes more sense, yes. Instructions here: https://www.uscis.gov/tools/how-do-i-customer-guides/how-do-i-guides-us-citizens/how-do-i-obtain-certified-true-copies-certificate-naturalization I'd call the misinformation line and try speaking to someone more competent than the first person. Clarify you're a citizen so you're not required to file COAs.
  6. You tried to report it? You needed to remove conditions.
  7. Just a note that applying for a B2 is a bad idea if you're from an ESTA country. You have to have solid reasons for wanting a longer stay versus the 90 days you can get on ESTA, and if they deny the B2 you lose ESTA for a time. Like this topic posted today:
  8. If I understand your question correctly, no, having plans to eventually relocate out of the US (in 1 day or 10 years) does not negatively impact your current application.
  9. Why does the document you uploaded pose a risk to your process?
  10. Thank you! Estimated completion is September so that makes sense.
  11. My estimated wait time is 9 days? Anyone else? Don't know what that means.
  12. This exists, it's called the Cap-Gap OPT, but it's only available to F-1 students on OPT, not J-1. It's a feature, not a bug
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