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  1. You then go to a US consulate with the approved petition to apply for the visa so you can return to the US.
  2. You can absolutely adjust status from B2 to O1 while in the Unites States. If your petition is approved it will say whether or not your status is considered adjusted. If it is, you'll only need to go to a consulate to get a visa if you need to leave and re-enter the US for another reason. Good luck!
  3. That's not true, since immigration is a federal issue. Same-sex couples could not apply for immigration privileges before Obergefell.
  4. As an LPR, her "home country" should be the US, and the fact that she's not treating it as such will not only mean she can't naturalize, it will also jeopardize her green card.
  5. I applied for N-400 after divorce and didn't have to bring anything related to my marriage, only tax transcripts and those weren't even looked at.
  6. Whether you get permanent or conditional PR depends on when it's approved, so it depends mostly on your local office's processing time
  7. I misread that as "they keep your GC" 😂 Sorry @Mike E, we were saying the same thing
  8. Are you sure? I kept my GC until the oath ceremony, then surrendered it there. At the interview the officer offered me a ceremony date and I accepted, even though it was barely 3 weeks before my scheduled international travel. I got an emergency passport appointment.
  9. DO NOT FILE I-90 - YOU ARE NOT ELIGIBLE IF YOUR I-751 IS PENDING!!! I don't understand why this incorrect advice keeps being given, but in the instructions for the I-90 it says "Conditional permanent residents may not use this application to replace, for any reason, an existing Permanent Resident Card that is expired or will expire within 90 days. https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/document/forms/i-90instr.pdf "Upon receipt of your properly filed Forms I-751 or I-829, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) shall extend your conditional permanent resident status automatically, if necessary, until such time as USCIS has adjudicated the petition. The Form I-797 Receipt Notice for such a pending petition will serve as your proof of conditional permanent resident status." If you need it, you can apply for a stamp at a USCIS location.
  10. This has been an issue during Covid too - F1 students can't do online classes.
  11. I would put anything like a nickname that shows up in places like social media accounts. I had a friend who went by a different name socially (she went by Nani) but had no documents associated with that name - still put it in as another name.
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