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  1. They do not take the AP travel dates into consideration when scheduling interviews. Most people don't even provide any.
  2. Wasn't clear (to me) if she was back already, or if they were considering that as a plan. If it's the former, there is no 90-day rule, intent was determined at POE, and they can file. If it's the former, it's fraud and they shouldn't do it.
  3. If she's already here, intent was determined at POE and is moot. If this is your plan, it's immigration fraud. Wasn't clear to me which one it was.
  4. They don't leave the country before their AOS is approved.
  5. Your window for providing all that evidence has closed. Now they're asking for a joint sponsor, and not providing one likely means a denial.
  6. For international travel, ticket name must match the passport. You can buy refundable tickets, which are way more expensive, otherwise it will be a gamble.
  7. From Boston, ROC took ~14 months back in 2015 (filed 12/2015, approved 02/2017). IIRC, it's all down to service center, so everyone going to Vermont would be the same. The good news is, the naturalization timeline is based on local office, and mine took 5 months from submission to oath this year.
  8. I applied for the ROC with a divorce waiver and took some marriage evidence with me just in case but didn't need it. Interviewer asked if I was still married to the original petitioner, I said no, he moved on with the interview with other questions. I was there for over two hours, though.
  9. AP/EAD depends on USCIS processing, it's roughly the same for everyone. The Green Card depends on your local office, so that varies wildly. Back in 2014 I got my EAD/AP in 2.5 months, less than 2 weeks before my Green Card interview. Different times!
  10. US immigration does not care at all about family structures in Pakistan. Your wife likely needs to move to the US ahead of you to find a place to live, open bank accounts, get a driver's license, etc. and prove you both intend to live there.
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