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  1. Just a note that I moved while waiting for my GC and filed the AR-11 with each individual petition number and it STILL got sent to my old address.
  2. You lose nothing by trying, and it sounds like it's definitely worth a shot. The good news (or bad news) is that the one suffering the hardship is the US citizen. I wish you all the best, sounds like a really tough situation.
  3. Just a quick note that it's 3 years for spouses of USC as long as: - immigrant has been an LPR for 3 years (minus 90 days) - immigrant has been married to USC spouse for 3 years - spouse has been a USC for 3 years
  4. Probably as commuter LPRs, which is only possible for Mexicans and Canadians.
  5. It will likely come up whether or not she applied for the scholarship as a resident.
  6. I got married abroad and needed an apostille for Brazil, but I made sure it was necessary before I went through the process because it was a pain. If you get it apostilled the handwritten part isn't an issue.
  7. I changed my name with the SSA without changing my green card. As a matter of fact I never changed the name on my GC, but I filed the N-400 with my new name so my passport is correct. You can change the name on everything and leave the GC if you don't want to change it now.
  8. I applied through a passport office for an expedited passport and had the certificate returned in a large USPS envelope, not folded, not stapled.
  9. This is called material misrepresentation. You are in a world of trouble and need a competent immigration attorney.
  10. You don't have to update your address as a citizen. Pre-pandemic I had to take my certificate to the SSA to update my status.
  11. The opposite. I had no issues. I was asked if I was married, I said yes, he asked "To the original petitioner?" I said no and we moved on.
  12. It is possible to be in the US legally with an expired visa. She might have a valid I-20 but no valid visa stamp, which means she can be in the US, but not leave and come back.
  13. I applied for ROC with a divorce waiver after a 10-month marriage and didn't send this much stuff 😂
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