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  1. and if worse comes to worse, take docs to British Embassy there in Cairo, I'm sure there is a Egyptian working there that can most likely confirm its a solid divorce and all is stamped and checked correctly.
  2. Honestly, I wouldn't pay him a dime until its complete , but that could go against you, I wouldn't pay him all at once, and I would stay with him every moment if possible, and make sure you get the divorce registered. Good Luck. Make sure its a Irrevocable Divorce if your Muslim
  3. I suggest you contact a lawyer over there, maybe your consulate can give you some names of attorneys there. I'm not sure of how divorce works over there if man is Christian, and woman is Muslim, but I do know , make sure that divorce is on file when done.
  4. AP can last from hours, to days, to months..... All you can do is wait it out. No matter if Cairo, normally MENA applicants are put into AP
  5. Nope, and if you do, that is Fraud IF they enter the US, and know they are not going back, its Fraud.
  6. No, don't, You save the bon fire AFTER citizenship is received
  7. You were lucky, all LPR over 18 years of age are to carry it at all times to shows their residency in the US It is considered official evidence of your LPR status (See Section 264(e) of the Immigration and Nationality Act
  8. Wallet stolen few months ago? , and did you report it to USCIS? It's required the beneficiary carries green card on them always. Contact USCIS for what to do next.
  9. File in the US, the K3 is dead. Waste of time with K3 start by reading the guides here on VJ very helpful information. IR1 / CR1 Spouse Visa Step-by-Step Guide on Filing an I-130 for a US Spouse Visa - US Immigration & Visa Guides - VisaJourney
  10. Try being at the Houston center. You have 2 choices, wait it out, or withdraw your petition.
  11. I don't know if it's possible, but you tell them the truth for the reason for requesting transfer.
  12. You have to go to SS office, its just like your driver's license when you have a green card, you cannot renew or even update your home address with Texas DPS online, you have to go there to the office.
  13. Pass me your glasses when you done, I need them also.
  14. I remember around 2008-2010 how Vermont and California processing times for K1's would change daily, sometimes Vermont would get back logged while Cali was processing nearly upon receipt & Vise Versa with Vermont and Cali Those K1 filers were here within 6 months most times.
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