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  1. Most important, not to put your name on birth certificate, cause if a paternity test is done which is not unheard of at embassy level, and results show you're not the father, you will have bigger issues, and most likely a denial will be issued on the visas. You should consult a US immigration attorney, these agencies such as you named, mainly lick the envelope and send the paperwork. Doubt they will assist you on this matter with a child involved that is not even yours.
  2. Its possible he could be asked if he attends interview with you.
  3. Make sure your current fiancé' knows the history of it. He could be asked about it at some point.
  4. Filed November 2023 77 days ago. Awaiting interview notice HOUSTON, TX
  5. Has USICS aver moved fast ?, No, give it a bit of time. You have back up for travel if needed, but doubt it will come to that.
  6. Being married does not keep the spouse from being out of status and could be deported.
  7. This is from the US Embassy & Consulate's in China An “affidavit of marriageability.” You can get this document at the Embassy or Consulate by swearing or affirming before a Consul that you are legally free to marry. You must make an appointment for a notarial service to get this affidavit, and there is a $50 charge. If either party was previously married, bring a clear photocopy of either the divorce or annulment decree or the death certificate which shows how the marriage ended. If you present an original certified copy with the copy for their review, the Chinese authorities will usually accept the copy. Hold on to your original documents, since they may be required if you later wish to file an immigrant visa petition for your spouse. Note: In order to complete your affidavit of marriageability correctly, you are highly recommended to bring a photocopy of your Chinese fiancé’s ID card (Shen Fen Zheng 身份证).”
  8. Post your question here on the China forum. They will know better in that group China - VisaJourney
  9. Don't do anything on first visit. Is this considered a arrange marriage?
  10. Morning Dear, I think we ran into an issue; Achraf's Moroccan ID is expired also. Without it being current, normally have to go to NY Consulate in order to obtain new ID in order to renew the passport. I wonder if the Mobile Consulate will assist on the ID , Yes, I've already thought about the Self- Return envelopes & stamps/postage.
  11. Oh great, Thank you!!! I did email the NY consulate as the photo showed about the mobile consulate, no reply yet. I was wondering if appointments were needed. Achraf needs to renewal his Moroccan Passport & ID, even though he has applied for citizenship. Never know when emergency could happen back home.
  12. For any Moroccans interested, the Mobile Moroccan Consulate will be in Houston Feb 24th & 25th Houston Mariott Westchase 2900 Briarpark Dr. Houston Tx 77042 Any questions should be emailed to the NY Moroccan Consulate. I do not know if you need an appointment or not. Will try to find that out.
  13. We filed 11/15/2023 and in Houston also, Biometrics was re-used also, and just waiting for interview letter and or on line updates
  14. I believe its one petition for each beneficiary so filing 2 petitions. So each $640.00 & $85.00 for her & daughter
  15. Lighten up, most commenting here have been here long time and know the rules and regulations and give the best advice. Otherwise, go consulate an immigration attorney.
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