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  1. Ahhhh, okay then, thank you so very much. ♥ Didn't know that, learn something new today
  2. Any one with a 10 year Green Card who moved and update their home address on license, did you have any issues? On line TXDPS would not allow him to update on line as we just moved. I did mine with no issues, but had issue with his update. And I checked, he has no fines, no suspensions, no nothing. I just sent the notification form to USCIS today, do we have to maybe wait for USICS to update their records before my husband updates his DL? Thank you.
  3. Trust me, if my husband and I made it though with the red flags, bells and whistles , age (20 years) my former marriages, him on a expired visitors visa, and I had a previous USCIS filing, you got this!!
  4. Even if expedited, still have to marry, file for AOS, and wait for 2 year green card before even working.
  5. USCIS dont give extensions, unless you ask and that is unlikely they will extend the reply time. If you dont reply, they will deny the petition. The letter from USCIS should tell you when you have to respond by.
  6. Im married to a Moroccan, and got very lucky, my husband is a very stand up guy, honest , hard worker , and honest with me& I'm very close with his family and friends. There are so many bad apples everywhere, not just Morocco. Don't go into this blind, people are 2 different people on internet and then off the internet. Getting married 1st trip is a red flag especially when beneficiary is from a MENA country. Don't travel alone anywhere, not just Morocco, even if England, or some other country, don't travel alone.!How is he about meeting his family via internet? or his friends? When they want you alone there, to me that's a big red flag. Be careful, eyes open, heart shut for now.
  7. What Country is he from? He could go to the embassy of his country there in France, they could maybe assist in issuing him a new passport.
  8. Having a child together doesn't prove a genuine relationship to USCIS, it only means there was a sexual encounter that produced a child. Please complete your time line.
  9. Nope, and block her on social media, phone calls and all communication, don't let her know you walk on this earth. Its best that way with crazies.
  10. Some states such as Texas , the DMV requires the Social Security in hand card to get a drivers license.
  11. I'm so very sorry for your loss. When you receive death certificate, send it with interview letter to the USCIS office where interview was to take place. Write a short explanation and include your phone number. That's all you need to do when you feel up to it, Even if its after the scheduled interview date.
  12. YOU are the US Citizen, she is not . Married to you don't give her any special treatment with USCIS, You will spend more time & money trying to sue them, it will most likely be thrown out IF it even gets there. Try contacting your congressmen, you do pay their salary. And as mentioned, USCIS is self funded, your not paying their salary.
  13. I've wonder, if someone brings a child, don't they need permission from the other parent, if one parent is immigrating to the US?
  14. Its a civil matter, meaning divorce court, not an immigration matter. Change your locks, protect yourself financially- credit cards, banking and whatever else you had joint and move on. Sorry this happened to you, sadly it happens a lot.
  15. Relax, each case is different with citizenship. $2000.00 don't make her a Al Capone with tax evasion. A moving violation is not a serious matter, ( a friend of mine had 3) got his citizenship last month, don't think this is the biggest obstacle they will have to clear for a visa. You really think all who worked illegally and not filed taxes didn't receive a visa or citizenship, guess again.
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