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  1. TheAkazs

    Tourist Visa

    I hate it when I get cut off in my post. ....my husband. All I know that it takes a try for my dummy friend in Pakistan to apply online for his visa and pay the fee before the interview. U get a visa or not. At least he will know for himself instead of depending on wrong answers from people. Like Nike said, Just Do It. Thank yall again!
  2. TheAkazs

    Tourist Visa

    That's what I was thinking too. Smh That's what I've been trying to tell him. Anyway, thank you very much. I showed him your answers and he was like, "really?! Wow..." 🤷‍♂️ He has a dream of visiting New York. He had been my friend for a long time before I met my
  3. TheAkazs

    Tourist Visa

    Hello It's about tourist visa. I've been telling my friend in Pakistan to apply for a tourist visa to visit America. He said he needs a sponsor letter in order to get a visa. I said no it's not for the tourist visa. He said that someone from the consulate told him it's guaranteed to get a tourist visa if he gets a sponsor. I told him from what I learned of taking care of my husband's cr1 visa, that sponsor is for family and spouses. Not tourist visa. And invitations do not exist for a tourist visa. So who is wrong here??? Cause I know he can get a tourist visa with strong ties to his country yet he don't feel confident in my answer. That's why I'm here to get the accurate answers from yall. Thank you in advance!😊
  4. TheAkazs

    After interview.

    No. Just pay for ur green card online before u go to USA. That's what they meant.
  5. That is normal. My husband had his interview last summer and was approved by the CO. We checked his status after the interview and it said AP. it was only for 2 days before it changed to ISSUED. He got his passport in 4 days. So I know that AP varies from days to weeks to months. Even year. Depending on their case. Congratulations! By the way, Morocco is very difficult to pass the interviews.
  6. That's why you shouldn't apply for Medicaid after u signed DS-260 saying you wouldn't be a public charge. When u are a GC holder, u can't apply for any government public assistance. U have to wait until u are a USC to apply for it. There's options to find medical insurance to meet ur income. My husband who is a GC holder and just applied for his own medical insurance that will be deducted from his paychecks. None from government public assistance. We don't want the government going after the joint sponsors to pay back if my husband applies for public assistance.
  7. Yes! Finally! Received the green card on September 7, 2018.
  8. My husband got his visa with the passport 3 days after his interview.
  9. Same here. My husband went to SSA to apply for his ss card. Just waiting for the solid green card to come in mail. Activation: July 24, 2018
  10. Paid fee: July 13, 2018 POE: July 24, 2018 Still waiting for the update...
  11. TheAkazs

    ESTA or not??

    Thank yall for your help!!!
  12. TheAkazs

    ESTA or not??

    where do I find a transit Visa??? His flight ticket shows one stop in Madrid Spain before going to USA.