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  1. It is good that your case is moving forward. Fingers crossed!
  2. Having a great interpretation is one thing, I am just not sure whether this can go through my employer's E verify.
  3. Isn't 4-15 around the corner?? USCIS should just extend the EAD until AOS is approved or declined. Having 1year validity is only waste of time and money and resources for the applicants and USCIS themselves.
  4. You can file another renewal while an old renewal application is pending. One also get 180 day automatic extension. But, read what your NOA1 says, the 180 day extension clock starts to tick on the day when your old EAD expires, NOT when you file the renewal. In other words, the 180 days are right after the old EAD expires, not any 180 days after you file EAD renewal.
  5. BTW, I would file 1040X if you did not include your worldwide income for 2017 ASAP if I were you. If you were delinquent in filing Forms 3520, FinCEN 114 or any other informational forms for 2017, I would consult with a tax professional who is familiar with international tax affairs... Good luck
  6. I am not a lawyer, but did quite some research. Just to share my understanding, but don't quote me on this... If you two file married jointly, regardless of whether you are non-resident alien, you are treated as resident alien for the whole tax year, and you do have to report your worldwide income, e.g., salary, interest, dividends, pension income, capital gain, PFICs, (e.g., foreign mutual funds (Form 8621)), as well as any foreign trusts, (e.g., foreign retirement accounts) and any received gifts (>$100,000) (Form 3520 and possibly Form 3520A). Also, you may have to file FinCEN 114 and may have to file FATCA form 8938. Carefully read all the instructions to determine whether you meet the thresholds of the filing requirements because the penalties for non-compliance are severe. If there is a tax treaty between US and your foreign country, you can apply related articles to avoid any double-taxation. I think you can choose married filing separately, (it is a matter of how you can receive more tax return and not about whether your marriage is real), and if you are a non-resident alien, then you only need to report US income. Also, tax treaties between US and a foreign country probably does not apply at state level. Also, I think you could choose married filing jointly for IRS and married filing separately for your state. Also, have a look how your state determine whether one is a resident or not.
  7. 120 days after AOS Interview ( from K1)- still no decision provided. Just curious, if I do not do anything, would USCIS still make a decision some time? I really don't have time to do an InfoPass or spend an hour on the phone to wait to talk to an officer due to work. PS, I have made an inquiry last month, but still no reply yet.
  8. Sending a new renewal would probably not work, because the extension is from the expiry date of your old EAD. Please have a read your NOA1 of your EAD application and see if I am right. (I hope I am wrong.)
  9. I applied my EAD renewal in late August 2018. 212 days and still waiting. I would send a new renewal. This seems to be perfect, which I have never thought before. Thank you VJers!
  10. Anyone still waiting? It will be 120 days since my interview in a couple days. My interviewing officer even said that it probably won't take the full 120 days. (disappointing...) Talked to a Tier 2 officer sometime last month. Even he thought it was too much waiting after the interview. He did a service request with kind of a promise of receiving a response by last Friday. Now the service request is still not assigned to an officer. Thankfully I applied to renew my EAD. It has been almost 7 months. Service request was done last month, still was not assigned to an officer.