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  1. From 0.87 cases per hour to 0.53 cases per hour is NOT an improvement. in 2014, USCIS could finish almost ONE case in ONE hour, now it roughly needs TWO hours to finish ONE case.
  2. Your analysis sounds good to me, and that thought process was what we went going through as well. The summary seems to be something like below if you do choose not to reschedule: Possibility 1: you are approved and get a stamp (can go) Possibility 2: you are approved and do not get a stamp on spot (technically can go? but I wouldn't) Possibility 3: you are are denied (should not go) Possibility 4: you are are neither approved nor denied (can go, but I wouldn't) Having known all the facts and your best estimates, you have to make a tough decision... You can think about what you can get (happiness, anxiety, monetary loss) from each of the possibilities and their likelihood to happen if you chose to Plan 1 go ahead Plan 2 reschedule the trip Plan 3 cancel the trip and think which plan makes most sense Our situation is possibility 4: I was approved 140 days after the interview, during which USCIS could have made any decision. I did not travel after the interview because if their decision was "denial", which could have happened at any time after the interview. I would choose Plan 2/3 if I were in such a situation because I would rather to lose everything than having to go through IR/CR1...
  3. Hm, not trying argue or taking sides, but just playing the devil's advocate on the low number of denial rate... Maybe it is the ROC requirement that discourages potential fraudsters, and hence low denial rate because fraudsters did not try. We only know the % of denials, but we do not know out of actual fraud cases, what is the % that USCIS is able to deny. So it could be a lack of scrutiny rather than too much.
  4. I was hoping not having to go to ASC to do fingerprinting because it is really really far. It seems that I will have to go, even though there is no change and I am correcting the error in the card immediately when I received it. Thanks!!
  5. Thanks for the advice!!! Today I received the electronic receipt and they will schedule a new bio-metric appointment. Is this just their template or are they really going to make me to spent a whole day for this (ASC is really really far away)?
  6. Oh, I just now received NOA2, approval notice of AOS. Could I just use this as proof of my immigration status to my employer or ICE?
  7. Thank you @H&T and @geowrian. But I am still on the fence between using I-90 and asking USCIS to correct the typo by using https://egov.uscis.gov/e-request/displayTypoForm.do?entryPoint=init&sroPageType=typoError I am currently employed and do not plan to find a new job, do I absolutely need an I-551 stamp in my passport for I-9 because my Local Office is really really far...? (I think my employer can do E-Verify.)
  8. I was happy for 2 minutes before I fell into another nightmare... The expire and "Resident since" dates are one year backward. In other words, my card will expire in one year. I have seen quite some cases like this on VJ here, and the solution seems to be I-90, but they are a little old and situation might have changed. My question is: What should my next step be? The solution on VJ here is https://www.uscis.gov/i-90 In this case, do I have to surrender my green card? But it seems to be more appropriate to file "Typographical Error". https://egov.uscis.gov/e-request/displayTypoForm.do?entryPoint=init&sroPageType=typoError Is this a new solution? In this case, do I have to surrender my green card? Can I keep the old green card because If I were stopped by ICE, I can show them my immigration status If I need to travel to, say, Canada visa free If I need to return to the US after international travel If my employer asks my proof of immigration status for I-9 purpose Is my "resident since" still today, even thought my card says one year ago?
  9. For those who received your card lately (this or last month of 2019), when will it expire on the card? 2020 or 2021?? Thank you!!!
  10. Yeah, I got this one as well with a tracking number! Thank you!!!
  11. Sorry I have a question, I just saw below. My card is mailed, but my case status does not show USPS tracking number. Is there anything wrong with my USCIS account? (I know informed delivery and could get a tracking number eventually, but just wanted to know how to get a tracking number from USCIS account case status.) Thank you!
  12. Last time I checked, you cannot file 1040X to change filing status from Married Filing Jointly to Married Filing Separately.
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