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    VFittipaldi got a reaction from Dashinka in Filing under 3 year rule, what document to send   
    I am not sure. I know only the last name of the head of the household shows up and than the SSN for each person shows on the form so they still see that the two of you are on there
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    VFittipaldi got a reaction from Dashinka in Filing under 3 year rule, what document to send   
    It seems like it i see that. We sent so much stuff for the ROC that i thought i need the same stuff for the N400
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    VFittipaldi reacted to Starkilla09 in Citizenship, not registered for Selective Service, over 31   
    Not an issue anymore once applicant is over 31 years old. Can't be used to deny naturalization.
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    VFittipaldi reacted to bolin786 in What if Green Card expired during ROC process?   
    The letter extends the expiration date for one year.  If still your permanent GC has not arrived, ask for a second extension.   Patience.  Some people have waited over 16 months.  It also depends on which center you have to submit.
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    VFittipaldi reacted to JRF in What if Green Card expired during ROC process?   
    I submitted the paperwork late June 2016 (to the office in Laguna Niguel) and am still waiting.  We're going to test the whole passport, expired green card and letter when my wife returns to LAX this Saturday.  We'll submit her citizenship application in early April (90 days before three years) and see what happens.  Hurry up and wait.  Yah.
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    VFittipaldi reacted to Stu4Lee in What if Green Card expired during ROC process?   
    I got a 1 year extension letter after initial paperwork was filed, however that letter was also close to expiring before i was approved, made an Infopass appt and got a further 1 year extension stamp in my passport
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    VFittipaldi reacted to SM & EF in Proof of income for ROC   
    No, but you will need to include tax documentation as well as proof of financial commingling.
    Go get that new job!
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    VFittipaldi reacted to rutabaga in Green Card holder applying for CR-1 or K1   
    LPRs can only apply for spouses, minor children, and unmarried sons and daughters (age 21 and over) and the visa type would be F2A (spouse or minor child) or F2B (unmarried son or daughter age 21 and over). See the following two links for more information:
    Green Card for a Family Member of a Permanent Resident
    Family-Based Immigrant Visas
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    VFittipaldi reacted to aleful in Green Card holder applying for CR-1 or K1   
    k1 no, only US Citizens can file for fiancés
    so you would file for spousal visa, be married of course
    LPR can only file for spouses and unmarried children
    Only USC can file for parents or siblings
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    VFittipaldi reacted to p-ana in Green Card holder applying for CR-1 or K1   
    Filling a i130 petition for cr1, yes. But to file a i129f petition for a fiancée one must be a us citizen.
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    VFittipaldi reacted to Nich-Nick in AOS help   
    As a K1, you get to apply for AP free and you don't need a specific date or elaborate reason. You should have it about 90 days after applying. Also, your AOS shouldn't take years (plural). Most are still getting greencards in less than a year.
    You can remain a greencard holder forever if you wish. Once you get the 10-year card, it will have to be renewed every 10 years. I know a man who still renews and he's been here 40+ years.
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    VFittipaldi reacted to cj21 in How does ROC work?   
    You will be notified by USCIS that your wife is eligible to apply, otherwise if you didnt receive the letter yet, and you applied before the 90-day mark, i've read that USCIS will return your documents. they wont process it at all. wait for that letter on the mail. meanwhile start gathering up your evidences and supporting documents now to keep things on track.
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    VFittipaldi reacted to EM_Vandaveer in How does ROC work?   
    Correct. She can file ROC up until her GC expires. It's a 90-day window starting 05/30/2017 ending with the expiration date on her GC.
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    VFittipaldi reacted to Merrytooth in Working under k1 visa   
    You can file for EAD before AOS and before the I-94 expires. When it arrives you will be eligible to work. The catch is that it expires when the I-94 does, cost $340 AND IS BASICALLY WORTHLESS.
    Filing EAD with AOS is free.
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    VFittipaldi got a reaction from Zats&Bryan in Evidence of Relationship- Photos [merged threads]   
    On top of this page go to "Example forms" and the second form down will be "Fiance(e) Letter of Intent"
    Fill it out with your info and attach it to your case.
    You do need this in your packet and it does not need to be notarized.
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    VFittipaldi got a reaction from Alina&Rick in Kherson, Ukraine   
    Don't learn russian, learn Ukrainian, it better.
    As far as the consulate goes they really are nice and easy to deal with. They asked my fiance only one question. Good experience all in all. Another thing is to not wait for them to send you an interview notice letter but to go online and schedule your interview when the NVC status reads Ready. We saved ton of time that way.
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    VFittipaldi reacted to Dashinka in AOS Interview Documents   
    There have been many that have asked this question. The short answer is anything that shows a bone fide marriage. This could include joint bank accounts, insurance documents (home, health, auto) showing both parties, life insurance beneficiary documents showing the spouse as the beneficiary, mortgage, rental, loan agreements with both parties, utility bills with both names, updated tax forms (if you filed 2014 taxes after submitting your initial AOS package), photos from wedding as well as photos with family, cards received addressed to both. I would also bring a complete copy of your AOS package just in case something is missing in the file. One last thing, if the spouse now has a state driver's license or ID, bring that as well.
    Most IOs will not look at everything, but it is good to have it on hand. Then tuck it away in a file and add additional proof for the ROC stage.
    Good Luck!
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    VFittipaldi reacted to nikOfAtlanta in DS-2029 Question#24   
    I also filled CRBA application yesterday. I go India every year in December since last 14 years. The way I did this question is , I picked up my all passports and wrote all (actually almost some old dates are faded) the immigration arrival n departure dates of Mumbai for vacation on the paper and then put them in the form accordingly (basically you would have to reverse as form is asking how much time you were in US and not in India.
    Hope this helps.
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    VFittipaldi got a reaction from JohnR! in Temporary green card holder, is it guaranteed my entry back in USA if I travel internationally?   
    I am sorry and i don't want to be rude but that is the most ridiculous thing i ever heard. It is absolutely not true and you should not scare people with this type of stuff especially if you have no idea what you are talking about.
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    VFittipaldi got a reaction from JohnR! in Temporary green card holder, is it guaranteed my entry back in USA if I travel internationally?   
    Of course it is guaranteed. Don't worry, enjoy traveling. Play by the rules though, there is only so much time you can spend outside of US on a green card so watch for that.
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    VFittipaldi got a reaction from usmsbow in Temporary green card holder, is it guaranteed my entry back in USA if I travel internationally?   
    Yes that is all clear. And like i said in the post on the top if you did not stay outside of the US for longer than you are allowed to than your entrance is guaranteed and not a maybe. That is what the "determine if you can enter the United States" all about. Thousands of Permanent Residence live in the US their whole life without getting a citizenship and travel in and out all the time, i know this from experience from the community around me. So what i am saying that it is pointless to scare people without a reason on this site saying that they might not be allowed back in.
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    VFittipaldi got a reaction from avrora9002 in A few questions before mailing AOS...   
    That is what i said to myself and my wife when sending it out with the DS-3025. Deal with the RFE if it gets here because there simply is no one answer to this. Some people with perfectly filled out DS-3025 forms also get RFE's.
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    VFittipaldi got a reaction from YouAndMeForever in PLEASE HELP!! Can we still use the 2013 IRS Tax Return Return Transcript as the MOST recent on?   
    I also sent my 2013 Tax transcripts. I have not done my 2014 taxes yet so i sent them my most recent once which would be 2013. As pointed out above you would have to wait a month or more to get the 2014 tax transcripts after doing the taxes and that's a long time.
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    VFittipaldi got a reaction from Dohan in Travel outside tue US after ceremony   
    You can get a passport the same day if you go to the passport agency. Just have to find an agency in your area. In order to get a passport the same day you have to prove that you are traveling within 14 days. So bring the confirmation from the airline and all the rest of the documents. It will be a bit more expensive of course.
    Here is the one in DC:
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    VFittipaldi got a reaction from TwoChickies in Obama Immigration Order - Halted!   
    My post is not out to convince anyone, its just my point of view, its an insult to call people terrorists
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