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  1. Don’t buy tickets without having the visa in your hand.
  2. They won’t send another one. you need to call uscis and explain your situation, so they can schedule you for an appointment at your nearest field office to get a passport stamp to act as your green card while you’re still waiting edit: remember you can apply for n400 to try and speed things up
  3. Oh wow, still haven’t fixed that? did you try any of the suggestions on your last thread?
  4. If it’s an authorized user on one of yours, yes.
  5. Your receipt notice should have an address at the left hand corner where your application is being processed, i would use that. Not sure what the error is, maybe try calling and talking to a tier 2 officer so that can be corrected
  6. It’s probably going to be up to the consulate officer to accept her as a suitable sponsor. I’d be ready with a joint sponsor anyway since she hasn’t been working in the US for at least 6 months and was working overseas the years before.
  7. There are plenty of examples on the ROC forum, have you looked there?
  8. USCIS sending biometrics letter won’t trigger a case status update so unfortunately people have to keep checking their mailboxes but yes, early, late, on the exact day, it’s best to go as soon as possible to get things straightened out
  9. As already said. You’re applying for a visa, which will be stamped on your passport and endorsed upon entry (i551?), valid for a year, which is proof of permanent residency and acts like the green card. but to receive the actual green card, you need to pay the immigrant fee after your visa issuance. You’ll most likely get a paper info sheet from the consulate with the steps to take. Remember to check which address they have on your case file upon entry, as they will use that one to send the green card
  10. I suggest you go to your nearest posto de saúde with your vaccination card in hand and ask them to check if you’re up to date with your shots. This will save time and money going to the medical for the visa. Depending on the doctor, they can request you to take the tdap and flu from a private clinic since those two are not available for free at a posto de saúde. I highly recommend dra Juliana from Belo Horizonte. You leave her office with your sealed medical in hand, her staff is very helpful and the tests and shots are right by her office without the need to walk long/ taxi. edit: you can get a dt shot at the posto de saúde but not all the doctors will take that and will make you take the dtap
  11. I’d definitely explain in your cover letter what you just posted.
  12. If she visited many times before what kind of visa did she have? If it’s just renewing a b1/b2 it shouldn’t be too hard. if it’s a brand new application, she must have ties to show she’s coming back and it will be complicated with a pending immigrant petition filed for her. like others said, the only way to find out is trying
  13. The instructions say last 6 months of paystubs so I’m not sure they’d take yours, since you’re employed only since june.
  14. The passport is not inside the do not open envelope
  15. The date your aos was approved. Any other date is a mistake and it should be corrected.
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