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  1. JRF

    Red Flags - CR1

    Spot on, #4 and #5. I have experience navigating through these issues. I used an attorney (based in Thailand) who had a lot of experience and I still spent a lot of time and effort on the process. There are exceptions to the rule, so you need to be well versed in the law. Ultimately we were successful (my wife has been in the US for six years now) but it took 18 months from start to finish. I also made four or five trips to Vietnam, including her interview (they questioned me). From the consulate the visa application goes to a special office in the DoS in Washington, where it will undergo additional review (a true black box). If you want the name of the attorney send me a DM and I'll provide.
  2. Appreciate your concern, but more than 40% of Vietnamese have Nguyen as a family name. "Thi" is the most common middle name for a female, and Mai is pretty common as well. Even if it is the real name, no way anyone could do anything with just that information. Kinda like John Smith, only on steroids.
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