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  1. No, you need to use either a U.S. passport, passport card, enhanced driver license or trusted travelled document such as nexus card.
  2. Congratulations and good luck on your interview!
  3. Unfortunately Seattle is very backlogged with one of the worse processing times in the nation. N-400 applications currently take 13 to 14 months on average to be scheduled for an interview. The good news is it does 2 same day oaths, joint I-751/N400 interviews and also schedules oath ceremonies fast within 2 weeks. I’m a joint I-751/N-400 Seattle combo who just recently got scheduled for oath ceremony in 2 weeks and it took forever to get scheduled. I applied for my I-751 in December 19th 2016 and N-400 December 7th 2017 while I-751 was still pending. I-751 got transferred from CSC on May 3rd 2018 to be adjudicated with together N-400. It stayed pending until I had a joint I-751/N-400 Interview in Seattle on February 27th 2019 after more than 3 years! The wait didn’t end as bad luck will follow suit. Officer had to go through recertification process as system kept preventing him from approving my stuff the same day. That too added extra months and both petitions just got approved last week May 15th finally ending the wait. You’re going to be in for an eternal wait and will have no choice but use I-551 stamps until your interview several months down the road. I’m currently on my 4th and final stamp as we speak! Below is an active thread for N-400 Seattle filers that’s been going on since. I suggest you and @JFH should join our exiting thread here.
  4. There's no ETA anymore it disappeared once N-400 went to post decision activity for quality review to be approved. Current status just says we scheduled you naturalization ceremony on my USCIS acocount.
  5. Yes, mine also showed that status the very next day after my I-751 was finally approved on May 15th even though I attended the I-751/N-400 interview since February 27th. The next day it the changed 3 times within very short intervals to "case submitted for quality review", "we approved your N-400", "we placed you in line for oath." The final update was the very next day saying oath ceremony notice has been mailed. Seattle office is pretty good at scheduling oaths so once they touch your N-400 everything will flow in place. Your N-400 will stay at "we scheduled your interview" until it is touched and adjudicated. That's how mine was since I last had my interview as well.
  6. No, it hasn't regressed in any manner favorably. Matter of fact the backlog has been steady for the most part for many months now. Seattle office currently has 20,748 pending N-400 applications as of the most recent quarter of April 2019. This is roughly the same number they had around August 2018, so it makes sense as to why they have been steadily scheduling interviews after 13 to 14 months now since then. Other offices like Houston and Dallas have more than 40,000 pending, however; the difference is they're attacking it rigorously faster compared to Seattle field office taking 11-12 months on average. Based on your priority date of October 2018 chances are you'll be scheduled sometime in November this year or December unless things change vigorously which is very unlikely to happen.
  7. Once your 18th month extension letter is about to expire (preferably 30 days prior to) schedule an info pass appointment with USCIS at the local field office in Seattle to have your passport stamped with a temporary I-551 stamp which will now serve as evidence of your lawful permanent residency status for both employment and travel. You'll get stamped in about 6 months intervals until you have your I-751/N-400 combo interview together. I'm currently on my 3rd and final stamp before I swear in on June 12th. During your first info pass appointment chances are they'll confiscate the expired 2 year conditional green card by then prior to issuing you the stamp on your passport.
  8. That case estimation website is very unreliable and not an accurate representation of processing times and that's what we keep saying in this forum. You don't want to know how many times it shifted over the course of my timeline from 12/07/2017 when I filed my N-400 till 01/23/2019 when I got scheduled for interview. Those estimated times were created in the first place so people won't plague USCIS with "unnecessary" calls and inquiries. Your best bet is to check this forum and see which people are being scheduled for interview and check their priority dates to know where you currently stand. It's still taking on average at least 13 months to get scheduled for N-400 interviews, and until you're at that timeframe it's highly unlikely you'll get any notification so don't get stressed about it.
  9. Yay, we’re on same oath ceremony day June 12th at 1:30pm. I’ll catch up with you there! I get back from the UK on June 11th which is miraculously perfect.
  10. Oh wow that's nice. Mine hasn't reflected yet as a PDF on my USCIS account hopefully it appears there today. The 12th would be amazing though for me as well because I have a planned trip to London from May 27th to June 11th. I'll have no option but to reschedule my trip if it falls in between this time period because I can't risk a rescheduling. I guess you can't blame a guy for wanting this done with after all this drama with USCIS. I'm at the point where I'll rather lose a few hundred dollars in rebooking fees than deal with USCIS again. When did yours appear on your online account and where and what time is it scheduled?
  11. I just got a text message oath ceremony notice has be mailed! @Ck207 you'll probably get your notice as well today. Chances are we might have same oath.
  12. It doesn’t matter how you originally acquired your lawful permanent residency status. To qualify under the 3 year rule you must be a lawful permanent resident for at-least 3 years, been married to a U.S. citizen for at-least 3 years and your spouse must’ve been a U.S. citizen as well for at-least 3 years.
  13. Seattle office is pretty good at scheduling oaths so we should be able to get it between a few days and a week from today. The actual swearing in day should be between 2 weeks and a month.
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