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  1. hi it is one or the other, taxes or transcripts, either one are accepted the joint sponsor doesn't need to prove domicile only needs to prove that he or she is a USC or LPR. so no driver's license is needed proof of citizenship can be copy of birth certificate if born a USC or certificate of citizenship or if a green card holder, copy of front and back of the GC
  2. aleful

    CR-1 Visa and legal proof to work

    hi when he is hired, the employer will give him the I-9 to fill out
  3. only if they declared themselves to be a USC this is the only example I've seen, there could be some other reason out there usually having worked is forgiven, just like overstaying a visa, when married to a USC and having entered the country legally
  4. hi be sure to add the A#, meaning the green card number and social security number wherever requested those numbers are given for life
  5. exactly, I got confused as well, she;s not your fiancé anymore, but your spouse us passport wasn't needed, you only needed one proof of being a US Citizen or the passport or the Naturalization Certificate you probably sent a lot more proof that I have seen some others do. leave the rest for the interview and continue to gather more proof
  6. hi exactly, since the process takes over a year, and the card will expire in the process, immigration extended residency so she has proof that she is still a LPR she can travel with the letter, or if at a job she needs to show that she is a resident while the card is expired. she never lost her residency, she is still a LPR, but the letter is just to show proof that she is
  7. hi since she is sponsoring the spouse, and a person is only counted once, then the spouse box is left blank
  8. hi the instructions state not to count a person twice, since she is your petitioner, she is counted for that, she doesn't need to count herself as spouse, you leave that one blank and the sum is 2 if you don't have any children her dad will file another i864 as her joint sponsor unless he lives in the same house as your wife, he isn't her household member, he is her joint sponsor and would need to file a separate i864 as her only joint sponsor
  9. hi she has to mark that she wasn't required to file taxes, and send a letter explaining why she wasn't required to file taxes, even if she lived abroad for her dad, he must list the past 3 years, but he can send only the most recent tax year with the form
  10. hi no, it's not included, the fee is waived when sent together with the i485
  11. aleful

    affidavit I-864

    hi no, she is your dad's household member, she will file the i864A your dad files the i864 as your only joint sponsor and your mom the i864A you will file another i864 as the petitioner
  12. hi if you sibling is unmarried, your parents can file for an unmarried child as soon as they become a resident, no need to wait until they are US Citizens
  13. aleful

    Join sponsor

    if they aren't on you parent's taxes, they aren't counted
  14. hi the instructions are there online, but I believe you're confused with removing conditions to get the 10 year GC. once you have the 10 year GC, the renewal every 10 years doesn't need all that proof. or unless you are confused and you are removing conditions because you have the 2 year GC. removing conditions and renewing the 10 year GC are two different processes
  15. aleful

    Join sponsor

    hi it depends, do they live with them? were they declared in their taxes? how old are they?