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  1. hi no, the card is paid separately, once you have been approved and you receive your passport with the stamp, there comes a paper with the website to pay for the card, it costs $220. most people pay it once they enter the country. it looks like you haven't paid for the card, you will never receive it, if you never pay for it. it can't be paid at the ceac website, since you don't know if you will be approved until you have your interview, that's why it's paid separately, after you have passed your interview and received your visa stamped in your passport
  2. hi did you pay in "February? you didn't mention when you paid for the card in your post. it can be up to 6 months after you paid for the card usually it's less than that but with everything slow now. it can take time, you live here, you are a legal resident so don't worry, you have the stamp in your passport that says so
  3. exactly did you actually file for divorce in California? you state you placed an ad, but did you hire a divorce attorney and filed for divorce? you should have had the final divorce decree before getting married again
  4. hi you don't count a person twice, so you put 0 as spouse since your spouse is your beneficiary, he has already been counted, if it's just the 2 of you then the sum has to be 2 the i864 is generic and for all types of family petitions, so if you were filing for a family member, you would add the beneficiary on 1, and your spouse on 3 as part of your household
  5. hi either of you can file for her as you married your wife before your stepdaughter was 18. now the wait isn't 5 years, but around 2 to over 2 years of waiting if she files for her daughter, and a year less more or less if you file for her as a US Citizen it will always be faster if you file for your stepdaughter, unless she wants to wait and become a US Citizen and file for her
  6. hi petitioning a child for a green card is not used to visit family, if she doesn't want to live here, then there is no need for a green card, the only way to visit family is a tourist visa. K2 is obsolete, it was only valid up to 1 year after the K1 was issued. since you married before she was 18, you can file for her and you should do that immediately before she turns 21, or it will take a very long time for her to come, that is, if she wants to live here
  7. hi as stated, only spouses and unmarried children for the rest of the family you have to be a US Citizen to file for parents, siblings or married children
  8. Where does it say that she is a green card holder? I assumed she was a US Citizen if she is a green card holder, then there is no petition, since she abandoned her residency. but if she is a US Citizen she can return
  9. hi she can return immediately live in another place, move state, get a job. she has a year to reply to nvc, before they close the case, she can pay and stretch the nvc stage or if she doesn't want to come back then the petition is lost and your brother can file for a new one, it will take a very long time
  10. hi changing petitioner doesn't exist unless petitioner has died and only on a humanitarian basis your brother must file a new petition from scratch
  11. hi exactly, her daughter is the petitioner and main sponsor, she is the one that has to show the government that her mom won't become a public charge she can have a joint sponsor if she doesn't make enough or use her assets if she has them. no affidavit from daughter, no green card. the petition stops there
  12. hi immediately, so se can start sending the documents, plus she needs to have an address for the forms in the US. the payments of the forms are from a US bank account, she needs to fill out the i864 affidavit of support, plus the i864 affidavit of support of the joint sponsor she needs to be here for the nvc stage the taxes that they are requesting are from the last 3 years, that's why she will need to justify why she didn't have to file taxes the 2 years that she was in India
  13. hi definitely, she needs to be living in the US to petition for you. you are immigrating for family reunificacion purposes. if your mom doesn't live here, there is no need for reunification she needs to file the affidavit of support, have a US domicile and be here, did she file taxes? if not then she will need to write a letter explaining why she didn't need to file taxes. I'm sure she has a joint sponsor for all of you? She should return immediately to the US and establish domicile
  14. if you are the petitioner then yes, you must file the i864 as the primary sponsor attach a letter explaining why you don't need to file taxes, your joint sponsor will file his or her own i864
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