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  1. residents can apply for unmarried children over 21, they don't have to wait 5 years until they are USC
  2. hi unfortunately, they won't be coming, there are no derivatives in parent's petitions, your parents can come if you file an i130 for each one, but your siblings can't come with them so if you file for them, they will have to leave them behind, or don't file for your parents and have them visit you and you visit them if you file for siblings, the wait is over 13 years. if they were to file for them, 6 or more years for them to come as a resident there is no immediate way to bring your siblings to the US, there aren't any special categories for special needs children
  3. hi no need for passport you need proof of citizenship, whether copy of your citizenship certificate if naturalized or copy of your us passport pages from your son, copy of his birth certificate and translation into English of said document
  4. hi you need to notify NVC and send case number and copies of their birth certificates and request that they be added to your petition, nothing is automatic.
  5. you have to take all the documents sent to the interview all the originals
  6. of course, it takes longer for a child over 21 around 6 or more years, and the child has to remain unmarried until entering the country
  7. you need to find the table for the service center where the i130 is, whether it is California, Vermont, Nebraska, or any other place, check the uscis website from people who are in that same category that's how long it takes, F2A is for spouses and minor children of a resident, and they all say the same, the i130 at the service centers are taking over a year.
  8. hi you're probably looking at the wrong visa bulletin, has her i130 been approved? because the i130 is normally taking over a year to be approved. between a year and a half and even close to 2 years. first the i130 has to be approved, then the approved i130 will be sent to NVC or National Visa Center for the second part of the process. the NVC uses the second table on the visa bulletin for that part. the priority date needs to be available for nvc to start emailing the steps to take to file payments, forms and documents to upload so, at what stage is the form now? has the i130 been approved or not? the process will take over 2 years if she doesn't age out
  9. hi exactly, on what visa is she staying? is she legally in the US? how old is she?
  10. hi, for the first form, it may take years, since there isn't an immediate preference for siblings, less visas are granted in this category compared to others. the approved i130 will be sent to NVC and archived until the next part of the process for years to come. this is the visa bulletin for October, the dates immigration is working on for visa availability. Siblings are category F4 https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-bulletin/2020/visa-bulletin-for-october-2019.html
  11. hi not now, all the civil documents for you and your family will need to be submitted at the NVC stage, maybe in 13 years or so. for now the i130 is to prove the relationship between you and your brother. copies of birth certificates and translations into English of said documents have him read the instructions of the i130 when he download the form
  12. hi no, that is fraud, the k1 is to marry and only adjust status with the petitioner, if it doesn't happen, they have to return to their country. second the marriage is fraude because the divorce is not final. that person has committed bigamy, if true
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