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  1. hi Do you have any other family members here that could continue the petition and be the substitute for the affidavit of support? How long ago did your father pass away? Sorry for your loss
  2. hi no you are still married, you have to put married, the end date is when you are divorced, the day the marriage was terminated, a separation doesn't terminate a marriage
  3. hi yes he can be added as a household member, using the i864A because they live in the same residence and they are immediate relatives, he will need to send proof of relationship, which is copy of the birth certificate and proof of correspondence or something that proves that both live at the same residence the petitioner always will file the i864 and his son the i864A
  4. hi if the do taxes together, they might ask your dad to file the i864A. the petitioner files the i864. the spouse files the i864A as her household member
  5. looks ok, maybe fill the parts that you have to write something in it with N/A not applicable fill the page with N/A, just not the little boxes, but where you have to write information, that sector about a derivative doesn't apply
  6. hi no, you can't file it online, only you can file the i130, you can't attach the forms to the i130 online. but when it is an adjustment of status packet you mail all the forms, including the i130. you can also send the i131 advance parole to travel and the medical exams and vaccinations
  7. hi don't worry, the visa will expire anyway. what form are you referring to? you know you have to mail all the forms together, those two are not the only ones. plus all the documents and payments and who is they?
  8. hi how did you receive your green card, meaning who filed for you and when did you get your geen card, and on what basis would you qualify for follow to join?
  9. s small world where from? I lived mostly in Barrio General Paz but also Yofre Norte. My uncle lives in Talleres Este I still have family over there but my immediate family lives south of Miami, FL, My brother and his family and my mom How about you? What's your story?
  10. It gets worse nowadays it's over 7 and for Mexicans the wait is over 20 years
  11. Hi Welcome everybody I was family based, but I'm an oldie, gone through all the stages. My USC mom filed for me back in 1999, as an unmarried child over 21. I got my GC in 2005 and in 2010 my citizenship. I'm from Cordoba. I lived in Miami for many years but now I've lived in Tampa for almost 5 years due to work.. My family lives close to Homestead, FL, but I pass through Miami every time I visit them. For those who know or live in Miami, I lived in Coral Gables. With immigration comes patience, be patient, especially in these times, I waited over 5 years to get my GC
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