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  1. hi the age isn't 18, it's 21, so if your parents are LPR one of the should file immediately, so she comes before she is 21. even if she was over 21, it will always take less than if you were to file for her
  2. hi your father is going to be your joint sponsor, as you don't live with him now in the US, you have to live in the same household for your father to be a household member
  3. hi not at all, a person can have more than one petition at the same time, the only thing is that you will loose the money since you won''t be continuing that petition, but other than that, no problem
  4. hi neither of them, those are forms to adjust status in the US so neither of there are for your process they aren't online and you file the i485 with the i765 and other forms when you are adjusting status in the US, if you qualify to do so
  5. correct but you need copy of the i130 filed in the package, also missing the l765 work permit, not only to work but to be legal in the country until the interview and later the i693 medical and vaccination, you can send it now or later
  6. hi the person being petitioned is the beneficiary, not benefactor, but no, the stepchild cannot be petitioned there are no derivatives for a spouse of a US Citizen, plus they were married after the stepdaughter was 18 years old. her mom when she comes can file for her, she will have to be unmarried, as residents can't file for married children It's not good that she leave for 8 months every year or every time she needs to, if she needs to be out of the country for a long time, at least for 2 times she can request a reentry permit that allows to stay abroad up to 2 years, but eventually she has to live here and spend most of her time here the visa will have an expiration date on her passport after she has her interview
  7. hi forget about your siblings, siblling petitions take 14 or more years, probably if they are single, your parents when they come, they can file for your unmarried siblings only your parents will be immigrating and since they are separate petitions, separate i864 for each of them correct yes on each i864
  8. hire an attorney and appeal, explain that they never received the RFE
  9. yes you can and there aren't any issues they are divorced so you are only filing for your dad
  10. hi she files the i130 for her daughter, the petition will be over 7 years of waiting if she is single,
  11. hi you should have filed and adjustment of status package for each of them, parents petitions are filed separately. an i130 by itself will do nothing you have to file 2 of each, one package for each parent all forms are filed together, unless they plan to leave and wait in their country, and go through consular processing
  12. hi the day you married the petition became voided, you can't continue with the petition your mom will have to become a USC and start over, with a new i130, you should never have married
  13. hi they don't need you as an interpreter, they will have the interview in their own language at the American Embassy in their country
  14. the i864 and ds260 at the nvc, that's where your at, if you do nothing for a year or more, then immigration may deem the process as abandoned if you pay but then you don't upload any documents or fill out forms, they could see it as the petitioner isn't interested in continuing the process
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