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    ~12-25-2006: met online (on Xanga, a blog site)05-01-2013: FINALLY MET IN PERSON! in Canada 05-04-2013: finally became a couple06-14-2014: got engaged 08-08-2014: got married in CanadaI-130 PETITION:09-18-2014: sent I-130 via UPS, 142 pages in total09-19-2014: I-130 arrived and signed for09-24-2014: NOA1 text & hard copy received same day, Vermont Service Center11-20-2014: NOA2 (I-130 approval!) hard copy received, 57 days from NOA1NVC STAGE:12-08-2014: NVC received case01-14-2015: case number and IIN number received via email01-14-2015: DS-261 submitted01-14-2015: AOS fee paid01-22-2015: IV fee paid01-24-2015: DS-260 submitted01-25-2015: AOS and IV documents submitted electronically02-18-2015: petitioner's proof of US domicile submitted electronically02-25-2015: email confirmation received (31 days after sending!), scan date of 01-26-2015 <--60 day wait starts03-24-2015: email confirmation received (34 days after sending!), scan date of 02-18-2015 <--60 day wait starts (a 2nd time)03-31-2015: case completed at NVC! 2/18 documents got reviewed with the 1/26 ones, 64 days from original scan date04-07-2015: case complete email received04-22-2015: interview date email received CONSULATE STAGE:05-13-2015: medical in Montreal 05-19-2015: picked up medical results05-20-2015: interview in Montreal --- APPROVED!, 238 days from NOA105-25-2015: passport/visa received!POINT OF ENTRY / STATESIDE STAGE: 05-30-2015: POE, Calais/St Stephen land crossing, 248 days from NOA106-03-2015: paid ELIS fee06-10-2015: SSN received 07-02-2015: green card received! 03-13-2017: sent I-751 via USPS, 156 pages in total

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  1. After our I130 was already sent off and approved, and we were gathering the documents for NVC, we realized we left out that my husband is a dual citizen. We honestly just didn't even think of it. We realized we made a mistake, and started filling out his dual citizenship when asked for his nationality/country. We've also included his British passport and police certificate. I've explained this in the cover letter, and was hoping you all could read over this and let me know if I need to say something different/more/better/etc. Thank you very much. NVC Case No: __________ Petitioner's Name: [name] Preference Category: CR1 – SPOUSE OF UNITED STATES CITIZEN National Visa Center ATTN: CMR 32 Rochester Avenue Portsmouth, NH 03801-2909 Re: Submitting Application for (CR-1 / IR-1) Immigrant Visa for NVC Case Number __________ January 19, 2015 To Whom It May Concern: My name is [name], and I am the petitioner and appointed agent for NVC case number ___________. My spouse, [name], is the beneficiary of this case. Please find enclosed the completed Document Cover Sheet as well as the items requested. Since submitting our I-130 Petition to USCIS we have realized we made a mistake in filling out our forms. My husband and the beneficiary, [name], is a dual citizen of Canada and the United Kingdom. He was born and raised in Canada but received his United Kingdom citizenship at birth because his mother was from Scotland. He applied for his United Kingdom passport in 2011 and this allowed him to live and work in the United Kingdom. Since realizing our mistake, we have included a copy of his British passport, British police certificate, and have written Canada and the United Kingdom when it asks for citizenship on the forms. We apologize for the discrepancy. It was a simple oversight. Please do not hesitate to contact me if there are any concerns. My contact information is available below. Thank you very much, [name] [address] Phone: _____________ Email: _____________
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