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  1. Hi everyone good day, I'm in the same situation with my 75 yrs old inlaws who came here last November 27 on a B-2 visa 10 yr card they were supposed to return to the Philippines on May 21 but their flight was cancelled again because I tried booking an earlier flight but that was cancelled so since March 28 I've sent several inquiries to CBP about their I -94 so I can at extend I stay but I never received any response from them but I have a case number so it seems like every time I rebook their flight it gets cancelled again by PAL so what do you think about the next time they come back to visit? I would like to be prepared on what's to be done by me in advance. Thanks for your time and help. God bless stay safe
  2. Hi everyone good day to all, just an update I still haven't received any response from CBP and now it's June 22 so I guess that my in-laws overstayed but USCIS isn't worried about it. I tried booking them another flight but that was cancelled again plus now we hear that immigration puts you on a boat for 14 days of quarintine they can do that they're in their 70"s so I guess that I'll just keep them here until I get a knock on the door Lol
  3. Hi everyone good day to all, here's my problem my in-laws who are in their 70s came here last November 27 on a B-2 visa and they were supposed to return home on May 21 but since this virus every flight home was cancelled I've tried to get them a flight home back in March but to no avail so I'm trying to get them a extension but I can't get the I-94 from CBP since their passport was never stamped on arrival I've been emailing and filing out the form online but it says no record found I've been talking to USCIS and I'm told not to worry about it I don't want them to over stay
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