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  1. I finally got the approval email just now. I applied from Oregon on 7/23, and trackable on 7/29. right around 2 months for the processing. It was processed at National Passport Center in New Hampshire. I actually got impatient last week and submitted a request to my senator (thanks @Giovanna024). I got an email from my senator's office yesterday indicating that somebody finally processing my application. Sure enough it's approved today. I'm glad this long journey is finally over. Now off to harassing USPS 😉
  2. US Passport & Card: 2020 Applicants =================================== User Name |Expedited|Sent |Cashed |Trackable |PP Received |PPC Received|NC Received |Location ramboy | Y |01/09/2020 |NA Bank's Ch|01/21/2020 |01/28/2020 |01/30/2020 |01/30/2020 |Boston, MA (USPS) Mounat02 | N |01/11/2020 |1/21/2020 |01/18/2020 |03/02/2020 |03/06/2020 |03/04/2020 |Houston, TX (Public library) Estrella | N |01/14/2020 |NA |01/21/2020 | |NA |02/14/2020 |Shreveport, LA (USPS) ramboy(2) | Y |01/18/2020 |NA Bank's Ch|01/23/2020 |01/30/2020 |02/03/2020 |02/04/2020 |Boston, MA (USPS) Stevo79 | N |02/02/2020 |N |N | | |  |El Paso, TX (Public library) OBX | Y |02/19/2020 |NA |02/25/2020 |02/28/2020 |03/02/2020 |03/05/2020 |Newark, NJ (USPS) Myrna87 | Y |02/21/2020 |N |02/25/2020 |03/10/2020 |03/13/2020 |03/19/2020 |Dallas, TX (USPS) Luis562 | Y |02/26/2020 |03/02/2020 |03/02/2020 | | | |Anaheim, CA (USPS) sidster81 | Y |02/19/2020 |2/24/2020 |02/24/2020 |03/07/2020 |03/09/2020 | |Dallas, TC (Denton County Passport Office) Suze1 | N |03/10/2020 |03/16/2020 |03/16/2020 |07/14/2020 |N/A |07/20/2020 |Tampa, FL (Court House) alexpop13 | Y |03/11/2020 |03/17/2020 |03/16/2020 |03/26/2020 |N/A |03/27/2020 |Cleveland, OH (USPS) Mounat02(2) | N |04/06/2020 |04/21/2020 |06/08/2020 | | | |Houston, TX (USPS) ME_RHEDZ77 | N |06/16/2020 |06/24/2020 |06/24/2020 |07/16/2020 | 07/20/2020 | 07/21/2020 |Rancho Cucamonga, CA (USPS) JaEnglishGirl | N |06/29/2020. | NA |07/08/2020 | | | |West Palm Beach, FL (USPS) Anggva | N |07/11/2020 |07/17/2020 |07/17/2020 | | | |Jacksonville, FL (USPS) BRgirlUS | N |07/20/2020 | NA |07/24/2020 | | NA | |O'Fallon, IL (USPS) ME_RHEDZ77(2) | N |07/20/2020 | 07/29/2020 | 07/29/2020 | | | |Rancho Cucamonga, CA (USPS) ME_RHEDZ77(3) | N |07/20/2020 | 07/29/2020 | 07/29/2020 | | | |Rancho Cucamonga, CA (USPS) crbabelgium | N |07/23/2020 | 07/29/2020 | 07/29/2020 | | NA | NA |Columbus, OH (USPS) NEW CITIZEN | N |07/21/2020 |07/28/2020 |07/28/2020 | | | |Santa Clarita, CA (Library passport agents) Texans_99 | N |06/18/2020 |06/29/2020 |07/06/2020 | | | |Houston,TX (USPS) Volts | N |06/18/2020 |06/25/2020 |06/24/2020 | | | |Baton Rouge, LA (USPS) TreasureHunt | N |07/23/2020 | |07/29/2020 | | | |Beaverton, OR (City Hall) Instructions for adding/updating yourself (or assisting others) to this list: DO NOT DELETE THESE INSTRUCTIONS. Please make sure you are using Rich Text Editor as your message setting. Click "Quote" on the most recent/updated posting version of this list. Remove the "Quote Coding" at the top and bottom of the list. Always use [Courier New] Font and font size.[12] Make changes and Add Reply. Expedited - Did you choose the expedited option? Yes or No Sent - Date you applied Cashed - Date when your check, money order or any other payment was processed or cleared. Trackable- Date when your case became trackable on State Department website PP Received - Date you received passport back from State Department PPC Received -Date you received passport card Location- Local office where you applied for US Passport book and or Passport Card NC Received- Date you received your Naturalization Certificate back from State Department. Redden timeline after receiving the Naturalization certificate or any other documents back.
  3. I went online to state department website. They have DS-11 form filler, so it’ll all get printed out nicely. The requirements are naturalization certificate original and a copy, one form of ID (driver’s license) and photos (costco does it well and cheap). Also, bring your check book, you’ll write two checks, one to department of state and the other to city of Beaverton. The guy there will take your form and all the documents, fill up the “official section”, make you swear to tell the truth, and have you sign the form. He’s going to collect everything, and mail it for you. Basically you dont even know the tracking number of the envelope going to DoS.
  4. Beaverton city hall (finance department or something). You have to call ahead and schedule with them. I was able to get an appointment the following day. The guy said it’s 4 months wait for passport. I’m just crossing my fingers now.
  5. Passport is through department of state, not USCIS. I did apply yesterday, but there seems to be a very long queue right now. 4 months according to the acceptance officer.
  6. I didn’t show any document. The questions were only repeating the yes/no questions in N400 form. The officer asked 6 civic questions, read “Where is the White House?”, and write “The White House is in Washington D.C.”
  7. I had interview in Portland, OR field office today 7/22/2020. I was originally scheduled for April 1, 2020. There were around 7 people in the waiting room with me for the interview, and they are mostly if not all naturalization. I filed my N-400 9/2/2019. It was a quick interview and oath right after, with the same officer that gave me the interview. I got my naturalization certificate 10 minutes after the oath is done. Just thought I'd share. I had the same frustration for a while. Next is Beaverton city hall to apply for passport.
  8. My interview was done today (7/22/20) in Portland OR field office. It was originally scheduled on April 1, 2020. The oath was taken right after the interview and certificate of naturalization was printed within 10-15 minutes afterwards. It was a quick interview and oath. There was no extras (videos or speech or anything). There were about 7 people in the waiting room at around my interview schedule (9 AM), I believe most if not all of them were there for naturalization interviews. I was not called until 9.20 ish, and I was done with oath by 9.45. Now on to passport application!
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