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  1. Hello, When I updated my address online , I did receive a confirmation by snail mail at the new address within a month. So if you dont receive it by August 23rd, please call USCIS and double check with them
  2. Im sorry that nothing is working for you so far. I know oh too well the frustration !!! And like you sais there is no accountability, almost seems that they do it on purpose at this office, kind of to "test" the relationship. The best advice I received and that helped me keep my sanity, try to Forget about it (easier said than done I know ). Live your life, enjoy as much as possible and put a reminder to call and follow up every 30 days until there is some movement. Also make sure to send the EAD renewal, you can do it as early as 179 days before it expires. I hope and pray you hear something soon
  3. Hello, No this is not an odd ball call. Baltimore is just weird in the way they approve cases. In my personal case they approved my GC almost 13 months after our interview. I have seen on VJ: 4 months, 8 months, it seems just so random. Were you able to schedule an Infopass 120 days after theinterview to inquire on the status of your application ? If not call the 1800 and see if they will let you schedule an Infopass . If you already went and couldnt get more details, I will knock on every door possible : Local Congressman, Local Senator, Ombudsman. All of the above. And also do a service request online. After that, just hope and pray until they contact you or approve your case because there is nothing else you can do about it. Do you have Informed Delivery from USPS? If not Google it and sign up for it itsfree, it helps you by seeing what to expect in your mailbox and also open a USCIS online acct with email and text notifications. Good luck
  4. I had a similar issue to yours. I was approved 1 year and a few weeks after my interview. In my case I believed they looked at my file because we moved and submitted multiple service requests online and on the phone. I would say contact your Congressman and Senator, the Ombudsman and file service requests. After that well just wait and pray. 🤷🏾‍♀️ You really never know how to work with USCIS so try everything and hope for the best. Good luck
  5. You should definitely call and check the status on this. The longest usually is about 2 months. And yes not doing the biometrics will delay the EAD.
  6. Did they request evidence for your expedite yet? If so I will resend it or contact them to double check if they received it the first time. If you never received a request I would call and file for new request for expedite. Speaking Tier 2 will not do much at this point but try, you have nothing to lose To speak to them call whenthey open at 8:01AM Eastern time Option 1 then 2 then 4 then 6, input receipt number then wait. Once you speak to a customer service agent explain your situation and ask to speak to a Tier 2, you will be transferred
  7. Hello Congratulations! This is an awesome picture. Forms: I-130 I-130A I-485 I-864 I-765 I-131 Make sure to read the instructions for each very carefully. First 4 forms are mandatory. The last 2 are optional and highly recommended but free and when filed out with the others, and will also help you because they are respectively work permit and travel permit. Good luck and Happy married life!
  8. I believe they stopped the option that gave you the possibility to schedule an Infopass online You can try to check by putting your zipcode on this website : https://my.uscis.gov/en/appointment/us if not call the 1800 number and try to see if they will. I dont want to be the bearer of bad news but I tried to call and asked for an Infopass for a different situation previously and they didnt let me. But you have nothing to lose by trying. Good luck
  9. Awesome, Congrats to them. Do you know if there is a Nebraska thread for Jan 2019 filers please ? Im tracking for my mother. Thank you
  10. Read the thread below it will help you with your expedite its long but has a lot of valuable info. In summary 1. Call USCIS and request expedite for your EAD for financial hardship 2. Contact your local Congressman and Senator to back up your expedite 3. Prepare a package with bills, expense, a cover letter explaining your situation and a letter from your employer HR stating that you will be terminated on xx date due to your H1 expiring or an offer letter from a potential employer with a specific start date (as early as possible ) 4. Send the package following USCIS instructions that you will receive by mail or Fax 5. Pray and wait for a decision 6. Sign up for USPS Informed Delivery it is a great tool that shows you what to expect in your mailbox on a daily basis Link: Good luck
  11. 1. I believe its best to submit everything together in 1 enveloppe but separate folders. One folder for I-130 and another one for I-485. I didnt see an application for Advance Parole/Travel Document I-131 or I missed it? Its free like the application for EAD. Though you may not need to travel or dont plan on it to be safe. I always recommend to do it and have it just in case. You may need to travel out of the country for work or a family emergency, think about it. 2. Yes include redundant documents in each package/folder 3. The medical exam could wait and could be submitted at the interview. It depends on your local office like said previously and if you can afford it right now. It ranges from $300 to $500 depending if you need vaccines or not or covered by insurance.
  12. Did you for Advance Parole/ I-131? If not please do and its free, just attach a copy of your I-485 receipt to your application with 2 pictures, etc ( read the instructions) to show that it is still pending. You do not need to have specific travel plans to apply for it. With the AP and the EAD card you can work and travel out of the country without abandonning your application and be good. Like mentioned by somebody else before, with the NOA1 you are in authorized stay until a decision is made on your application. Im not sure what the CBP officer meant 🤷🏾‍♀️
  13. Not out of status. He will be in authorized stay once he receives his NOA1 until a decision is made on his application
  14. If I remember well option 1, then 2, then 4, then 6 then input receipt number Then wait And like aiment mentioned earlier it is best to call at 8AM Eastern time when they open
  15. Hello It will be easier to do one change of address for each one of them. Submit 1 for I-485, 1 for I-130 etc Or else it will cause some issues, I had that same problem
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