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  1. I am not too familiar with I-90 but look into the possibility of getting a I-551 stamp at a local office. for your trip You will have to call the 1800 plead your case to speak a level 2 officer that will then schedule an Infopass appointment if you are able to convince them. Good luck
  2. Hello all, thank you for quick responses and shout out to the US embassy in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire that was very quick in handling my mother's case. Quick recap and how the issue was sorted, the green card was lost at the airport on January 15th We sent the email requesting an appointment with all necessary documents as outlined on the embassy's website on Monday January 17 at night. Tuesday Morning at 8 AM the embassy called my mother and asked her to come in that same day at 1PM. They interviewed her that day and did all necessary verification. They took her passport to put the boarding foil and told her to come back Friday between 8 and 10AM for pick up. Friday morning she picked up the passport, and Friday night she was on the plane back to US. With the connection she arrived in the US precisely in Atlanta on Saturday and went thru immigration with no issues. This was a costly and unfortunate event but I am glad it was sorted really fast. Now that she is back I am going to file for the I-90. Thanks again
  3. Yes indeed I am done with the form and everything else. I am just waiting on the police report and I will send the email to the embassy by EOD. Thank you for your input I appreciate it
  4. Thank you for the prompt response. That's what I thought. It says if yes to give a brief explanation see the screenshot
  5. The person was coming from Canada which has a direct border with the US. For my mother this case is impossible as she is coming from west africa and she is transiting thru France so the airline and french officials will not let her board the plane without a visa
  6. Hello all, My mother unfortunately lost her Green card during a trip overseas. I have started the process for her to get a visa to be able to come back. I am filling out I131A ( source:https://ci.usembassy.gov/information-for-lawful-permanent-residents-lprs/ ) Now on part 3, question 5A it asked: " Have you ever been issued a travel document"? Does the travel permit issued during the Green card application process applies for this question? She was issued a travel document and work permit during the application process using form I131. So If we respond yes to 5a, then the next question asks for the disposition. Should I put expired there? And provide a brief explanation in part 7 as explained in the instructions? Your help will be greatly appreciated please Thanks
  7. Filed on April 29th2021 for a GC expiring in July 2021. Received last week the 2 year extension letter Receipt start with YSC, Potomac Living in Maryland so the Field Office is Baltimore, MD
  8. Hello, Unless you are super lucky your situation is pretty normal for removal of conditions unfortunately. If your husband qualifies for naturalization or will be eligible soon, I would focus on that for now and hope for a combo interview for I751 and N400
  9. It is best to wait for either the interview letter or the request by mail to get your medical exam done
  10. Update Received yesterday, a letter dated July 24th to get my fingerprints done on August 20th. Reminder : package received by USCis on April 28th 2021 and I already received my extension letter at end of May.
  11. It is really hard to know but here is my timeline: I751 file received April 29th May 14th check cashed and extension letter sent Today I received a letter for my biometric. The appointment is scheduled for August 20th and the letter is dated July 24th
  12. Hello April filers. No news or movement on my file since May 14th when they sent the extension letter. No news on biometrics waiver or not so far. I was wondering after 90 days, meaning Mid August, can I call them and inquire about biometrics or that would be early to do so? Timeline: I751 received April 29th Extension letter sent May 14th 2 years GC expiring July 11th Assigned to YSC Potomac center
  13. How silly of me, yes I am totally wrong on this. And I even did my check for $680, brain fart moment probably half awake after nursing baby. My apology for the wrong information 🤦🏾‍♀️
  14. Don5 Dont forget the payment should be $680+$85 biometric fee which adds up to $765 Si your money order is probably somewhere hidden in the pages. That's why it says incorrect fee
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