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  1. Oh okay my mistake then, this is what it says on the site: https://www.uscis.gov/news/alerts/uscis-temporarily-closing-offices-public-march-18-april-1 Doesnt say much about notices. Hopefully he/she will get it in soon
  2. Usually it takes 3 weeks to a month to get the receipts. But with Covid-19, all USCIS offices are closed since March 18th until April 1st So they will definitely be delays to getting notices from USCIS
  3. From my readings on the forum, it is best to call and speak to a tier 2 officer to reschedule but also speak to Somebody at your field office to make sure it is in the system and get a physical proof of the rescheduling request. For my reading sometimes the request does not get to your field office on time or gets lost in process ans thats what gets people in trouble. Trying to speak to Somebody at the field office is going to be the biggest challenge because most if not all offices dont accept walk ins and appointments are only for emergencies. You can search for the forum and see how the successful reschedule did it. Hopefully the interview falls after your wedding. Sometimes it is scheduled up to 6 weeks after the notification of interview scheduled. Keep us posted Goodluck
  4. Oh really, sorry about that. I was in the exact same situation and they let me do it, I renewed my license with no issue for another 10 years. Maybe try to go to another DMV or speak with a supervisor
  5. You dont have to change the name on the GC, I am in the same situation. Andit doesnt hurt except when you start working and fill out the I9 and they verify your eligibility to work it may come as a mismatch but it is easily fixed by letting your employer know about it.
  6. Oh okk I see got you. We had to call, talk to a Tier 2 ans explain we didnt get the letter on time. She was scheduled for November 12th but we didnt actually receive the letter until November 20th. So the Tier 2 rescheduled it for early december
  7. I would try to call and escalate to tier 2 by telling them you havent received your biometrics notice yet. We had a similar situation for my mother and received the letter weeks after the scheduled appointment for some reason. Call and see if you can get an answer, mail man acts up sometimes.
  8. Do you have the date for the appointment with the letter already? If so you can try to walk in. It is 50/50 depends on the location for fingerprints walk in. If you dont have the letter yet there is nothing you can do sorry
  9. I was worried for my mother until I saw your post but I guess we have to be patient too. Her concurrent application was also received October 9th.
  10. Hello, Sorry for the long wait, there is not much you can do except trying to contact the local Senator and Congressman and also Ombudsman and hope for the best. I was in a similar situation until 1 day, 1 year after our interview most likely because we moved and filed AR-11, that they looked at our file again and approved it Good luck
  11. When you sent your work permit application did you choose the option to have a SSN issued to you or not? If you said Yes then it should come to your house within a few weeks if not you will have to go the closest SSA office near you with the necessary documents and apply for one
  12. Try to contact your embassy and see if they have something called a "laissez passer" sorry dont know The word in English. This document is something you get from your embassy that you use when you lose your passport for travel. Usually it is valid for a few weeks, 1 month maximum. That is the only option you have because no Airlines will let you travel with just the expired passeport. Good luck Here is a link to the Embassy of Morocco in NYC. Good luck http://www.moroccanconsulate.com/laissez_passer.cfm
  13. Yes indeed you are correct Bank of America also lets you open a bank account without a social
  14. No this is the address where I believe they process EAD and AP: National Benefits Center. This address is listed on all the receipts regardless on whereyou live in the US because they take care of the work and travel permit of immediate family members of US Citizens. For your biometrics and later on interview it will be based on your zip code. So no the address listed is not where you will go for your fingerprints and interview
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