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  1. They're not going to look at anything that is not listed as a requirement.
  2. Whoa, this is...very bad. You and your ex both lied to federal agents. You both need to get lawyers.
  3. Yeah I agree with everyone saying to file for naturalization as soon as your husband is eligible, which is most likely soon. Once he is a citizen, you won't have to worry about his status and he'll be able to go back and forth without any issues. Obviously, make sure to get your child's US passport as well. I can't advise on the Australian side of things...that requires its own research, but for the US side of things, naturalization is the smartest thing to do and ASAP since you'll want to head to Aus in like 2-3ish years.
  4. I would give it a few more days....the holiday definitely caused a backlog. I live in LA too and I've had many packages and Priority Mail arrive late. Sometime the tracking would show "in transit" for DAYS but it always came within a few days. Hang tight lol, it's only been like 2 days really. If anything, you can always make an InfoPass to get the stamp in her passport as well. Pretty sure this will show up by tomorrow or early next week.
  5. Given that you have not only 1 but 2 denied I-751's AND an outstanding NTA and the general messiness of your history, I think it would be wise to retain an attorney. If you didn't have the history that you do, filing a new adjustment packet wouldn't be an issue.
  6. Where did you get that info from?? You should only be looking at USCIS' official forms straight from their website. All other info on websites like law firms and whatnot could be outdated or even flat-out incorrect. Click here for USCIS' official I-765 instructions: https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/document/forms/i-765instr.pdf Instructions for foreign students wanting to apply for OPT/CPT starts on pg 7. Your educational institution's international advisor should also be a main go-to source for information.
  7. I basically resubmitted the same I-751 evidence along with the latest bank statements. Tbh, you don't have to resubmit EVERYTHING from I-751. You'll most likely be fine with the most important stuff: deed or lease (whatever is the most official proof of co-habitation and other property ownership or what-have-you), latest bank statements, latest insurance policies and latest tax returns. I did not get an RFE. N400 was completed without issues and I'm a citizen now. They also did NOT ask to see any other paperwork/evidence at the interview.
  8. Agree with this and there is also a search bar right at the top AND a whole dedicated subforum for K1. Many many MAAAANYYY threads of people's experiences entering with K1 that are easily searchable....
  9. It's actually against TOS (Terms of Service, which you agreed to when you created your account on this site) to tell other members to not comment on your post. I see nowhere in my own comment where I was being judgmental towards you. I was factually and logically stating why it's very VERY unlikely for your fiancee to get flagged or even interrogated aggressively by CBP. She has a visa, which acts as proof of official permission granted by the US govt for her to enter under that particular visa status. Unless the CBP agent wants to make THEIR own life harder for themselves by questioning an official K1 visa, the agent will simply take the K1 visa as the official proof that it is and let her through. I asked the question about what a "trivia test" would accomplish to ask what logical reason a CBP agent would behave that way towards an incoming person who has the proper visa to enter.
  10. You're way overthinking this. Unless she says something admitting to outright criminal behavior, CBP is very unlikely to flag her or harass her or react negatively towards her. She already has a K1 visa, which is proof of official permission granted to her by the US govt to enter the country under a legal status (fiancé/e of a US citizen intending to marry each other). CBP processes hundreds of thousands to millions of incoming visitors to the US every day so they don't have time to grill every person (especially one granted a proper visa). Also, what would a "trivia test" about your state accomplish? CBP understands most non-Americans coming in would not know much about USA or the state they're flying into. As stated, she just has to keep her answers clear and short and honest.
  11. If your card is frozen, then yes the payment will not go through and USCIS will simply return your application and it will be considered officially rejected. Wait for the application to be officially rejected. It sounds like you still have some time left in your 90 day window so I would suggest having a serious talk with your husband about your marriage. If you decide to stay together, file the joint I-751. If you guys end up divorcing while the joint I-751 is pending, you can always update it to a divorce waiver and then present the divorce decree when it's ready.
  12. Exactly. Also, I get spam messages on Whatsapp from random numbers promising me that they can get me $10,000+ USD in my bank account...I just gotta send them some Bitcoin or crypto LOL!!! It's an automatic delete and block.
  13. It's true that it's playing with people's emotions and lives. However, Whatsapp is a free messaging app that anybody can download and the app does not request you to submit professional and identity verification of any kind. So anybody can download it, enter whatever phone number they want to send a message and then say whatever they want in that message. Whatsapp performs zero oversight on this...so with that, it is on the users to be mindful, cautious and skeptical.
  14. Yes I've heard more stories about these fake schools. There have been some stories about fake marriage operations too. Criminals are gonna criminal, no matter what.
  15. USCIS conducts the criminal background checks for AOS applicants. As for the cafe owner, I don't have all the details. Technically he did open the business and the cafe was operational for a time. But obviously he got caught misusing the millions while the 2nd location was being built and that's a violation of the visa. He effed around and found out. The govt ultimately doesn't care what his original intentions were or the fact he did have an operational business at one point...it turned illegal and unethical. So he's out.
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