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  1. Sorry if I'm mistaken but on the first page of thid thread, you said they received your package on the 11th? What date did you put on the actual I-751 form?? If you signed and dated the I-751 earlier than July 11, then maybe that is why it got rejected as "filed too early"? I'm not sure...just throwing out ideas as to why this happened. The other simpler explanation is that USCIS is just like any other workplace and has employees who don't quite know what they're doing.
  2. Yes if you divorce, you can technically file I751 at any time and not just within the 90 day window. Are you able to file earlier? I only say that because you have to account for delivery time and the time it takes for USCIS to record your I751 as "filed" and to send you your extension letter. For most people, it's looking like their extension letters are dated about 1-2 weeks after acceptance. Just to be on the safe side, mailing your packet ASAP is the best bet.
  3. This is recommended for LPR's who know they're going to be out of the US for an extended period of time and don't want USCIS thinking they have abandoned LPR status. But you have to get it before you leave the US, not after. However I'm not sure if this applies to you since you're military?? Calling experts @geowrian @Boiler ...
  4. Our package was delivered today. According to most people's timelines, I'm expecting our check to be cashed next week sometime.
  5. Nothing wrong or illegal with taking driving lessons. It's only when you try to get the actual license that you need to show proof of residency and status here in the US.
  6. It's also just not a good idea to be out of the country during AoS for too long, even with AP and especially with COVID. Is the absence meant to be for months??? That's going to look a certain way to USCIS and not in a good way.
  7. Yeah local field offices are where the interviews happen. Same as AoS.
  8. You should be fine! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you and everyone. Good thing we all had to file now because the fees are going up soon. I can't wait to be done with naturalization so I can stop giving our money to them haha!
  9. Yay congrats! We sent ours on Saturday and it should be delivered tomorrow. I'm already biting my nails too. Mostly concerned about getting the extension letter without any hiccups. Luckily, it seems like most people now are getting theirs within 2-4 weeks. I saw some people back in March-May had to wait almost 2 months since that was during the lock-down etc. Hope you get your extension letter quickly too!
  10. No, don't add anything to the copies. Only straight-up direct exact photocopies.
  11. Just do CR1. K1 is a headache and employment authorization is soo delayed due to hving to do AoS. With CR1, you're 100% done and can start working right away.
  12. The taxes aren't really a big deal though. Just something to be aware of if you guys pursue AoS and citizenship.
  13. Yes it's true a lot of people do want to live here forever. But even for those who don't, citizenship at least guarantees entry back into the country. So you guys don't have to stay here forever. It's only during his permanent residency that he needs to stay and ensure the residency requirements. But once he becomes a citizen, you guys can move back and you won't have to ever worry about his entries back into the US. He'll have to continue paying US taxes though, even if residing abroad.
  14. Ooh I see. The problem with that scenario is that it'll be very difficult to get B1/B2 after giving up LPR. Once again, it has to do with intent. Expressing immigrant intent is basically a point-of-no-return. Once you express it, it's best to stick with it. If you decide to relinquish it, you'll (or rather, your husband will) most likely have to wait a long time before attempting entry again to help prove against any notions of lingering immigrant intent.
  15. Hm I have no idea what that attorney meant but you cannot "trade" statuses and visas like that. The government is being nice about not counting unlawful presence right now so long as the right papers are filed. Spouses of US citizens are forgiven for overstay but for AoS approval only. It's best to simply not have it on your record with them if possible. Talking pure probability, this is also where AoS is the better option. I don't have statistics so I can't say how successful these extensions are right now. They do take a long time to process so by the time your husband's application is given a final decision, the global situation will have changed. At that point, the government may no longer feel the need to be so nice anymore. We just don't know. AoS takes a while but there's a 99.999% chance you will be approved without issues and the permanent resident status will provide employment authorization and less restrictions on his presence here. Betting everything on the B1/B2 is super risky. If that's gone, he would need to become a permanent resident through an IR1 visa anyway (and he'd have to go back home for some time) or find a different visa to enter with but non-family visas are definitely more difficult to obtain. You might as well just bite the bullet and do AoS to secure him as a permanent resident and not have to worry about his entries into the US anymore and he gets to stay in the US while AoS is pending.
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