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  1. mushroomspore

    Letter of recommendation and documentation

    You have no bearing on his case. He will either be approved or denied on his own merits. Tourist visas do not need an I-134. Not sure why you think that.
  2. Send the documents in before the deadline. It's not that hard. Yes, I-751 evidence always ends up being an enormous pile.
  3. A year is the norm for most offices.
  4. K1 visa's 1-time use only. It's cancelled when you cross the border with it. It has no connection to AP.
  5. Only SSN. The EAD and AP are like a "sub-application" under the larger AoS application. Without the AoS, you have no basis for the EAD and AP. The EAD and AP are also only free if filed along with AoS.
  6. As in, schools only let you pay domestic fees if you've been an LPR for 1 year or longer??
  7. Not an expert but my guess is that the F1 would be denied. F1 is non immigrant. Makes no sense since you have a pending immigrant visa. Just wait until you have that. That way, you won't pay outrageous international student tuition fees.
  8. Didn't even check OP's history. There's no excuse for the ignorance then.
  9. The facts are these: if she leaves without Advanced Parole, her AoS is deemed abandoned and she will not be allowed back in at that time. Sure, this can be interpreted as inefficient but this is how things ARE. If traveling was so important, more research should have been done prior to choosing the K1. It is well known that the K1 route has certain disadvantages because it involves AoS, which prevents applicants from traveling and working for several months.
  10. OP said it was her ex's decision to leave and to go back to his ex (emphasis mine): Maybe the comma confused your interpretation of that sentence. Even still, she did not say ANYWHERE that HE caused the miscarriage. Unless HE caused it and OP has HARD PROOF of it, the miscarriage has nothing to do with VAWA. And I even said in my previous comment that both the miscarriage and cheating are horrible, yet that makes me "judgmental against women"? I am a woman myself and work in a very tough business where women still struggle to be represented properly and have gone into this business for the purpose of helping to foster change and proper gender equality. If OP had indicated patterns of abuse in her marriage, we would ALL be advocating VAWA. There is no abuse here, hence no VAWA. Funny how logic works.
  11. Miscarriage is unfortunate but unless he's the one who punched her in the belly or slipped her drugs to force the miscarriage, that's not abuse. Cheating is also horrible but doesn't always equate to "abuse" either. Unless there were deeper things going on that OP hasn't shared, these are events of an unhappy marriage and unhappy does not always equal abusive.
  12. OP hasn't really said anything to suggest abuse. All she's said so far is that her ex left her alone and then went back to his ex. Unless she left something out (which I doubt), I don't think she qualifies for VAWA.
  13. mushroomspore

    K1 for ex wife sister

    Legally allowed but expect a lot of raised eyebrows.
  14. Lots of people apply with those same ties and that's WITHOUT an American significant other and WITHOUT any previous immigrant intent and guess what? They still get denied. Granted, people don't tend to come on this website to announce success stories. So I admit my perspective may be skewed. Even still, you've got two major factors against you so it'd be prudent to keep that in mind.