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  1. It is EXTREMELY expensive. As is literally everything else when it comes to healthcare in America. Anyway I'm Canadian too and you definitely do not have healthcare anymore.
  2. The system says that on YOUR end. It shows a lot more detail for CBP agents when they look you up at the border.
  3. You absolutely cannot use the AP anymore. Since your interview has passed, it's no longer valid. A similar thing happened to me last year. I was able to make an Infopass appointment for the day after our interview and got a stamp because I showed our tickets and flight info, which had all been booked months before. However I believe the Infopass appointment system has been changed since then. I don't know how exactly it works now but I think you have to call the service center to make an appointment. Your only options are to say whatever you can to get an appointment a d get that stamp or eat your losses and stay in the US until you get your card. I'm sorry but why WOULD you risk it? You paid a lot and it's important but so is your legal status in this country. You just went through a process that is not getting easier or faster as time goes on. You won't just be detained at the border; you'll be forced to stay in Mexico and start all over again from square one with gaining legal status to permanently return to your American spouse in the US.
  4. The AoS is locked in unless the agency decide to investigate and their investigation determines the immigrant should never have received immigration benefits in the first place. This happens but rarely. Not sure where you heard they "changed" how they handle RoC. Permanent residents may convert joint RoC filings with a divorce waiver if they end up divorcing their US spouse/petitioner. This has always been an option and has not changed. In terms of what USCIS looks for in the divorce decree, all they care about for the most part is that the marriage is completely and legally over. As for the fraud, they only start looking at that if THEY decide there is enough preliminary evidence to initiate an investigation, which costs a lot of money and manpower. So unless you have HARD evidence of it, you're wasting time and energy trying to pursue it.
  5. You can't withdraw the I-864 since AoS was approved. Divorce does not relinquish your obligations if the immigrant ever becomes a public charge. In case of divorce during RoC, you have no real power over the adjudication because immigrants are allowed to submit divorce decrees and waivers to USCIS and most divorced immigrants are approved for RoC. In terms of fraud, it depends. Do you have hard evidence of it? If not, then there isn't much you can do.
  6. You should file the I-90 and then make an appointment to get the I-551 stamp in her passport, which is the same thing as a green card. You don't need to wait for the new card. The card and stamp PROOF of her status. Her status is not terminated or suspended or eliminated in any way just cause she doesn't have the physical card.
  7. You're not even going to get her visa without parental consent or a court order. And as others have said, that would be international crime to just take her anyways.
  8. Yes that is correct that he can't work untim he has the permit. And timeline has a very wide range. Can take as little as 5 months or up to 9+ months. Mine took 8.
  9. I'm sure everything is fine and your wife's GC will be in her hands soon enough. Any plans for citizenship though? They're just suuuuper backed up with I-751's. I have to file mine this time next year and am not looking forward to it because I expect processing times to be worse by then. The only way the backlog will be fixed will be through some miracle.
  10. He still loves her but refuses to move back into his wife's place?? Having his own apartment while still remaining legally married looks worse to USCIS than getting a divorce.
  11. So small that you shouldn't be worrying about it unless you're a convicted criminal who lied about your criminal history or anything similar.
  12. No problem. Sorry it's just how it is. I know the waiting's tough but you're still within average processing times.
  13. I see you're in LA. So am I. Mine took 14 months to from filing to approved at interview. It hasn't been a year for you. Sorry but all you can do is wait. Most people wait about a year for the interview date. For EAD renewal, I believe you can apply 90 days before the expiration.
  14. 1. No 2. 5 years from the date on your original GC 3. What does another country have to do with US immigration laws? 4. Student and work visas don't work like that. Transitioning from a student to work visa happen to very specific groups of people. Work visas require proof the foreigner needs to be hired because they possess skills that other Americans do not have. They're not gonna be convinced of that for secretary work. 5. Yeah it's pretty long and the other thing is that the parent category may even be completely eliminated. It's hard to say but anything's up for major changes with the US government right now.
  15. These things aren't automatic and instantaneous. Border patrol is a different separate agency from USCIS, even though they share info. You have to fornally relinquish your LPR status first or face an immigration judge. So long as your physical card is unexpired, there's a chance they will let you back in. But that chance diminishes the longer you are away. Once LPR status is relinquished, you should be fine to visit as a tourist/visitor.
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