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K-1 Visa Approved

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Our visa has been approved and now Ana has the much coveted, highly sought after seal of approval. I have waited for this day for so long. I finally have the permission of our government to get married. Oh thank you Mr. and Mrs. United States of America.

I can honestly say that we had to jump through more hoops than a dolphin to get our visa. We patiently waited for so long for this day. We started gathering documents in January and now at long last we have almost reached the finish line. Now it's time to get married.

Ana's trip to the consulate took her on a 12 hour bus ride to the US Embassy in another country because her country does not process k-1 visas. She had her medical Monday and passed with flying colors. She had her interview Tuesday and was approved. Now she is feeling sick and has to wait overnight to get her visa because the consulate had some computer trouble.

Not to worry, she will be home in Moldova soon and I will be jet setting there to spend some time with her before we fly back to America to get married. I am so excited right now. When I have time I will post photos from my upcoming trip to Moldova.

I wish everyone the best of luck and want to thank everyone on VJ for there help. I could not have gotten this far and remained partially mentally sane without your advice.


TIM - North Conway, NH

ANA - Chisinau, Moldova


JULY: Met Ana when my Russian tenants had a BBQ at my house

OCTOBER: Ana's visa about to expire time to go home to Moldova

JANUARY 2006: Flew to Moldova to ask her parents permission to marry her

Engaged January 12, 2006

Left Moldova January 28th


MARCH 3: I-129F sent to Vermont Service Center

MARCH 10: NOA1 Received

APRIL 26: NOA 2 Received Approval

APRIL 28: NVC forwarded to Embassy in Romania

MAY 5: Received by US Embassy in Romania

MAY 12: Packet 3 Received

MAY 17: Packet 3 sent to US Embassy in Romania

MAY 17: Fiance notified of impending RFE due to IMBRA LAW

JUNE 30: Case Reopened at VSC

JULY 6: Received IMBRA RFE

JULY 10: Mailed RFE back to VSC

JULY 17: VSC has acknowledged receipt of IMBRA RFE

AUGUST 8: VSC Approval of NOA2!!!!! Great Day

SEPTEMBER 19: Interview in US EMBASSY Bucharest - VISA GRANTED

OCTOBER 16: Fly to Moldova


JANUARY 11: Fly home to America with Ana to get married!

JANUARY 16: Married in North Conway, NH

JANUARY 19: Filed for AOS and EAD

JULY 13: Received Green Card and Employment Authorization Card

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A very big Congratulations !!!! May God bless and see you thru the rest of your journey !!

Don't just open your mouth and prove yourself a fool....put it in writing.

It gets harder the more you know. Because the more you find out, the uglier everything seems.


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Congrats!!! were happy for both of you.. Hope our time will come so soon.



-met online 7-31-05 [/b]

-1st visit 3-09-06

-got engaged 3-10-06

-Sent packet 3-24-2006

-NOA1 3-31-06 [/b]

-2nd visit --------6-23-06

-engagement party-------- 6-28-06

-recieved RFE in mail-------- 07-02-06

-Fiance return home from 2nd visit-------- 7-11-06

-sent in RFE to CSC-------- 7-14-06

-USCIS recieved RFE---7-25-06

-Touched ---------------------------8-30-06

-NOA2- ( email Notice)----------------8-31-06 THANKS GOD!!!

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Congratulations!!!!! :dance::dance::dance:

2006-06-30 I-129F sent to Nebraska

2006-07-08 NOA1 from California Service Center

2006-07-14 Touched

2006-09-18 NOA2(by email) Thank you God!!!

2006-09-19 Touched

2006-10-02 Left from the NVC to the embassy

2006-10-06 Embassy received the petition

2006-10-06 Got package 3

2006-10-13 Sent it back to the embassy


2006-10-24 I GOT MY VISA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2006-10-31 Date of US entry

2006-11-18 Marriage

2006-11-28 Filed SSN form

2006-12-04 SSN in mail

2006-12-22 AOS,EAD,AP,sent to Chicago

2006-12-27 NOA1 from MSC

2007-01-18 Biometrics Columbus, OH

2007-01-05 Touched(I485,I765,I131)

2007-01-23 Touched(I485,I765)


2007-03-13 AP received

2007-03-15 EAD received


2007-04-10 GREEN CARD RECEIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! Hope Ana is feeling better very soon. How terrible that she was confronted with more hurdles when she was already ill. HORRIBLE!!

Glad the waiting is pretty much done. Have a safe trip there and back. Celebrate!!


January 2004: Met Laurent at the Bibliothèque nationale in Paris

February 2004: We became an actual couple

January 29th, 2006: I left France to return to the United States--AWFUL to say goodbye!

June 2006: Finally convinced Laurent that a K-1 visa would be more time-effective than trying to get an H-1

August 1st, 2006: The K-1 petition is finally in the mail and on its way to Nebraska...WooHoooo!! And yes, I remembered to attach the check! :-)

August 3rd, 2006: USPS online tracking shows that my petition (sent certified) was received at the NSC at 5:05am

August 14th, 2006: NOA1 received USPS!! (I-129F recv'd at CSC: 8/4; NOA date: 8/10; last touched: 8/11)

October 2nd, 2006: I MISTAKENLY thought we had an approval...False alarm...Back to waiting...

October 3rd, 2006: TOUCHED!!

October 4th, 2006: REALLY AND TRULY APPROVED!!! Email notification lists 10/3 as the NOA2 date.

Later that same day: TOUCHED...AGAIN! Hope that means I'm in a cozy box and moving to NVC this week...

October 10th, 2006: Received official NOA2 via snail mail.

October 19th, 2006: Case received at NVC!! AWESOME!!

October 20th, 2006: Case forwarded to Paris!! DHL says two shipments were headed that way. Must be in there somewhere...

October 27th, 2006: Received official receipt letter from NVC via USPS.

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What an awesome day this is for you! :jest::jest::jest: Melinda and I are also very close to our day and we know just how much joy you feel. It gives all of us hope to hear of your approval and that you will finally be together very soon.

Rob and Melinda


Filed New I-129F form with IMBRA June 19, 2006

NOA 1 June 26, 2006

Touched July 3, 2006

I-129F Approved by E mail August 21, 2006, Just 63 Days

NOA 2 for I-129F Received in the Mail August 26th, 2006

I-129F at NVC

Case Number assigned at NVC August 29, 2006 MNL2006XXXXXXXXX

NVC sends the I-129F to the Manila Embassy August 29th, 2006

Embassy in Manila Receives I-129F August 31st, 2006

Packet 4 Received by Melinda from Manila Embassy October 1, 2006

Interview at Us Embassy Manila, October 18, 2006

Visa Approved! Interview Completed.

Visa Delivered by DELBROS October 28th, 2006

October 30, 2006 Arrived back in LAX with Melinda, were going to Disneyland!!!

November 6th, 2006, Melinda and I are back home in Winslow Arizona loving Life!

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Everything I respond to is from personal knowledge, research or experience and I am in no means a lawyer or do I claim to be one. Everyone should read, research and be responsible for your own journey.

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This is great! CONGRATULATIONS! Maybe she can review the embassy experience. :help:

Good luck to you both! :thumbs:

June 22 2006 - petition sent to CSC

July 14 2006 - got NOA1

July 26 2006 - touched

Sept 13 2006 - got NOA2 ( by email)

Sept 14 2006 - touched

Oct 10 2006- NVC received file

Oct 12 2006- petition sent to embassy

Oct 16 2006- case received by embassy

Oct 24 2006- packet 3 received in mail

Oct 25 2006- documents sent back to the embassy

Nov 7 2006- interview date

Nov 7 2006- APPROVED!

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Congratulations !!! Happy reunion!

(Puerto Rico) Luis & Laura (Brazil) K1 JOURNEY
04/11/2006 - Filed I-129F.
09/29/2006 - Visa in hand!

10/15/2006 - POE San Juan
11/15/2006 - MARRIAGE

01/05/2007 - AOS sent to Chicago.
03/26/2007 - Green Card in hand!

01/26/2009 - Filed I-751.
06/22/2009 - Green Card in hand!

06/26/2014 - N-400 sent to Nebraska
07/02/2014 - NOA
07/24/2014 - Biometrics
10/24/2014 - Interview (approved)

01/16/2015 - Oath Ceremony

*View Complete Timeline

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Congratulations to you both! :dance::dance::dance:



02/25/2006 Met Rong in person in Shenzhen, China

03/25/2006 Sent I-129F package to NSC

04/04/2006 Touched - received NOA1

07/03/2006 Touched - received RFE - IMBRA form

08/12/2006 Received NOA2 letter in the mail today!!

08/30/2006 NVC received case and assigned case number

09/07/2006 NVC sent case to China - Guangzhou Consulate

12/03/2006 Rong received P3 package!!!

01/11/2007 Rong received P4 and official interview date (soon, very soon!)

02/08/2007 Scheduled date for Rong's interview at Guangzhou Consulate

02/08/2007 Interview went smoothly

02/26/2007 Rong entered the USA via Chicago

03/16/2007 Rong and Steve are married!!

03/30/2007 Applied for AOS and EAD.

06/10/2007 Received RFE - I693A required

07/25/2007 Sent completed I693A back

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Our visa has been approved

:dancing: Congratulations!

14 July 05 - "wow! now THAT is a first kiss"

23 March 06 - "let's get married!"

22 August 06 - "here we go, I129F for K1 to NSC today"

13 January 07 - "Visa in hand!!"

02 March 07 - Joy "I Do!" Judge "what about you?" Asha "Me Too!" Judge "OK then, you're married!!"

13 April 07 - "Uncle Sam, here's the papers."

21 June 07 - "application transferred to CSC, Yippie!"

07 July 07 - "why yes, that is a conditional Permanent Resident card in my hand!"

08 April 09 - will file to lift conditions


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Fantastic....and I Thankyou for your help and support !!..

Our visa has been approved

:dancing: Congratulations!

9/14 2006 I-129F Sent Next day Air

9/15 Recieved and signed for by "Freeman" at NSC

9/19 NOA1 CSC Recieved

9/25 Notice date Check cashed 9/25

9/28 I Recieved NOA1(I-797C) in the mail

12/5 NOA2 12/6 but Approved on 12/5 touch

12/9 Received NOA2(I-797) by snail mail

12/15 NVC has received it..Case # issued...

12/19 NVC shipped to Romania

12/22 Romanian Embassy has received an email from NVC that my Petition is on it's way...

12/29 Packet 3 sent to Veronica

1/12 2007 Packet 3 received Dang Holidays..

1/22 Sending all paperwork(I-134,Bank/Employer letters etc..,)..to Veronica per DHL, 3.5lbs...$144 WOW!

1/25 Recieved notice that She needs to pick up my packet in Chisinau..

1/26 Sending Back Packet 3

2/16 Transit Visa to go to Romania for the Interview approved..

2/20 Leaves for Bucharest overnight drive by bus...

2/21 Medical

2/22 Interview !!!! APPROVED !!!!!

3/9 2007 Flight to me....

4/7 2007 Married,,,


7/27 Sent I-485, I-864, I-765

7/30 Chicago Recieved I-485,I-765

Veronica is pregant....Due 4/17/08

9/1 Recieved NOA Bio appointment letter

9/8 Recieved NOA1's for both I-485 and I-765

9/18 Bio appointment

Received Green Card.. Nov 2007

Djuliann came 4/25/2008

I-751 Lifting Of Conditions

9/8/2009 Sent I-751

Received NOA 9/21 NOA Receipt Date 9/10/2009

9/24 received Bio letter Dated 9/18

10/9 Bio Appointment

10/23 Received Permanent Resident Card

N-400 2012

Filed for citizenship sent 2/21/2012

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