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    Nearly all things French. I'm working on a dissertation about the Trianon Gardens of Louis XV. If it's historic, I'll probably be interested. I love to read and enjoy many varieties of film and music. Laughing and making others laugh are also favorite passtimes.

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    Laurent and I met at the Bibliothèque nationale in late January of 2004. I was there to do dissertation research, and he was working as a temp in the coat room (hard to explain, but it was in exchange for funding for some multi-media projects he was working on). Laurent's first communication with me was a small lecture on proper care of my Mac computer. I was very amused by the whole thing, particularly when he told me that I needed to ask Father Christmas for a proper computer bag. A really lovely flirtation developed across the counter. We started emailing, as well.

    On my last day at the Bibliothèque before switching to another archive, Laurent made his move. He found a way to sneak down into the research level where I was working--using the photo badge of a female colleague, no less! He walked every aisle of every research room looking for me to ask me to have coffee with him. The timing of the whole thing was nothing short of miraculous. I was in a loft above the research rooms, looking at microfiche. I happened to turn my head and look down into the research rooms just as Laurent was passing below. A second earlier or later, and I wouldn't have seen him at all. I literally ran down the stairs and along the corridor until I caught up with him. I knew the only reason he could be down there was to look for me.

    His back was to me, and he was just about to hit the wall of the last research room when I reached him. I saw his shoulders sink with disappointment. When he turned around, he found me standing there, rather out of breath. The smile that lit up his face when he saw me was priceless. "Are you looking for me?" I asked. He just nodded silently with this silly grin on his face before finally asking me if I'd like to have a cup of coffee. After staring at each other and giggling for most of an hour in the library cafe, I asked him if he'd like to take a walk. He made me dinner that night. We had a second date a few days later...and the rest is history.
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