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I-751 Pending, Extension Letter about to expire
1:01 am today



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Hi everyone,

I sent my I-751 petition to remove conditions on April 2019, and received my extension letter which grants me legal status until June 2020.

With the coronavirus situation and USCIS delays, I'm wondering how can I maintain legal status if their offices remain closed until or after June 2020. I know that usually, if your extension letter expires, you can get an Infopass appt to get a I-551 stamp on your passport, but if the offices are closed I assume this won't be possible.

Does anyone have input on this?

Thank you, and stay safe everyone!

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Tax questions for filing MFJ
4:44 pm April 8, 2020



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My wife came here on K1 june 2019, we married july and she received her 2 year green card in feb 2020 and has had a SSN since august. We are going to file MFJ and her foreign income for 2019 is about $8k. We only need to file federal taxes also. Can this be done in turbotax or the like? I was reading it might need to be filed paper because you have to include a statement saying spouse would like to be treated as a resident or so? I have been seeing conflicting stuff so if any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Stimulus Package
7:12 pm April 5, 2020



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Are US citizens who live abroad eligible for this stimulus payment, if taxes were payed for the past 3 years?

If I receive it, can it be considered as receiving financial aid from the government and be considered something against me during this process?

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K-1 Visa Process Having Undocumented Parents
2:44 pm April 3, 2020



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Hi, everyone!

So I am a foreigner who's engaged to an american citizen.
We want to start the k-1 visa process as soon as we can so we can get married.
But we face a problem.

His mom entered the country illegally and has been living in the US for a long time undocumented.
In the form I-129f, we have to put his mom's Contry of Birth, Country of Residence and City of Residence.
We know we cannot lie to immigration, that is not the point.
But we do have some questions that have been bothering us are:

Has anyone gone through the same situation or similar?
Do you think going through this process could put her in the immigration radar?

I know they don't ask for the status on the form, but do you think this process could lead to a situation dangerous for her?

Thank you in advance!

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Question About EAD Expiring??
4:50 pm April 2, 2020



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I live in DC and the green card process here is one of the those places that take over 12 months to even be contacted for the interview. So with all of this COVID-19 stuff, I am sure our interview will probably be pushed back to past when my husband's EAD will expire. Problem is, he is just now stating a new job! Does anyone know what we would do in this instance? Do we just renew the EAD? Is there such thing? Don't want him to have to quit because of all of this.

Just a woman trying to do the right thing here...so stressful.

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