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Wait for application at local office or just reapply to another office?
6:26 pm June 11, 2021


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Hey guys.

I made a post before about our local SSA office rejecting my wife's app for a SSN because she "didn't file original documents." She DID send in originals and also photocopies, someone just scanned in the photocopies and the app was rejected due to "no originals."

We have since sent in her original documents again (WITHOUT photocopies) as well as the original rejection letter, and received all the original documents back 3 weeks ago. I've called back to check on the status of the application and have been told multiple times "they're not showing up in our system" (the original documents we sent in the 2nd time rather than the 1st time). One representative told me that they should have been scanned in the day the package was opened and visible in their system, another told me that they won't be visible until they are "separated," that is, sent to different employees to work on them.

The second rep's response was weird...why would you need multiple employees to evaluate 3 different documents for the same app? I think most likely what happened is whoever opened the 2nd package we sent saw that there were already scans of the same documents and didn't scan in the originals, not realizing that the ones that were scanned were NOT originals. 2 different really bad f u ckups costing us time and depriving my wife of working legally.

At this point I'm not sure it's worthwhile to wait on this incompetent office, I would prefer just to apply at another office. What do you think??

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Address change at POE
3:38 pm June 11, 2021



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Is it OK to change addresses at POE? Do I just tell the officer or should I bring a filled out form?

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I-751 filed, changed address, I-797 forwarded by USPS
3:02 pm June 8, 2021



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Just an update for anyone going through removal of conditions, related to changing addresses after filing the I-751 but before receiving the I-797 (NOA1). My husband filed his I-751 package (528 pages total) on May 21, exactly 90 days before his conditional 2-year green card expires, and then we moved on June 1 and filed an online change of address with USCIS, hoping that the I-797 would be sent to our new address. I had heard that the US postal service does not forward I-797 notices from USCIS so we were worried that the move may cause delays in receiving the I-797. To our surprise, the I-797 arrived yesterday, two weeks after filing the I-751, extending his status for 18 months from the expiration on his green card, and the US postal service forwarded it to our new address! So to help others going through similar circumstances, the USPS will forward mail like this. Maybe not green cards, but in our case, they forwarded the I-751. Better yet, he did not have to wait 30 or 60 days for the I-797, but only two weeks! Good luck to everyone who is going through removal of conditions!

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Required Documents Validity (Paris Embassay)
9:24 am June 4, 2021

Christian And Van

Christian And Van

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My name is Christian, the sponsor, and myself and my fianc e are both residents in Portugal at the moment, and have our NOA2, waiting for the NVC to have our case in the Consulate (Paris).

Since we are both not from Portugal, and are outcourced to the Paris embassay, we are really wanting to make sure things go smooth....since we need to get documents from Brazil...and go then to France. COVID times make these all the more fun as everyone knows!!

I apologize if this is answered somewhere else, I swear I have been looking! haha

1. How long must the birth-certificate be valid for? (For example, my fiancee has her official birth certificate from September of 2020, would this work...or is another needed?)
1.2 I looked here https://www.visajourney.com/consulates/index.php?ctry=France&cty=Paris...but it only says the French one needs to be within 3-months
1.3: When it says ALL applicants birth certificates, it only means hers...they wouldn't need mine also, correct?

2. Does the I-134 have a valid-period? For example, I am going to need to ask my father for support, and would like for him the already have the document completed, before we are aware of the date of the interview.

3. I keep seeing things about translation...and languages valid at the embassy..I have seen that all things must be in French and/or English...but have also seen that it can be in Portuguese, French, or English. I don't think this will be too much of a problem...but just wondering if anyone knows?

I sincerely appreciate the help!


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Almost 4 months and we did not receive NOA1 help us please
2:40 pm June 3, 2021



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My fianc submitted the petition on February 26, 2021 but so far we haven't received NOA1, what should we do? We're thinking of getting married by proxy but we're not sure. Thank you!

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