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Supposed to receive 10year GC
1:03 am May 12, 2023


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Question. I sent the paperwork to remove conditions in July 2021 and received the extension letter 10 days later. According to timelines, I was supposed to receive either a letter for interview or a 10 year GC in the mail. Instead, I got another 2 year extension letter. Putting me in a 4 year conditional GC.
Anyone going through the same? My stuff was sent to the CA office. I wonder if at this point it s better to apply for citizenship already.

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Paid NVC fees and both transactions took the money out of my account but the IV fee shows 'NOT PAID'
6:21 am May 6, 2023



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I paid the AOS fee on 4/17 and then that transaction took the money out of my checking account on 4/18. The NVC portal showed the AOS fee as 'Paid' on 4/20.

I then proceeded to make the payment for the IV fee on 4/20. That transaction took took the money out of my checking account on 4/21. The NVC portal showed the IV fee 'Paid' on 4/23.

Both show paid, so we upload all of our documents and wait for DQ as of 4/25.

As of today, 5/5, I receive an email from NVC about the IV Fee saying "Unfortunately, the receiving bank was unable to accept your payment for the following reason: No Reason Provided." My checking account still has both fees deducted though -- and now the NVC portal is saying 'Not Paid' for the IV Fee and there's a message saying the IV Fee was rejected.

I have read through lots of experiences people have had where it would take a long time to show 'Paid' after they made payment...but that common issue isn't this one. This issue is (I think?) nuanced because the money left my checking account, NVC showed paid, and now it shows unpaid. Has anyone ever heard of this? Should I be worried? What should I do?

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Dirigir no Brasil sem a CNH
12:47 am May 4, 2023

Batata Doce

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Ol ! Vou viajar ao Brasil pela primeira vez em seis anos e vou alugar um carro.

Eu tenho a minha driver's license e fiz o tal Inter-American Driving Permit, um documento que aceito no Brasil e no Uruguai. Posso antecipar algum problema caso, por exemplo, eu for parado numa blitz? Algu m teve recentemente uma experi ncia nesse sentido?

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Is it possible to get your interview scheduled before you're able to get the medical exam?
1:51 am April 29, 2023



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We have recently put in a request to expedite (via Senator, same route we expedited successfully through via USCIS) our NVC case 1 day after we submitted all documents and paid fees, in hopes to be DQ'd quicker and get interviewed quicker. One thing we're concerned about though is if by some chance that we get the interview scheduled prior to us being able to get the medical exam done, since that's required before the interview can take place. Is this situation common? Should we be worried? Appreciate your help.

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Police Certificate Validity – Issued Inside the Country
7:28 pm April 28, 2023


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I wanted to clear a doubt I have when it comes to police certificates validity. I searched on the forum and online and I still am not too certain if it's 1 year, 2 years, or in my case it doesn't expire.

Let me explain. I am waiting still for NOA2 for a K1 visa, and since it's starting to linger a bit, I am getting worried I got my police certificate too soon and it might be expired once I get to the interview stage. I am Brazilian and I have lived in the UK and Canada. Police certificates from Brazil are easy to get and issued instantly online (federal and state), I got my UK done this month and I am waiting for it to arrive but the copy I sent to my fianc in the US already arrived. The Canadian one is worrying me though.

Getting a Canadian police certificate from Brazil is honestly complicated, long and costly for me. Since I still work for Canada and went to visit the country for work last year, I decided to do my police certificate from inside Canada (note I presented my passport and expired provincial ID for that). It was easy, got my fingerprints, submitted the application, got it back in the mail in 5 weeks while I was still in the country. It is the correct police certificate asked for US immigration as I've checked before. The date on my certificate is August 10, 2022.

State Department website tells me police certificates are valid for 2 years (my understanding is that this was extended due to the pandemic, not sure?). The Brazilian US embassy website tells me the police certificates are only valid for a year, but I think it could be that their website isn't really updated often. Here's what they say:
"Police certificates for K visa applicants expire after one year, unless the certificate was issued from your country of previous residence, and you have not returned there since the certificate was issued."

While State Department has the same info but says two years:
Police certificates expire after two years, unless the certificate was issued from your country of previous residence and you have not returned there since the police certificate was issued."

And then there is also the part about "unless issued from your country of previous of residence and you have not returned there since the police certificate was issued". What does that mean? That the certificate doesn't expire if that's the case? And do you think that my case of issuing it from inside of Canada would fit that so my certificate doesn't really have an expiring date? To be specific, I received the certificate dated August 10th, but only left Canada on September 22nd, 2022. Would I had need to receive it outside of Canada? That part makes me confused.

Anyway, what I want to know is what's the validity of my Canadian police certificate. 2 years? 1 year? No expiring date? Just so I know if I will need to get another one before my interview comes (considering my interview might probably be after August 10th, 2023 hoping it isn't!). Thank you in advance!

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