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Affidavit of Support for multiple sources of income
1:08 am today


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Hi everyone,

We just got our NOA2 today (YAY!) and we're now reading up on the next steps. My fiance (USC) currently has two sources of income:

1) His salary from his full-time job (way above the poverty line, but he's only had this job since August)

2) He is renting out a house he owns and therefore gets income from the renters monthly

We'd like to add both incomes to the affidavit of support to make our case stronger but we're not sure how to do that. Should he just add the total amount and include it in the box that says "my annual income is"? Of course we will be providing proof of everything.

Also, does the fact that he still has a mortgage on that house affect anything at all? I'd really appreciate your input.

Thanks!! ?

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Will a new SSN number be generated or be maintained?
8:32 pm today


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Hello all,

I'm pretty clueless about SSN process and all so excuse my ignorance in this question. But here is the deal: I have a social security number that i obtained in 2016 while I was in the US on a J-1 visa with a ''VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH DHS AUTHORIZATION'' printed on it. Now i'm about to travel to the US on a K-1 visa. So I would like know if I will keep this SSN as after the adjustment of status and have the conditions removed or will an entirely new number be generated?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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K1 visa approved, can we have celebration outside the US?
7:34 pm today


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So my K1 was approved, got my RDJ number & my fiancee is currently looking at dates to schedule her interview, which will likely be in February. This is in line with our timeline, as we expected her to come to the US in about mid-late March. One thing we were planning on doing is having a celebration in her home city in Brazil in mid March - which would NOT BE A LEGAL WEDDING. It would have the semblances - nice attire, food, dancing, things said with the 2 of us in front of people. But there will be no religious or legal document aspect of it. It is mainly so she can say goodbye to her family as it is difficult for them to travel, and so my family can meet hers - considering it will probably be a while until she can visit home again. Is this ok to do? Basically the plan looks like she would physically get the visa - then we would have the marriage celebration / goodbye party in her city, come to the US, then legally get married.

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Adjustment of status - F1 visa long expired to Green Card Via Marriage
4:11 am today


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I d like to share my journey with the hopes of helping others out there.

I entered the USA legally over 30 years ago on a F1 Student VISA - but never took the initiative to act on it till 2 years ago. So here is my timeline. AND Abe patient because currently wait times are longer than they were when I filled.

We are a gay couple and got married in NYC - never left the USA all those years - if you have lived abroad they will need background checks from the embassies where you have lived.

So got married FEB 2016 in New York cIty - Hired an attorney because I no longer had any original documents and FOIA needed to be filled to prove that I entered the USA legally.

Waited for receipt of the paperwork, went to an authorized medical examiner - was able to actually bring in blood work from my primary dr instead of having to do more blood work. But they have to perform the tuberculosis tests and some other test themselves. Paid them around $200.00 - Came back to the lawyer with all the money ? ( he allowed me to make payments until before the interview)

Documentation was sent and USCIS received my case in May 2016. They issue both you and your lawyer a receipt letter. About 30 days later you go for your biometrics where they fingerprint and take your picture. You must keep the receipt as proof that you went. And you can t just go anytime you want. You will receive a letter with location and time of your appointment. You can reschedule the appointment but it s not advised that you do so as it will delay the process even longer. USCIS made a mistake and requested further evidence stating I didn t provide financial evidence from my sponsoring US Citizen. Which was not true. My lawyer is very competent and with years of experience. It was a money well spent to hire his services. In February 2017 we went in for the interview. It was nothing scary like the movies. But we obviously has more than enough substantial evidence. The more you can prove the better off you are. The interview was held in an office with me , my husband and my lawyer before the immigration officer. He asked a few expected simple questions and approved my case right there and then.

August 12th - Receive notice that my case was approved. And 1 week later ( 2 months after the biometric ) I received my work authorization as well as travel authorization. Ok Fantastic s now I could get a job which I did immediately.

The work Authorization card (EAD ) was valid for 1 year, while the green card is being processed. About 6 months later - March 2017 I received my green card in the mail. Unfortunately when I filled I was only married for 1 year, they issued a conditional green card that s only valid for 2 years. Now it s 90 days before the expiration date of the green card, so I just filled I-745 - Petition to remove conditions on a green card. A whole new process needs to take place, fees, biometrics and such. But then I will receive a 10 year green card. USCIS a will issue a notice extending your conditional green card while they work on your case.

This is has been my journey. So I hope it helps those out there.

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Passport Renewal - NVC Stage
11:02 pm today

D & T

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Hi guys! I need an advice with something regarding my passport: We re currently on the NVC stage and probably (and hopefully!) will get the case number next week. As per my estimatives according to the brazilian consulate s testimonials, I believe my interview will be somewhere between end of January/beginning of February of the next year.

My passport will expire on early august 2019 and one of the requirements is to have a minimum 6 months valid passport when immigrate to USA, so, probably at the time of my interview, my passport will have less than that. So, I m considering to get a new one now.

The thing is I m in doubt if I can send to NVC my current passport details and go to the interview with the new one, since, like I said, I m about to get my NVC number (and we want to send our documents asap). Of course I would take the old passport to the interview since it also has my current valid tourist visa.

What do you guys think?

Thank you for your answers in advance ??

P.S.: When I immigrate to the US I ll get another new passport since I ll change my name to my married name.

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