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USCIS Sent NOA2 approval but then sent notice of withdrawal of petition a week later? Help!
2:33 am July 13, 2024



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I filed my K1 Fianc Visa petition with USCIS and got NOA1 back (online and normal mail) 4/13/24 then received the NOA2 approval (online and normal mail) on 6/4/24.

Then on 6/12/24 I received a email that there was an update to my account and when I logged in I saw this update:

June 12, 2024

Petition Withdrawn/Over 180 Days/Not Automatically Revoked

On June 12, 2024, we received your request to withdraw your Form I-129F, Petition for Alien Fianc (e), Receipt Number xxxxx, and completed our review. We mailed you a Withdrawal Acknowledgment Notice. If you do not receive your Withdrawal Acknowledgment Notice by July 12, 2024, please go to www.uscis.gov/e-request to request a copy of the notice. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.

Neither I nor my fianc ever filed or sent anything to withdraw the petition! I called USCIS and filed for help on the website too. The website emailed back a week or so later with seemingly general info response (not specific to my case) as it stated that if my petition was approved with USCIS they no longer had jurisdiction and to contact NVC. I did contact NVC to be safe and they have no information about my petition and said to contact USCIS.

Also it had been a month now and no notice has come in the mail of withdrawal of the petition - just the update to the online account. Which is strange because the other mail notices always came within 2-4 days of the online account update (for NOA1 and NOA2).

Calling USCIS, they said they put me on a list to be called back urgently by a USCIS officer and said I should receive a call within 72 hours (I called in 6/17/24), and then when I called to check in a week later they said that it s actually more like 10 business days. Then I called first week of July and they said I should get a call by 7/8/24. I called this week (today is now 7/12/24) and was told I m still on the call list, that they re behind on calls, etc and they all seem to say that it seems like an error and that I shouldn t worry, but I m really anxious as this is now a month behind schedule and I feel like I m just getting pushed off!

Has anyone experienced an error like this? What should I do? Will they be able to reverse this since it was their mistake? I m so stressed!

Thank you for any help or support!

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Scheduling Interview - Is there a deadline for scheduling?
2:40 am July 8, 2024


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We just paid for the visa fee with the Rio de Janeiro consulate in Brazil. We saw that currently the appointments only going out two extra months (currently to September 2024). My fiance lives in Fortaleza, so flying with her two children to Rio is required to do the medical exams, biometrics, and interview. We're just trying to navigate the complexities and expenses of doing a multi week trip to Rio in the autumn to take care of all of those steps. She is completing a course at the end of September, and her children have school, so we were hoping to schedule the trip to Rio in October.

Is there any short term time limit on scheduling the interview? Can we just wait till August 1st (around another three weeks from this posting) so that the October interview dates open up without any issues?

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The company i work for is clossing, what are miy rights?
2:13 am July 5, 2024



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Hi, after 7 years (my first job since i entered to United States) is going to close, what are my rights?

I found something weird in all this, since they only advice two weeks before, they advised me yesterday that the company is closing July 17.

What is next?

beside looking for another job of course lol

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Questions regarding I-129F Form
2:29 pm June 19, 2024



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Good morning everyone, I just wanted to thank you all for this amazing website and community which has been such a fountain of knowledge and a beacon of hope in this complex process.

With the help of the K-1 Visa guide on this website and the forums as well as through watching some Youtube videos, I decided to forego obtaining help from an immigration lawyer and decided to do the process myself. I have since began preparing my initial petition package and it has been going pretty smoothly however I just have a few questions regarding the actual I-129F form that I have not been able to find anywhere else. The questions are as follows.

Part 1, Q.13: Employment History

- Question 13 states "Provide your employment history for the last five years, whether inside or outside of the United States. Provide your current employment first." This question is a bit confusing to me as I am currently unemployed since I was laid off from my last role. Should I state that I am unemployed in the first employer box? If so, how should I do so? Or should I simply put my last employer on there? Also, since being laid off I worked at a restaurant for 4 days however I did not enjoy it and left. Should I put this information on the last employment box or not mention it since it was not significant?

Part 2, Q.16: Beneficiary's Employment History

- My fianc is a lawyer in Brazil who technically works on her own however she has worked at several law firms not as an employee but just offering her services. Sorry I am not really sure how to describe it as she said she was not an official employee and did not receive her paycheck but just helped work on cases, I am not exactly sure what the word for this is haha. How would I put this on the form? Would I say that she is Self-employed? Also, what would I put for the address?

Part 2, Q.49a-50f: Beneficiary's Name and Address in his or her Native Alphabet

-This question is pretty straightforward. She is from Brazil and their native language is Portuguese. Do I have to fill this section out with the required information or leave it blank since it would be technically the same information I already entered throughout the form? She has an accent mark in her last and middle name however I did not enter it throughout the entire form, should I write her name with the accent mark every time her name is asked? It does not have a mark in her passport so this is why I am asking.

Part 1, Q.38a-38h: If your beneficiary is currently in the United States

-This question was a bit confusing as my Fianc is not currently in the United States, however she came to visit me last year in the US. Even though I marked "No", the following questions all have things that apply to her, such as having an I-94 record, her passport number, and date of entry. Should I just leave it totally blank since I said that she is not in the US at the moment, or just fill out the questions such as Passport number and etc.?

Those are all my questions, I sincerely want to thank all of you for your amazing community on this website. As I learn and hopefully get approved, I would love to also help others as you and this community/website have helped me. Thank you all and God bless you.

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Mailed Request for Evidence to Wrong USICS Office.
2:42 pm June 7, 2024

Heath Arnold

Heath Arnold

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Hello, I mailed my wife's request for evidence response to the wrong USCIS office on accident and the deadline is very soon. It had a I-693 and I do not know if we can get a new sealed copy on time. It was sent to P.O. Box 805887
Chicago, IL 60680, which is where I meant to send I-601, when it should have gone to 850 NW Chipman Rd, Lee s Summit, MO 64063. Both are addressed to USCIS Attn: Adjustment of Status. Should I resend the copies I have to the correct address and attach an explanation letter? I do not really know what else to do as USPS can't do anything and obviously I can't get through on the phone or online.

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