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In which State/Service District should I apply?
9:14 pm October 15, 2019



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In which State should I apply for N-400 if I pay income taxes in one state and live in another?

I am allowed to pay income taxes at my spouse's State of residency by the Military Spouse Residency Relief Act (updated Dec 2018), but I don't currently live or have an address there.

Can I apply in the Jurisdiction where I live, so I don't have to travel for a future interview?

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How to request N-400 and I-751 combo interview?
3:02 pm October 15, 2019



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I am preparing to apply for N-400 while I-751 is still pending. How do I request the N-400 and I-751 combo interview?

Is there a specific form I should file for that or do I just write a letter and attach to my online application?

(I am assuming the online application accepts attachments)

Thanks in advance

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Processing Dates for Common Forms I-130
1:02 pm October 15, 2019



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On "Processing Dates for Common Forms" the times are fluctuating for NSC (I-130).

Last week it stated it was up to October 6. Then it went back to October 2. And now it s stating September 29. Does this make sense?

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Another complicated affidavit question. Help!!!
11:50 pm October 11, 2019


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Hello everyone, here another Affidavit of Support question. Hopefully someone can guide me on this because attorneys are jerks and want to charge just to ask a lousy question.

We ve married over two years and when we got married my brothers-in-law agreed to sponsor us since he had chemical transportation company that made well over 7 figures per year.

Well over two years went by and we just now decided to jump on the green card train, only problem is that my brother-in-law is almost reaching retirement and sold his company.

This is where I m completely lost. He received a 7 figure down payments from the person that bought his company and he deposited in his account and makes money off the interest it s generating monthly. He also receives payments of 30k per months for the remainder of the sell of his company. He owns two homes and lives off the interest and simply stores the rest in the bank.

we tried to get a head start on the affidavit of support but got totally lost when it comes to him being employed, unemployed, retired etc......he s technically not retired and not employed.......how would I fill his affidavit out? Also I m kinda concerned because I ve read that they don t care too much about bank statements. Attorneys want to charge me 500 bucks just to ask these questions.

Does this sound feasible?

Thank you guys!

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Tourist Visa Likely after NOA2?
6:07 pm October 9, 2019

James D

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I see there may be as many as five or six months between NOA2 approval and the Consular visit. We hope to receive the NOA2 within a month or two (PD is 10/11/2018) but would like to visit the US for the holidays in November or December. Any chance on getting a tourist visa for my Brazilian wife? She has been to the US many times without violating the dates of previous visas.

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