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How to prepare to moving - Savings, plans, steps
7:48 pm June 25, 2022



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Hi everyone!!

So, I was reading this thread

Cause it's something that really worries me... We applied for the k1 (yeah... I know.... and as many of us here, I wasn't aware of the many, many cons), and we are waiting for the NOA2.

I'm the beneficiary, and I worked all my adult life. A lot.

Also, I've been married before. I got married very young (first year of college) and earned my financial independence over the years, as I grew professionally. So, it was a natural course spliting the bills and life costs. It's really hard to see myself having to go back on those...

As I was reading the recommendations, I was thinking:

- How you guys prepared financially and professionally for the moving? Did the beneficiary had savings?

The schools, hobbies, and all that, have costs. I don't feel comfortable doing those things on the expenses of my fiance... And I think that could be a very stressful issue for us. Specially not knowing how long it will take to have my EA...

- Did the moving changed the dynamic of the relationship? In terms of the petitioner feeling overwhelmed to support the spouse for, maybe, years, or the beneficiary feeling trapped because of the limitations

- Is there anything I should be aware or could do in advance to prepare myself to a better and easier transition? I'm a very independent woman, and I think would be really hard to have to rely on my fiance for every little thing...

- Has the "money talk" been stressfull during the AOS time? What usually are the expectations of the petioner (asking in terms of cultural differences)? Like, is expected the one staying at home doing all house work, cooking, cleaning?

Sorry for the long post. Of course I've talked with my fiance about all of that many times. But it's hard to know the reality before living it.

So, any advices and sharing experiences are very welcomed!!

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Change of address
1:51 pm June 17, 2022



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Do I have to update my change of address at uscis, being the beneficiary?

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Applying to 12 years old child
2:12 am June 8, 2022



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My child 12 years old living outside of US is coming to visit me for about 30 days in US. (I am US citizen)

I want to apply to his citizenship at the same time that he is here visiting me, but he will not live here at this moment.

Should I have one I-130 and another I-845?

Should I apply in advance or wait him to be here in US?

Another question :) as I understand he will be automatically considered citizen and not a GC right?

I wish I could do all the paperwork here in US as the embassy is far away from where he lives in.

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6:45 pm June 6, 2022

Flavio N

Flavio N

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Has anyone here with the same problem? it shows "500 Error"

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Working & Traveling when 2-year Green Card Expires
4:03 pm June 6, 2022

brandon stone

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My wife just got her conditional green card for 2 years after getting her K1. When it expires in 2 years, how will she be able to work and drive legally when it expires and we wait for her 10 year GC?

Looking for some help!


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