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arrowhelp .typo errorrr
February 14, 2016, 8:03 am Last comment by asisalm00

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My husbands first name had a typo error and uscis had it corrected in approvel letter .But nvc hasnt corrected it yet and i have submitted all my documents .We have let them know. But i wanted to know is this something to worry about??

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arrowPlease Help, we're running out of time
February 14, 2016, 6:08 am Last comment by Georgia16

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We have to get the packet sent out in a month or our two years expires.  I am in my last semester of college and we have been waiting for me to graduate.  We need help with her address for her house and her work.  It is in French, she speaks fluent English but we're not sure if she should write the address in English or in French.  The house numbers are weird, for example it is written like this on a letter:


8 Rue 49

Qu Bled....

##### City



How do we write that in one line?  Also, is it okay for her to type the form and just write in her name in Arabic where it says to write her name if native language is not Roman letters?  If she works at the ministry of health, does she write that in English or should she use the French name? How do I write her address in her native language on the I-129F when I don't know how to speak or write her native language?  


Sorry for all the questions, we are both getting stressed by this and we cant seem to find much help. 

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arrowk1 k2
February 14, 2016, 3:19 am Last comment by TBoneTX

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hello! just wanna share my experience here, VJ is very helpful to me to my k1 k2 applications. 


january 9,2016 got my eligibility letter

january 27-29 SLEC passed with my 9 years old son. 

february 12 : interview done. APPROVED



June 10 2015; i-129 f pass to USCIS 


We are new about k1 k2 application, so lot of document we need to submit more. pictures, letter of intent, G325 A. so we finish all documents by october.


Nov. 6, 2015 I-129f APPROVED

Nov 24, 2015- received letter with case number

Jan 8,2016- received letter of eligibility

Jan 27-29 Medical SLEC

                      We stay in Cherry blossom hotel near Robinson Place 

                      1ST DAY JAN 27

                       4:30 AM SLEC got 16 and 17 online numbers

                       5 AM VERIFICATION OF PACKET USEM, online registration, USEM interview confirmation, pictures(3) BY SLEC GUARD

                       6:30 am - got inside the SLEC reception area, 2 minutes in line, Window G submission of online SLEC form registration, data encoding, digital picture taking, fingerprint scanning both k1 & k2. (maybe it took 5 minutes for both of us)

                        6:40 am proceed 5th floor CASHIER (less than 5 minutes) adult P11,300 child P8,600

                        6:50 am proceed to 4rt floor BLOOD TEST all in all like ( less than 10 minutes)

                        7 am 3rd floor X-RAY, done at 7:45

                        7:50 2nd floor. tuberculin skin test and immunization interview done at 8:25 AM

                         8:30 US counter. vital signs, height, eye test, physical exam. DONE 11:30 AM.


         7:00 ARRIVED at SLEC guard check then,

proceed to 2nd floor.7:46 am Me first got 3 shots. then wait for my son TST reading. RECEPTION area called my name, proceed there release my Medical, x-ray CD, immunization documents, sealed envelope. 30 minutes after my shots.

We waited for reading of my son TST,8:43 am read POSiTIVE. proceed to 3rd floor for X-RAY. x-ray result will be at 1:30

back at 1 pm. they told us to proceed 2nd floor. then my son got 4 shots. wait for the result,

3 pm got out of SLEC. make sure all the documents u received are all correct spelling.


SLEC done.


interview feb 12, 2016 6:45AM






excited! we went to USEM 5:30 am,lots of people already, people was telling us to go at the back and sit, but i didn't when i heard the guard calling 6:45 AM appointment. we go straight ahead. USEM staff check appointment confirmation, put sticker at the back of my passport put a ziplock on it. then 6:30 am i remember i forgot my photo album. I asked someone if i can make a call then pay for it. 50 pesos for a minute call. i call my mom at the hotel to bring me that photo album. everyone got inside already then my mom came almost 7 am. we go straight on the line. check bags in a x-ray machine. straight to the line for our QUEUING BOARD NUMBERS. got 6019. inside the building check bags again, orange staff saying loud and clear to give the appointment interview frontpage she will drop it in the box. so i give it to her. proceed

step 1. check ds-160, state your name, bday. same with my k2.ask the address of my fiance in US fingerprint scanning.

step 2. PRE-SCREENING. drop ds 160. then she will instruct to drop YOUR CENOMAR, BC, medical SEALED ENVELOPE, NBI visa receipt. she will open the sealed envelope. ask you and your child name and bday.ask few question when and where you met him? what are you doing there by that time?she asked me when we became bf and gf? she saw that we been to other country ask if we stay more than 6 months? if you have pictures together. i said yes. she said show it if they asked you that. 

step 3 OATH TAKING. easy step for me. fingerprint scanning.

step 4 CONSUL INTERVIEW. show my number. we greet each other. he asked name of petitioner. my name and my son name. she asked, how long we been together, and how many days we spent time to each other.  5-6 months yearly since 2011 here and abroad together(asia trip). she said that my son will going to love ski same as her son too. she said, "i didn't see any problem with your application. your good to go. wait 2 weeks for your visa. she smiled i said thank you. we leave the place. exactly 8 am with a big smile on our face. now waiting for our visa, march 7 CFO appointment.


thanks for all the help here. you are more very much welcome to ask any question to me. thank you



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arrowCSPA and i130 approval date
February 14, 2016, 2:32 am Last comment by Hypnos

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My parents in law just became LPR last week and want to apply for her now 20 year old daughter in Mexico. She will turn 21 in around 7 months. She is from Mexico so it means that visa availability will take around 1 1/2 years from today. I understand how CSPA calculation works. However, if the i-130 gets approved in only 5 months which is the time frame the USCIS websites gives (given the i130 is submitted now), its almost impossible she will be protected under CSPA because she will turn out to be just over 21 years.


However, I have read in unofficial websites that USCIS will only process her i130 until a visa becomes available. Therefore, this will increase her changes of her staying in F2A preference because her i-130 will be pending for much longer than around 5 months. But is this true though? 

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arrowInterview and Beyond
February 14, 2016, 2:05 am Last comment by MeryAsawa

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So I'm a bit confused about what happens with an IR-1 interview.  My wife and daughters have an interview on March 16th in Manila, but I'm still in the US.  Do I to do an interview too in the US?  I don't understand how there isn't.  


Here's my understanding:

1. They've passed medical so they go to interview

2. In a week or so they receive mail with sealed envelopes (that we don't open) and passports

3. Check the visa for errors 

4. At this point we pay the ELIS

5. Book plane tickets

6. Travel here and have brief interview and processing


Is that it?  Am I missing something important?




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