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    Ds 160
    7:31 am today


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    I have a question re: DS160 about surnames, given names, maiden names and etc.....

    I was once legally married and my marriage got annulled in 2015. But when i went abroad i never used my husband surname just my name, maiden name and my surname as it shows in my passport. So my question is do i have to include my ex-husband surname in the application column like other surnames used ( maiden, religious,, professional, aliases etc) and how about the other given names used is it still required to indicate my ex-husband surname, too. Help me please. Thank you.

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    B2 visa rejected twice. Can I reapply? Please help.
    5:34 am today


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    Hi I went for my first interview in May. These are my interview questions. I'm 23, self employed running a business for 4 years. I travel 2-3 times a year with a good travel record including UK and Australia. Went to US last year under J1 never overstay. All my family members are here with me.

    My DS160 was screwed during first time because I didn't know I need to put self employed. Set travel period 2 months with self financing.

    Why do u want to go to USA
    - For visiting

    How long do u want to go
    - two months

    So you're graduated but unemployed?
    - I am doing an online business

    What kind of business ? What do u sell?
    - I sell clothes, bags, shoes and beauty products

    How long have u been doing it?
    - 4 years

    Where do u get your stocks from ?
    - china

    What is your monthly income?
    - three to four thousands (in my currency MYR)

    (I have two bank accounts. She only reviewed the one with lower balance)

    Do you have a business model?
    - no because order when the customer place order.

    What is your monthly income?
    - three to four thousand

    Sorry I can't proceed your visa under 214(b).

    I went for my second interview after one month. This time I put 17 days duration, parent financing, self employed under business and traveling with a friend. These are my questions.

    I see you have failed a visa before?
    - yes as I did not provide sufficient evidence to support my statement for the first time.

    (I forgot the question)
    - I am planning to travel on the 18/7 to 3/8 with my friend to sfo,la and San Diego. This is a copy of my friend visa... (she immediately said "NO I don't want to see your friends visa. This is about you not your friend. I want to know about you")

    You have changed you travel duration? (Previous 2 months now 17 days)
    - yes I'm planning to travel from 17/7 to 3/8 for 17 days in sfo, la and San Diego.

    How has your situation changed?
    - I have a business event to attend in August to China and a few business activities for the next 6 months. I am also traveling to china next year in march with my family. I brought my flight ticket.

    She typed a lot on the computer and said sorry she couldn't give me a visa. I asked why, she said because there's no significant change in my profile.

    I asked what kind of changes should I have. She said changes like getting married or getting a masters degree. I replied "but I'm a self employed. What can I change"

    she said "your financial show a low balance last time"

    i told her its because i didnt get to present during my first time but i brought them with me now. However she said it's over because I didn't present it during the interview.

    I would like to try for the third time. Is financial changes a changed? She only saw a balance of $1000 during my first interview (I have 2 acc, only review 1)

    But now I have approx $7000 balance, $12000 fixed deposit and an investment in equity fund. Didn't not present during my second interview as I was focusing on business plan and family ties.

    What are my chances? Any advice please.

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    Which PR status option - WORK or SPOUSE sponsorship?
    5:00 am today


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    3 Replies


    I'm a PR waiting for my marriage condition to be removed. Thank you for your help throughout my journey :)

    A fellow Canadian friend of mine is in New York on a work visa and just got engaged to an American citizen. His work has offered to start the process of sponsoring him for his green card, and he's wondering which route would be faster/cheaper/easier - the work sponsorship or the IR-1 process?



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    APRIL filers
    3:11 am today


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    3 Replies

    i would like to know if any of you here from April filers who got approved?

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    New form of K1 visa 2017
    2:35 am today


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    5 Replies

    Hi,everyone..I read some questions ,answrs ,comments here,but still confused ,some said there's a form before that not applied anymore ,I don't remember what is that...We are gathering all documents now and proof of relationship.,but I dont know what form to be included,.My fiance wants to hire a lawyer to do this,but I said I think we dont need to hire,because some are couple here didnt hire a immigration lawyer to file k1 visa.They do it by themselves thru this forum.Hope you can help us also .

    ..Is there New form of I-129f 2017?what others form to be included?What is cover letter?What are the list that im going to ask to my fiance?so that he will bring it to me,because I'll be the one to arrange the packet?how to make k1 packet?it will be folder,paperclips,clearbook,big envelope?Do we need to include all original documents?,such bc,annulment ,or divorced paper, cards,boarding pass,western union copy,,? Do we need signature and evry documents even in pictures?or id photo?I-129f is petioner ,right?how about the benificiary..?

    PLEASE forgive to ask this thing..I read some link about k1visa is that all updated ?thanks for reading hope anybody can answer me .God bless us all.

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