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    NOIR Prcessing Timeframe
    7:31 am today


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    We have submitted the documentation to the Notice of Intent to Revoke, any insight on processing timeframes? Nebraska was the processing center all paperwork was mailed to. I went online to USCIS Case Status, and documents show received as of 6/18/18, prior to our deadline. Are we talking 30/45 days or another 180 days?

    Thanks in advance

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    Petitioner lost job, embassy interview up next
    7:22 am today


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    I am conscious this is a public forum so need to be careful with the level of information here but I desperately need help.

    I have had my UK medical, my interview is in less than 2 weeks and my fiance just got fired. I cant quite believe it myself.

    I have a completed affidavit that was all correct at the time of completion I had ready to take.

    Do I cancel my interview and hope he gets a new job by the time my medical expires? If it was to expire, how long can I sit in limbo before they abandon the case or deny the application?

    I know I need to enter the US before the medical runs out IF I got approved and face another affidavit. I am struggling to find any assistance on changes of circumstances and of cause they do not help by phone.

    The only helpful information is that rescheduling my interview is free and they hold the fees for a year to rebook. (So worst case we start over and hope at least this bit wouldnt need paying over)

    I am finding all the co sponsor hard to understand and just need $$ figures to know who to approach and how to approach it. Finances are a personal thing! I really didnt want a co sponsor to be responsible for me. Realistically only his Mom may be able to sponsor but I dont think she may make enough as it says she has to cover both households? She lives with her husband in her home (he s retired) and we would reside elsewhere so how much does she need to earn? She s self employed.

    On assets only, I understand we need like $100,000 of liquid assets and we don t have that. We would sell everything if we had to to try but it won t solve the immediate problem.

    Have I failed with a couple of weeks to go and face starting over and losing all the costs paid out so far? :cry:

    I have cried for 3 days solid. Any advice is appreciated as I had pretty much sold up and was ready to go in the next 8 weeks. I cant even face telling my friends and family.

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    US embassy Islamabad AP for DNA waiting time
    6:28 am today

    Mirza Ali

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    I and my family had an interview at US embassy Islamabad for immigration visas on March 14, 2018. CO put our cases in AP and suggested us DNA of my younger sister. we went through the whole process and LAB sent the result to the embassy via E-mail on April 10, 2018. we were hopeful that we will get our visas within days but its been 75 days now. our cases last updated on May 11, 2018 and showing AP. I contacted the embassy 3 times via their inquiry form but i received no reply.
    Is anyone here in same boat?
    Does the LAB send DNA result via email?
    How to confirm if embassy has received the result via email?
    Is there any other way to contact embassy except their inquiry form?
    How much AP would take?

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    RFE New Passport Photos for I-29f visa application
    5:14 am today


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    Hello all,

    Just wanted to see if this has happened to anyone else on here. My i29f application was received on November 20, 2017. I received an RFE letter on July 12th, 2018 requesting new passport style photos of myself (the petitioner) and my fianc . Apparently the original photos I sent with my i-29f package did not match exactly to the guidelines. As we are both in Spain now, we quickly went the next day to take new photos, paying special attention to all of the specific measurements required, and mailed them out last week. Online my case status has not changed, it still states that my case was received. Is this likely to slow down the process by a lot?



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    Leave blank, N/A, or None?
    4:48 am today


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    After reading http://www.visajourney.com/wiki/index.php?title=NVC_Process , I'm wondering about the question mentioned in thread title. He states to answer all questions, but the sample docs( http://www.visajourney.com/examples/INS-Form-I-864.pdf) I see leave the majority of questions unanswered. I don't even see a case where the example situations given in the instructions apply. For example, would I need to put N/A or none for postal code for my current address because Ho Chi Minh City doesn't use one. Other examples include things like A-number or USCIS online account number,. Would I write in none? If I'm only sponsoring the intending immigrant, do I put N/A for Family member 1, 2 employer 2 etc, Part 7-use of assets, If i'm not using assets will I write in N/A. TIA

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