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    i-130 QUESTION 61 a and b part 4
    3:22 am today


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    How do you answer this question please

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    NBI clearance hit!
    3:06 am today


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    Fiance went to get her NBI and got a hit. Apparently this is pretty common but she has to go back May 11th to get it. Anyone else dealt with that? More curious than concerned. ??

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    2:50 am today


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    I am really confused about how to fill out the I-129F form. When do I put none or N/A, and also, do I put anything into the spots that require numbers, such as alien registration number or social security number?

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    Frustrated in the U.S.
    2:24 am today


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    Hello VJ, I am writing because I really need Some good advise. I will give you a little background. I met my ex husband on Facebook. Chatted, Skype. And talk on the phone for two years. After meeting, for only 7 days. We started the k1 journey. He arrived, Married and 16 months later. He left/abandon the marriage. He joined the military, took his oath and became a citizen. All this time I thought we were working on our marriage. After the second year...he never came back home to me and my children, he file for a divorce. I was devastated. When I found out All the lies, cheating, and just low down he was because this was his plans from day one....We are now divorce. This man now will not take his name off my bills. I tried giving them my divorce decree, but I was told he has to sign off on them. They have sent him 3 emails to sign. He irgore

    them. Meanwhile he is on every dating site you can name. What can I do? Is it a visa issue why he want his name to remain on my bill? I know he will be sending for his child, /child mother, and his parents. Our divorce was final after the third year anniversary. I knew that I had to educate myself, even if I found Out too late about the military and citizenship. His different religion, the cheating and hiding money. He doesn't respond to My calls, emails, even trying to contact him on our old VJ profile. He has changed everything. Jahk18 was Our old profile(He blocked me Out a long time ago. Should II be worried?

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    2:11 am today

    Karla Vermeulen

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    Hi you guys! So my question is: if you just got married and want to apply for greencard, can you apply if you are out of status?? Thanks in advance :)

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