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       K1 package...extra evidence
    Today at 1:50 am Last comment by UsaBound82

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    I dont actually have photos of my brother, sister in law and dad when they met my partner. so i thought what i might do is get signed letters from these family members to say they have met him. along with maybe a copy of their licence to verify the signature. i am wondering if people will think this would work?

    Also if anyone has moved with pets, any advice on what i need to do would be great.

    thanks in advance. :D

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       Co-sponsors-Mis Papás (Entrevista en Juarez)
    Today at 1:31 am Last comment by Ms. Arely C.
    Ms. Arely C.

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    Hola todos!

    Tengo una pregunta, estoy un poco confundida & no se si alguien me puede contestar esta pregunta sea por experiencia o informacion (prefiero experiencia o si saben de alguien que hizo esto para asi estar 100% segura) mi prometido esta en Mexico & ya tenemos la entrevista el mes de Marzo. Yo no gane sufficiente $ asi que necesito un co-sponsor. Mi pregunta es: Mis Papas pueden ser mi co-sponsors ya que estan casados & hacen los taxes juntos? Unas personas me dijieron que solo debo elejir a 1 de ellos & quien gana mas $. Pero yo hable con un abogado y me dijo que los dos pueden porque hacen los taxes juntos & que cada quien debe llenar forma I-134 incluyendo yo porque soy la main sponsor... aun sigo en duda & tengo miedo de que no le aprueben la visa por eso, ya que estoy embarazada & quiero que el este aqui cuando valla a nacer el bebe.


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       I-130 Expedite
    Today at 1:26 am Last comment by fcl

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    We filed our i-130 late October, long story short, my wife (USC), needs surgery, they will perform a myomectomy (removal of fibroid tumors from the uterus), i need to be able to take care of her, we thought we could request an expedite on our i-130 based on the medical procedure she needs.

    Any thoughts or past experiences with expedites are highly appreciated.


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       Delayed I 485 - writ of mandamus?
    Today at 12:33 am Last comment by Hypnos

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    Delayed I 485 applications for my parents, tried everything on my end, infopass, ombudsman, congressmen, etc.

    recently sent letter threatening writ of mandamus lawsuit if not given decision in 30 days. Received a Request for further evidence for updated medical exam.

    sent it back, hasn't even been entered into system 3 weeks later

    feel writ of mandamus suit is our only option here, consulted with a lawyer that suggested he investigate, and seems to think he can resolve this without having to do lawsuit.

    does this sound legit? Anyone here hire a lawyer in similar situation? Wondering if it's better to just file the mandamus at this point.


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       One Final Check & Perhaps a Checklist for Others
    Today at 12:15 am Last comment by controlla

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    Hey guys,

    Throughout this whole process, you all have been so helpful. I don't know how people used to do these things before internet forums...

    Anyways, I'll try to keep it short.

    I'm sending my packet in tomorrow, this is the table of contents / cover letter I have prepared to include with the application. Maybe you guys can help me notice if I'm missing anything in here... If not, well this could serve as a helpful little checklist for others...


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