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    consular received
    6:20 pm today


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    Immigrant Visa Case Number: LND2018637015 01 LND
    Case Created: 14-May-2018
    Case Last Updated: 23-May-2018

    Your case is ready for your interview when scheduled at the U.S. Consular section. If you have already scheduled an appointment for an interview, please prepare your documents as directed in your appointment letter and appear at the consulate on the appointed date and time. Otherwise, please wait until you have been notified of your interview appointment. Additional information about how Immigrant Visa interview appointments are scheduled can be found at:http://nvc.state.gov/interview
    For more information, please visit TRAVEL.STATE.GOV.
    I just saw this on the website after the email that it is in transit on 5/21 @EllyNelly @ElieSon @BnK. Any word on your end?

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    Biometrics appointment is available after actual 5 years ?
    6:16 pm today


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    A family member is applying for N400 .

    5 year anniversary is on Dec 07 2018.

    as per early filing rule, earliest accepted filing date is 09/08/2013

    I have checked time line on Seattle filers ..usually after filing they get bio appo. in about a month.

    My question is if we file around that early filing date ...will she get biometric date in Seattle in about a month from filing date(or their receipt date)

    or they give bio appointment only after her actual 5 year anniversary date which is 12/07/2018 ?

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    Montreal K1 visa experience!
    6:03 pm today


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    Our interview was this morning at 8! We were approved!!!! Yaaay!!! This process is a stressful one not going to lie to anyone. It took us over a year from start to finish.

    I'll give some tips to anyone going through the process in Montreal!

    1. Be there at least 20-30 minutes early! The appointment times don't mean anything...it's whoever gets there first gets in first (if you're in the same time). So we had our appointment for 8 we got there at 725 and there was already 5 people in front of us! The consulate doesn't open until 730 but we got there early to get ahead of the line.

    2. The guards are nice very professional.

    3. We brought our cell phones they just took them at the door and gave them back when we left.

    4. Once inside there are snack and drink vending machines but when we went the drink machine was broken (there is a water fountain by the men's washroom). The machines take Canadian currency. We weren't sure so we brought both types just to be safe.

    5. Small kids play area with books.

    6. We had a lady at the first window (brown hair and glasses) that was amazing!! Same with the lady conducting the actual interview.

    7. All the staff was very understanding of our toddlers energy and need to run.

    8. The actual interview took all of 5 minutes (how we met, how long we have dated, what he does for work, etc) simple relationship questions that anyone should know!

    9. There is a photobooth in the elevator waiting area for visa pictures in case you forgot them. It charges $10 for them. We didn't use it so not sure if it's cash or card but either way it's there.

    10. We entered the building at about 745 and were completely done and on our way by 9!

    The best thing to do is to breathe try not to be nervous. The interview seemed to be the easiest part of the whole year long process!

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    Approved in green card interview.
    5:50 pm today


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    Hi Guys,

    Today my husband (USC) and I went to green card interview. Before that I was nervous because I felt like we didn't have enough documents to prove our relationship. So we only provided our lease agreement, electricity bill, health insurance document, my military ID that my husband got it for me, around 30 photos of us, 4 pages of screenshots of our chat history and 5 pages of screenshots of our face book posts with both of our pictures on it. We didn't have any joint bank accounts or joint credit cards because when we went to the bank, I was told that I need either a green card, a US passport or a driver's license as primary ID to add my name onto his bank account but I have none of those IDs. I was a bit worried about this but during the interview, we explained to the IO and he was fine about this.

    So the interview process:

    At the beginning, the IO looked quite serious. He asked us questions separately and did not allowed the other one to interrupt while one was answering questions. He first asked me when and how I met my husband, my husband's date of birth, his middle name, where he was born, where he lived before, his family members, his job before, mother in law's name, have I met his family. Then he asked my husband the date of us getting married, my date of birth, my parents's name, where I was born, what my job was before I came here, do I work now. Because my parents names are Chinese so when my husband answered my parents names, he was a little confused and didn't say them right. But the IO asked second time of my parents' names and finally he got them right.

    Then I gave him our documents, photos. He looked at our photos and my husband said we can explain our photos. He took all of our photos.

    After this part, he gave me a document telling me that I would receive my conditional green card and I need to file for removal of conditional green card for permanent green card within 90 days before it expires. So I know I got approved! Then he asked me some questions like if I have ever committed crimes, a list of questions and I all answered no.

    After we left USCIS, my husband and I were so relieved and happy that it went well. Then we went shopping haha

    In general, the interview went well and my husband and I smiled sometimes when we answered questions, so did the IO. It made the atmosphere not that stressful ;)

    I hope my experience helps you guys and good luck in your interview!

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    CR1 visa was cancelled without prejudice
    5:29 pm today


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    Hello Vjers,

    my wife had her interview weeks back and was approved but she was contacted some days ago to return the visa packets to the embassy and she did last Monday.

    Reason: They claimed that my divorce certificate with my ex wasn t valid and which isn t true because the certificate is valid and authentic. Her visa was cancelled without prejudice.

    Steps taken:

    We contacted my lawyer who helped with the divorce certificate years back and he made us understand it was filed but wasn t online because during the period we had the divorce there was nothing like E-Filing & he made us understand the embassy didn t visit the court to make investigation.

    However, He met with the judge of the high court and explained the situation and they wrote a letter to the U.S embassy and attached the divorce certificate and also made the embassy understand that the certificate is a genuine one and it has been registered online. I want to believe that s how best we can prove it s a genuine one.

    But we don t know what next should be done, if the embassy will contact us to come for reissuance or do we need to take some other steps. Kindly advice because I need my wife here with me, the struggle is exhausting.

    Pleass what can we do to fasten the whole process and do you think the embassy will respond to the letter sent from the High Court? Finally, will our case still be fresh with the embassy since it s barely a month. Kindly advice

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