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  • Recent Immigration Discussions:

    Will traffic citation effect ROC?
    7:27 am today


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    Hi I'm the US citizen spouse. We submitted our ROC packet the other day. However this morning when picking my husband up from work at about 5 am I was really tired while driving. I was swerving into the other lane and got pulled over by the police. They gave me a traffic citation: failure to drive in designated lane. Petty traffic misdemeanor. I know they will probably background check me again during ROC since I'm the sponsor. Will this effect or hinder our process? This is my first ticket I've ever gotten. Otherwise my record is clean.

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    Does my son need exit clearance? Or CFO sticker
    6:29 am today


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    Hello! I just want to ask those who experience already flying to usa with son us passport with crba and also he had already phil passport. My question is does my son need exit clearance from BI or should his phil passport need that CFO sticker?

    Thanks you much!

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    Student Visa Gone Bad
    6:23 am today

    Al & Deidre

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    2 Replies

    Good morning Visa Journey Friends I have a question that's not related to my case. A co worker has asked about a student visa that has expired and needed to know is it any steps she could take in order not to be deported back especially with all the changes our President has made in the last few weeks. All advice is welcome to best assist in her case. Thank you in advance.

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    BB box tracking
    6:10 am today


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    I tripped over this service a few months back. It works great for tracking the BB box, so I thought I would share.


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    I have been outside USA for 12 months and 2 weeks
    5:44 am today


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    Hello, I received DV visa in 2015 and went to the USA in early Feb 2016 for 2 weeks. I wanted to find a job in my career field in the USA, before making a move. It took a little longer than I imagined and finally I've been invited to attend the interview late February this year, for a job which I think I'm a strong candidate for.

    There's an information I could find that the absence over 1 year equals abandonment of residency. Is my permanent resident status lost?

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