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    Canadian Accountant moving to U.S.
    9:37 am today


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    Hi - I am planning on moving to the U.S. with my fiance, we met working abroad and are both accountants. I am a Canadian so my best option to work in the U.S. is a TN Visa, but I dont have a job lined up the moment. I have tried to research our options but am having trouble getting the answers I want as we don't want to live in different countries:

    1. If I am able to find employment in the U.S. and get a TN Visa will have issues getting a green card through the spousal visa process or can i file those simultaneously?

    2. If I am unable to find employment before moving, can I stay there as a visitor for the 6 months it takes for the spousal visa to be approved?

    3. If we chose to live abroad for another year can we get a spousal visa approved without him being a U.S. resident? (He is a U.S. citizen)

    My concern with getting work and not going through the spousal visa is that in 2-3 years if we decided to have children and my visa ended would I be legally allowed to reside in the U.S. Does anyone have experience with this and can give me the correct answers?


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    K2 Interview
    9:30 am today


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    Hi I've applied for a K1 visa and a K2 visa for my 6 year old son.

    Can anyone tell me what questions he can expect at the London embassy or if he even needs to attend?

    Do I also need to take a specific documents for him other than passport, etc.

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    Fedex, DHL, or USPS
    9:12 am today


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    VJers, I'm at the point in the K1 process where I will be sending the duplicate copy of the 129F documents that were sent to USCIS to my fiance in Bangkok.

    Which is the recommended service to use, DHL, FedEx, or USPS? I'm thinking USPS is probably not the best option. It is my understanding that NVC sends the package to the Embassy via DHL.


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    Move my dog here in US
    9:07 am today


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    3 Replies

    Hello everyone,how are you all? I'm currently here in Austin for about month soon and all good except for one thing I've been missing my dog too. I don't know if it's possible to move my dog here in the US? What is the process? Can anyone help me here please thank you so much my dog is a shih tzu


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    K-1 visa application high-approval percentage
    9:06 am today


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    6 Replies

    Hello everyone.

    Good day!

    My fiancee and I were starting up to file his K-1 visa petition for me.

    I'am currently residing and working here in Dubai, UAE.

    Any kind suggestions where to apply for our petition with the most highly petition cases of getting an approved visa?

    is it better to file while Im here in UAE or better in Manila, Philippines?

    Everyone's suggestion will be highly appreciated.

    Best Regards.

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