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    Using a label maker to fill in spots on I-129F
    10:26 pm today


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    For certain fields that wouldn t allow me to type the info in on Adobe. Would this be a bad idea? Is it better to just (neatly) handwrite it in black ink?

    Thank you!

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    past mental health issue
    10:15 pm today


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    Has anyone had experience explaining a mental health issue that resulted in two nights in the hospital for observation? The medical summary notes the dates of the hospitalization. Periodically in the three+ years since, the summary notes that the patient is not on medication, functions normally, and that the spouse confirmed that the patient shows no sign of depression. In fact, the patient was promoted three times in two years at work and volunteers regularly at poverty and homelessness charities. At the time of the hospitalization, my wife was in an abusive relationship.

    My wife will see the GP the day before the medical exam to request a note confirming that the patient does not pose a risk to self or others. My wife requested the notes from the hospital which say that the patient didn't need to have been admitted in the first place. The discharge notes say that the patient posed no risk of harm to self or others. We may not have the hospital notes until shortly after the medical exam, which is two weeks before the embassy interview. As many have noted, obtaining records and documentation from one's GP is a frustrating and tedious process.

    I would be grateful for any advice on how to handle this situation. As you may imagine, it's very stressful; everything else in her application is very positive. Thanks.

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    I-751 more evidence required
    9:28 pm today


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    So my wife and i filled out all the forms a year and half ago for the I751 petition, and today we received a letter stating we need more proof and we have until December 10th.

    They want the following proof: leases in both names showing joint occupancy or deeds and mortgages in both names showing joint ownership, property, life or health insurance documents, utility bills, and or loan/credit cards from the time we were married. The only documents i can get for even close to that time period would be life insurance. I did not put her on my mortgage because i thought i would have to refinance it. How do i get all these documents from the time we were married if i did not do them back then.

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    Does we have scheduled you for an interview mean just that?
    9:27 pm today


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    Hello all,

    Call me paranoid but today I received a notice that said On September 21, 2018, we scheduled an interview for your Form N400, APPLICATION FOR NATURALIZATION, Receipt Number ******

    This got me very excited since I just transferred field offices and put in a service request for the transfer to be done. However when I continue reading the email it says:

    If your case status indicates that you are currently in this step, you have either been scheduled for an interview or are in line to be scheduled for an interview.

    My USCIS account updated this afternoon with the interview status and my DHS account updated this morning to say we transferred your case to a new field office

    when should i expect my interview letter and could this just mean I m in line for interview or not?

    thanks so much.

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    May 2018 I-130 Filers any updates
    9:18 pm today

    Dr bio

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    We are may2018 I-130 filers at Potomac Center ,members here with same dates and petition at same center can link up for updates .... the long wait continue....??

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