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Recent Immigration Discussions:

arrowPackage finally ready!
November 24, 2014, 8:29 am Last comment by D&B18

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Hi all


We finally have our I-130 package ready and will be going to Frankfurt on Wednesday to deliver in person. 


This is what we have in our package:


Completed and signed form I-130

Money order for $420

Form G-325A completed and signed by petitioner

Form G-325A completed and signed by beneficiary

Passport sized photo of petitioner

Passport sized photo of beneficiary

Photo page of petitioner's passport

Proof of German residence for petitioner (military orders)

Marriage certificate

Divorce certificate from petitioner

Divorce certficate from beneficiary

Property lease in joint names

Petitioner's life assurance document showing beneficiary as beneficiary

Car insurance in joint names

Car title in joint names

ADAC statement in joint names

Bank statement in joint names

Tricare health insurance document showing beneficiary as petitioner's spouse and beneficiary

Wedding invitation

Honeymoon flight itinerary and hotel bill in joint names

Flight itinerary from summer vacation showing petitioner, beneficiary and petitioner's son on tickets

Selection of family photos (wedding, family get togethers, honeymoon)

Copy of letter from hotel confirming upcoming vow renewal ceremony


We haven't included any emails or skype logs in the initial package as we have been living together for over a year and thought we would print some to take with everything to the interview.  We can these together if we need to take some.


Please let me have your thoughts as to how our package looks, any advice will be welcome, I may have overlooked something extremely obvious on my list!!


Also, how is the best way to submit everything?   Folder, clip, hole punched and tagged, stapled?  


Thanks!! :-)


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arrowVistiting invitation help please
November 24, 2014, 8:14 am Last comment by Girl from Celebes

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I am from jordan and i have a friend ( us citizen ) in usa, I would like to visit him, he want to invite me by sending the invitation, so plz anybody can help me to know how he can make this invitation from usa which showing that he will cover the expense of my trip and visit,
From where can can take this kind of invitation or similar to it, and to be legal paper not a personal one.

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arrowHow do I answer Question #13 on I-130 ?
November 24, 2014, 7:20 am Last comment by Sunnybanana

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I am a United States Citizen, I was not born in USA but I got my US passport first made in 2003. I am trying to bring my wife from Philippines and I am currently here with her in Cebu. I have my US passport, Birth Certificate from my country, Green Card # but I do not have a Naturalization Certificate, How do I go about this ? Can someone help me please,


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arrowVisa still not received 12 days after interview
November 24, 2014, 7:05 am Last comment by Lovexthine

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This is frustrating. Me and my son's visa still not released by the USEM. Had our interview last Nov. 12, approved, no 221g and issued that night in ceac website. Called USEM this morning and said our passport's still with them and cannot tell how long we have to wait for them to be released. They said it was a case to case basis knowing others already got their passport with the same interview date. So yeah, it was just sad waiting without time frame. Husband's heartbroken saying he might spend xmas time alone in US. Oh well..

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arrowwong consulate?!!! please help!!
November 24, 2014, 6:54 am Last comment by Stressed Out

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Admin, I am really sorry if I am posting to the wrong forum. I have a question regarding case number.

I called NVC last week and they told me that my application was uploaded and they gave me a case number that starts with FRN2014 which stands for frankfurt, Germany. the marriage took place in Jordan, and we stated on the I-130 form that we would like to do the consular processing in Jordan, Amman.

the marriage certificate was translated in Jordan, and stamped from the Court and secretary of state in Jordan, would that cause any troubles if we do the interview in Germany?

please advise :cry:

is it better to call them and tell them we want to change to Amman, jordan, or keep it with Frankfurt, Germany? what are the pros and cons?


thanks a lot!

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