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    I-751 form question. Need HELP
    11:42 am today


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    I am kinda confused with the Part 4 of the form. Me and my husband has 7 month old baby now and we are not separated or anything, we are happily married. Do i need to fill this out too? It just confused me.

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    DV Lottery Visa Questions
    11:32 am today


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    Hello Everybody,

    I applied on the DV Visa 2019 and his case was selected, I know have 2 questions:

    1- We filled out the DS-260 and on the CEAC website it says The application has been submitted it will be reviewed once the civil documents have been submitted the question is where can we submit these documents and when?

    2- The case number is 77xx is there a chance region Asia if so when will he be interviewed?

    Thank you

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    Do I need to reapply for my EAD?
    11:25 am today


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    Hi everyone!

    I am still waiting for an appointment from USCIS regarding my green card and I'm concerned about my EAD which runs out at the end of the year.

    I have a feeling I'm not going to get my green card before it runs out so do I need to apply for my EAD again??

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    Montreal K-1 appointments - no appts available
    11:23 am today


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    just wondering if anyone else is having a hard time getting an appointment. I'm trying to book appt online but every time I try it says no appts available. Ive been trying for about 1.5 weeks.

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    i601a at local office
    11:17 am today


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    Thanks for everyone who participates in this forum, you are all very helpful! I have been reading here but finally registered to make an account. We filed (with lawyers help)for my husbands i601a waiver back in December, biometrics were done in mid January. I have been checking case status online, and for a long time there was no news, only that the fee was paid I think. Finally, towards the end of March, online it said the case was transferred to our local office. Then, two days later, it updated again and said the case was tranferred to Nebraska. and we recieved notice in the mail that the case was transferred. Then, shortly after that, online it said that the case was back at the local office (this was at the end of April) since then, no news. We didnt get anything in the mail about the latest transfer. I know I need to be patient, I am just looking for any insight I can get especially why it may be at the local office. My lawyer is very busy so its hard to get a hold of him. Thanks everyone for reading and best wishes!

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