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  • Recent Immigration Discussions:

    J1 visa application in administrative process
    10:29 am today

    Vinod Bhimani

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    Hello guys,

    I am a medical graduate from Pakistan, I had visa interview for J1 visa on 19th April, 2018 at Karachi Consulate and visa officer has put my application in administrative processing. How long will it take to get their final decision as joining date for my program is June 11, 2018? What are the chances that they will approve my visa ? I am currently working in UAE as a GP, can I ask consulate to return my passport till they make their decision and doing that would affect the final outcome?

    Thank you so much, I would appreciate your responses.

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    Banana Sundae: You're Road!
    9:55 am today

    Chris Duffy

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    If you saw the 90 Fiance, you will get it.

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    CEAC status after approval
    9:41 am today


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    3 Replies

    I had my k1 interview in London yesterday and was approved. However, on the CEAC website my status still says ready and talks about scheduling an interview or preparing documents for your interview with case created 06 March 2018 and case last updated 20 April 2018.

    When should the status change? After I was told I was approved yesterday the lady said congrats and then I left. There was no paperwork or anything officially stating I ve been approved so I m a little paranoid :huh:

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    Need Help! Mother-in-law!
    9:27 am today

    Caleb J

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    3 Replies

    Hey guys! How s it going? Little about this case: So my wife is Brazilian and she s immigrated to the U.S about a year and a half ago. Her conditional greencard expires at the end of the year(not sure if this will affect her mother getting a tourist visa).

    My mother-in-law wants to come

    visit her daughter who she hasn t seen for over a year now. If all goes well she will be traveling with her other daughter who has a tourist visa and a grandaughter who s a u.s citizen by consular birth abroad.

    My question is can her mother obtain a tourist visa with a daughter living in the U.S? How can we improve her chances? Tips? She has no intention of immigrating. Here are some things:

    She s owna a restaurant.

    She has a car in her name.

    Owns a piece of Land/property.

    Both daughters are married to American citizens. One daughter is a permanent resident living in the U.S and other daughter makes short yearly visits to the U.S. Her granddaughter is an American citizen.

    None of her family violated any visa laws.

    So can these things help or hinder? Will she need to show any stronger ties to her country to obtain a tourist visa? Thanks!!

    Regards, Caleb.

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    Spouse Visa (Ghana)
    6:55 am today


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    8 Replies

    Hello VJ

    I'm back again....I am currently in Ghana for my wedding which took place April 14th. I've also been busy gathering supporting documents for my next filling. Anyway, my husband and I went to open a joint bank account in Ghana and was told i need a permit to do that because am not a Ghana citizen. Is there any other way to get a joint account without getting a permit? My time here is limited....I'm planning on getting a permit for my next trip n adding it to the NVC stage. So far, we have joint capital one credit card. Would it be a problem not adding the joint checking/saving accounts when milling the forms?

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