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  • Recent Immigration Discussions:

    Interview question
    1:41 am today


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    Does anyone know about how long before hand do they usually schedule K1 interviews at the Embassy in Bangkok Thailand?

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    I-130 November 2016 filers
    1:32 am today


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    Hi guys! I am starting to get worried. I filed the petition for my mom and dad November 12, 2016. Approval date for my dad 04/10/2017 and for my mom 06/12/2017. I sent all the documents they need and I know it says it takes 11 weeks for NVC to review. It has been 4 months since I sent the documents to NVC. How long does it take for them to schedule my parents for interview? I called and they said they re still reviewing them and that they are not back logged. Please share some info or experiences regarding petitioning your parents. I have been waiting for awhile now. Thanks

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    Any Orlando Adjustment of Status Applicants?
    1:20 am today


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    Hi Guys!!

    Just wondering if there are applicants from Orlando from the forum?

    I would like to know your timeline if its okey

    Thank you!

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    AOS for mother who is in the US on a tourist visa?
    1:05 am today


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    Hi all,

    I'm asking this for a older friend who's been living in the US for 25+ years and is USC. His mother was here few times and now decided to live with them.

    What he needs to do for AOS?


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    I-134 for K-1 visa dependent question
    12:33 am today


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    I am completing an I-134 for my Chinese fiancee 's K-1 visa. I live in China so all of my income on my tax return is zeroed out by the Foreign earned income exclusion. In addition, my contract of employment will be finished in January, which is why we are both moving to the US- her with the K1 visa. My father is completing I-134 as a co-sponsor as well. I understand that we each should list her as a dependent on the form, but my question is should we both check the box "partially dependent on me for support" or "fully dependent on me for support." Her and I both plan to get jobs after arriving in the States and any lapse in her employment I will be supporting her. My father is only signing because my income is technically not high enough due to the foreign earned income exclusion. So, essentially we are not anticipating that he would have to issue any support per say except in the event that I somehow became unable to support her. How best should I approach this when filling out the form? In addition, what should he or I add to my explanation in section 7 about question 38, "Do you intend to make specific contributions?" I assume the box is "yes" and the notation will include that it is part of a K1 visa application, but what else should be included in his and my form to explain this situation (e.g. his support is only necessary if for some reason, I was unable to support her).

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