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    Different USCIS Status' and what they mean
    7:03 am today


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    Hello all, I recently received a status change via email stating my status is not in "post decision activity." My USCIS app changed from "received" to Document was mailed." As you may imagine, I had no idea what that may be and presumed an RFE or NOID. I searched the forums here and it seems like it could also be an approval. I have not yet received the document they mailed, but If anyone can speak from personal experience on what this may mean, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    I also found something interesting on some other websites. the images look like USCIS' old online status check which may indicate the steps that all of our applications have to go go through before being approved or denied:



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    K1 Visa Withdrawal
    6:32 am today

    Saif Abu-Shakra

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    2 Replies

    I want to cancel my K1 visa process, we don't expect approval until Jan/Feb so it's still at the California Service Center.
    Can anyone refer me to an actual letter sample because I have not been able to find any online.
    If not do I just a formal letter formatted like the "Letter of intent" for example?

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    i 751 returned
    6:19 am today


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    2 Replies

    Here is my situation.

    My 2 years green card expired october2.

    I filed i 751 september 23,

    on september 26 i recived a letter from uscis saying that the amount guarantee was not correct.

    I corrected the check(there was a misspelling between the amount in number and the written amount).

    I resubmitted everything as it was and they received my package on october 16.

    No news.

    The check was not cashed.

    Now i am afraid of something i resubmitted everything as it was,and in the form there were some notes that they wrote on my i751 should i have sent a new form?

    they wrote on the letter resubmit the form with the correct check and i just did that . but the fact that i have no news and they didn't cash my check make me worry...

    The first time they were very fast this time its already been a week and my green card is expired.

    Also i didn't send a letter of explanation for filing late because i filed on time the first time so i just sent the same package with the letter that they sent me about the wrong amount guarantee .so they should know why i refiled late...

    Anybody with the same experience?

    thank you

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    No embassy letter
    5:23 am today


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    4 Replies

    Hi guys,

    I'm having another freak out so hoping someone can calm my nerves.. CEAC said READY over two weeks ago and we waited a week to see if we received a letter from the embassy, however I've still not gotten anything. My fiance told me to schedule the interview anyway as we've read a lot of people never receive a letter or "packet 3"..and my fiance was saying, maybe they'll mean the NVC letter. so we went ahead and scheduled it and paid the visa fee (K1) .however i was just going thorough my appointment confirmation now and it says I need to bring the letter to my interview.. as I do not have this and not sure if I'll even get this what do we do, what do I tell them if they ask for it? I'm just getting myself really stressed out and worried that they might deny our visa now.... :( My interview is in 2 weeks..

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    3:52 am today


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    3 Replies

    Hello friends

    I'm so worried about my case it been 132days that I file for my spouse and Nebraska service center take so long and how long it gonna take me to get approved from them,thanks for your advice friends,someone pls help me out.

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