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       Questions b4 submitting papers for K-1 Visa
    Today at 3:02 am Last comment by Suss&Camm
    Happy Traveler

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    2 Replies

    Since I'm doing the paperwork myself I wanted to ask a few questions.

    When I send the package do I include the forms:

    - i-129F?

    - G-325 A. 1for her and 1 for me?

    - Do I need to include form I-864/I-134?

    - In that same package do I need to send my last Income tax statements?

    - What about the pictures and proof that we have seen each other in the past 2 years? Do I send that in the package as well?

    Am I missing anything?

    Thanks a lot before hand

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       Want my wife to go back to PHILIPPINES!
    Today at 2:12 am Last comment by Patient

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    3 Replies

    I got a tough question for anyone,

    i want my wife (she is from phil to go back to phil). we were married october 24 of 2016. but she does not have her greencard, nor have i applied her for one. her immigration status is simply, 1) fiance upon entry 2) wife as of october 2016. THATS IT. ... so my question. is there a deadline now we have to file to get her to return to the phil? how can i make that happen? she has been cheating on me, giving oral sex to all my friends already!!

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       F1 to Greencard: OPT, bona-fide marriage, time-line
    Today at 1:50 am Last comment by silkroad2000

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    Hi Everyone,

    I am a last year PhD student on F1 VISA in a top school and program. My girlfriend is American, also a PhD student in the same school. We have been dating about a year. We are planning to get a courthouse marriage soon and then send the documents so that I can get my green card. But we are planning to have our wedding later this year after we graduate. I have a couple of questions:

    1. Would we have a problem regarding proofing our marriage as bona-fide given that we do not have any joint bank accounts or the same address yet (she practically lives in my apartment but she still has her own too. We are getting a new place in august when our leases end). We have traveled a lot together though and even twice to her home town. I have met all her family and there is a tone of photos and plane tickets. Do you recommend we go and open mutual bank accounts and credit cards now?

    2. How long should we wait after courthouse marriage to send our documents? Is it necessary to wait at all?

    3. Given that I am graduating in the end of summer (in 7 months), if we send the AOS, would I still be able to get OPT? What is the best course of actions for me? Do you recommend waiting and first get my OPT and then get married?

    4. Does she have to financially sponsor me? Currently we are both students and have full scholarships from university with waived tuition and monthly stipend. I would definitely get a job with six figure salary after I graduate.

    PS1: I am not going to travel outside of country because my F1 visa is single entry. So, there is no worries about doing any visa fraud case.

    PS2: I am a citizen of Iran. Do you have any experience with this?

    Thank you very much

    A poor student!

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       ceac status
    Today at 1:23 am Last comment by mic_lincoln

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    1 Replies

    hi, plz help me. after interview i got 221g.. and i submitted it on 28/12/2016. now if in the site ceac .state.gov my case(immigration) status shows updated on 16/01/2017 whats the meaning of that?

    thanks in advance


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       G 325A form can be scanned and sent?
    Today at 1:18 am Last comment by Scandi

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    6 Replies

    Hello Guys

    Have a quick question my fiance has the G325A form ready to go and I wanted to know if she would need to mail it to me so I can submit it with the whole 129F package or can she just scan it and email it to me.

    Will the USCIS accept it? anybody else has submitted it that way?

    Thanks in advance.


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