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Recent Immigration Discussions:

arrowI-90 Process Timeline
July 23, 2016, 12:26 pm Last comment by sbushnak

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Good day all,


I need to file a I-90 replacement GC for my mother. We never received her 1st Green Card after immigrating. We did an InfoPass and finally found out that it was mailed back on 3/18/2016. Unfortunately it was mailed to an old address and it seems it got lost.


Anyways since we need to file for a replacement and at same time plan for biometrics (we might be traveling but no idea when), if I file the I-90 form online today approximately when will USCIS schedule an appointment for biometrics?


Thanks in advance!






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arrowAmerican marrying an Australian - how do we do this?
July 23, 2016, 11:11 am Last comment by Ameristralia

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So, first of all, hello.


I am a natural born American citizen from Florida. My best friend in the world, and the woman I plan to marry, is Australian. I have a friend who married a Brazillian woman who came here on the waiver program and they filed for status adjustment - but I hear that's a sketchy way to go about things.


What is the easiest way to do this? She is planning on visiting on the waiver, but then going back to Australia for a few weeks for some family affairs as well. We are already (informally) engaged, the ring just hasn't been handed over since, well, she's in Australia. 


The different types of visas are insane. I've known her for five years and want to spend the rest of them with her. How do we do it without breaking the law?


Thanks for the help!

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arrowFiled G-1145 form and received a text notification not email notification
July 23, 2016, 10:59 am Last comment by arken

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Hello guys,


I know it's stupid but I still wanna ask this:

After 3 days my husband filed out I-130 case to the assigned USCIS Lock box, he got a text notification from USCIS indicated that they got our case and gave a case number.


But I just wonder that was he supposed to receive a email notification from USCIS? Is that normal that he just got a text?


Thank you very much for every single answer below in advance!


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arrowUsing Visa Waiver After Failed/Stopped Green Card Petition
July 23, 2016, 10:10 am Last comment by NuestraUnion

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I have a question. What happens if someone from a Visa Waiver country applies for a green card (family based, married to a Green Card holder) and


a) Does not follow the process or stops the process based on own will.

E.g. during the process changes the mind and don't wish to integrate anymore.


b) The petition gets rejected e.g. due to missing  US income of the petitioning wife (not criminal or health reasons).



Also, c) what if the green card is issued, but the person eventually loses it because he does not live in the USA,

or files for giving the green card back. 


How does scenario a), b) and c) affect the ability to use the Visa Waiver?



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arrowMarrying on ESTA/VWP but not remaining in the US
July 23, 2016, 10:02 am Last comment by JFH

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Hi guys,


Any advice or experience into my case will be greatly appreciated!


I am entering the U.S. on an ESTA with the intention of getting married and then returning to the UK where I intend to finish my undergraduate program.

If I am travelling on an ESTA, do I say I am getting married to the immigration officer? As I am not looking to remain in the US shortly after getting married, I do not think I should obtain a K-1/Fiance visa. According to my research online: "The intention of a travel visa is a temporary visit. If you want to get married during your visit then return home before your visa expires that's okay, but a travel visa should not be used with the intention of entering the United States to marry, stay permanently and adjust status."
So, if upon entry to the US, I tell the immigration officer that I intend to get married, I understand that this will raise red flags. Will this effect my ability to enter the US or future entries into the US? Will this be considered Visa Fraud?
Upon entry, when asked the purpose of my visit should I answer: "Marrying my American Fiance then filing for a CR-1 visa application before I am due to graduate my program in the UK”
However, I plan on bringing these documents to attempt to prove that I have no intentions of remaining on the ESTA/VWP
My university dates
Proof of residence in the UK - payments, contract, etc.
Scholarship letter - I am on a scholarship for my undergraduate program in the UK, surely this should be proof that I would not want to remain and jeopardise this right?
Return ticket
Visa documents - Visa documents in the UK and visa 'checkpoints' I have attended in the past.
Documents of dates and duration of previous stays in the US  - I have visited a few times before and never exceeded the ESTA stay duration
Is there anything else I should bring that will strengthen my case? I have gone through secondary inspection twice, and the last time I was told I was raising red flags due to my frequent visits. I was informed that next time I should bring these relevant documents to support my case but that had it been another immigration officer I could have been denied entry.
My fiancé and I have an honest relationship and fell madly in love very quickly. We have been together for a year plus. Another concern of mine is that I am afraid our case does not seem bona fide as I am all the way from South East Asia, He is from the US. We met online and met in real life 4 months after communicating online and falling in love. Fast forward a year and we are ready to tie the knot- and my parents for old fashioned and religious reasons want us to get married. We have proof of flight tickets from the both of us flying back and forth to see each other and we communicate on a daily basis, skyping for hours on end every single day. He is 37 and I am 19. This I feel could have someone look at our case with strong skepticism.
I would appreciate your advice and help into my case as it is disheartening to fly to the US with the pure intention of wanting to see, spend time or even just touch my fiancé after days of just hugging my laptop whilst he is on Skype, and very possibly being denied entry.

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