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    Filing I-129f while abroad
    8:41 am today

    Tima and Hamza

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    Hello! My fianc and I are about to mail our I-129f petition but I am confused about something. On the G-325A, it asks for your addresses. Currently I am in Morocco with my fianc . I have been here for almost 1 year but i still consider my address to be the one in the U.S. The last time I came to Morocco, I also stayed for more than 1 year with him. I am very confused about the present address. I will receive my mail in the U.S, as i do intent on going back after we have filed our petition but what do i write on the G-325A? I know this question is very confusing but please i need help.

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    San Antonio Interview
    8:13 am today


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    Hi all y'all,

    any one out here has any info on interview dates for San Antonio Field Office?

    My PD is 12/27/16 and I have received EAD Combo Card in mid March but haven't heard anything since and my status still shows we accepted finger print fee.

    Does anyone know how long it takes them set the interview date?

    Anyone got an interview date recently?



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    H1B + H4 Renewal Best options??
    8:12 am today


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    1. My father (green card/country of origin India) had filed for F2B with priority date of June 2005. I married November 2006. My father naturalized to US citizen 2010. F3 filing was a myth and my attorney did not know this- as the case is invalid now

    I was also on H1B (physician) in the meantime but converted to H4 EAD last September given better options of changing jobs and my lawyer then cancelled my H1B.

    My wife is on H1B (Physician) expiring Sep 29, 2017.

    I am on H4 EAD ~ expiring Sep29 2017.

    Since we received RFE that my petition is no longer valid and with expiring H4EAD along with my wife expiring H1B on September29, 2017. what are our/my best options"

    My wife files for H1B renewal along with my H4 and H4EAD renewal.(our only option-planning to do this)

    With current back log on H1B; pending renewal application (my wife)can still work 240 days after expiring.

    With pending my wife H1B renewal (unlikely to happen before Sep29, 2017) can H4EAD work?

    Does automatic EAD work for me.

    Will I be able to get H4EAD renewal in time or will be tied up to my wife pending application?

    Can I file a new H1B (along with pending wife's H1B renewal and my H4EAD renewal) and since it will be pending, I will be able to work?

    What are our best options? Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    Thanks .

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    Refused on ceac
    7:28 am today


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    Hi guys I need your help please tell me today my case update and after few mintues later when I check my status it's say refused and I see this message

    Please see the letter you received at your interview for more information.

    For more information, please visit TRAVEL.STATE.GOV. any help much appreciated thanks

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    Change of Visa Status
    7:18 am today

    Eva Nti

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    I am from Ghana and currently in the US with B1B2 visa. I am hoping to change the status in order to stay here to work or further my education. I currently hold a Bachelors and Masters degree. What ways can I go about to change my visa status? Can I apply for a job, an internship or short course to enable me change my status?

    Is it possible to extend my entry visa?

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