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    6:42 am today

    Todd L F

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    Hello all,

    When I attended my medical in London they advised me that I was missing an mmr2 shot, I chose to get this done for free by my GP (nhs) after. I have now done this and I got the doctor to print out a list of the vaccinations I ve had for AOS. Now I m slightly concerned they will not accept this as proof of my vaccinations once I get to the states next week. Does anyone have any experience with this?

    Thank you!

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    Confirmation and some additional questions please.
    6:27 am today


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    Hi. I have thought of applying for citizenship since my mom passed last year. (she was generally against it). Im Canadian who entered the US (after 9 years in UK) in 1979. PR since 79( I was a dependent as I was 20). So 39 yrs being PR. Married since 1980. Two American born adult kids. No legal issues except traffic citations. Owned same home since 1985.


    From what I have read on these boards filling under the 5 year rule is faster due to not having to involve my American wife for verification?

    Online seems significantly faster?

    I was employed at the same company continuously from 1979 till 2012. (33 years). However since 2013 I have not worked full time and claimed some unemployment benefits. Ive paid into (and continue to do so) SS, Medicare, and unemployment since 1979. Is claiming unemployment benefits potentially going to hurt me?

    Lastly. For a period of about 9 years starting in 79 (including mine) Green cards were for life never needing renewal. The A number sequence is slightly different. This was an issue on a another government website once (ACA) as it wouldn't take it so I uploaded it. Wondering if anyone can remember that section of the online process if it may not accept a different amount of characters?

    Thanks much.

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    6:16 am today


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    Who's among here applying for a k1 visa in Hongkong? And how many days can recieved a pocket3 after the case is ready? Because until now i didn't recieve my pocket3 since my case is ready last july 4.. Im worried ir maybe its a normal because some applicants they already got their pocket3.

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    when to expect visa interview for f3 at mumbai?
    5:41 am today


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    we have f3 visa petition

    priority date 11th april,2006

    case complete on 29th june 2018

    case complete email received on 9th july 2018

    now when to expect visa call or atleast visa interview email from nvc??

    for mumbai visa consulate

    also there is news of retrogression of visa dates.

    if it retrogrress,our visa interview also delayed?

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    Jan 4th filers!!look here!!!!!!!!!!!!
    5:26 am today


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    I am a Jan 4th filer from China. Didnt hear a single word yet from USCIS. any people like my situation? I am so edgy now. Jesus. Been waiting for ages!!And some people behind me already got approved. So unfair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:angry:

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