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    RFE for income evidence on form i-864
    10:25 pm today


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    Back In December we submitted our package for my wive's and stepdaughter. We got their fingerprints taken in early January and on the first week of Feb we received an RFE for form I-864. Last year I started working with a new company back in August making 15 dollars an hour with a annual salary of 31,200. We are a household of 4, requiring me to make at least 30,350 something like that. Now on the RFE it says Not enough 2015 incom and no evidence of 31,200 earned by me in 2016. Now my question is, should't it be based on my current income? Not what I made in the past?

    Thanks for your help

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    Travel with Advance Parole during waiting for GC
    9:34 pm today


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    Did anyone travel to another country with advance parole while waiting for the green card after Trump became a president?

    I am planning on traveling back home in April with my combo card; work permit and advance parole. And I have not got the green card yet.

    Would it be safe to travel with advance parole? do i have to declare anything before i leave USA? or I just have to show my combo card and prepare all related documents at the immigration when getting back?

    Please advise and share your experience because I do not see anyone traveling with advance parole after Trump became the president at all.

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    9:33 pm today


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    So I have all the paperwork with me and am about to print it out.

    Thing is, my fiance's divorce papers are 109 pages (this includes the settlement, child custody etc)

    Do I actually need to print the ENTIRE document for my interview? :o it seems like such a waste and more than half of the information isn't really what they want....

    Any thoughts?

    Same thing goes with the Tax return?? its a lot of pages...do they just need one specific page? or do I need to print everything of that too??

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    N400 with previous refused entry on VWP
    9:13 pm today


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    I'm about to apply for naturalization (N400) based on the 3-Year married to USC option.

    Before I became a permanent resident through my marriage, I accidentally overstayed on the VWP for one day and was denied entry to the US on my next VWP based visit.

    The legal grounds for this denial were (as documented in my passport) [INA 212(a)(7)(A)(i)(I)] and 8 CFR 217.4(a)(1):


    [INA 212(a)(7)(A)(i)(I)] This is the most common ground of inadmissibility applied under INA 212(a)(7). Any foreign national who seeks to enter the U.S. and remain here permanently, or who is suspected of seeking to enter the U.S. and remain here permanently, but who does not have the proper documents to demonstrate that s/he has authorization to do so, is inadmissible.

    How do I answer the following questions on the N400 form correctly:

    • 23. Have you EVER been arrested, cited, or detained by any law enforcement officer (including any immigration official or any official of the U.S. armed forces) for any reason?

    I have been questioned and interrogated by an immigration officer at the airport in the US before I was officially denied entry and sent back with the next available flight. So I would assume to answer 'YES' on question 23.

    • 33. Have you EVER been removed, excluded, or deported from the United States?
    • 34. Have you EVER been ordered removed, excluded, or deported from the United States?
    • 35. Have you EVER been placed in removal, exclusion, rescission, or deportation proceedings?

    Because I was deemed inadmissible based on [INA 212(a)(7)(A)(i)(I)] and 8 CFR 217.4(a)(1), I would answer 'Yes' on question 33 because I was excluded, correct? What should I answer on questions 34 and 35?

    When I applied for my CR1 and later removed the conditions to get the IR1 (10-year card), I didn't have any problems due to this prior immigration incident and I always answered all questions truthfully and correctly. I also never had any other problems with the law and I don't see any other problems regarding my N400 besides this incident with the VWP.

    Do you guys think this will affect my N400 (good moral character determination) and should I file N400 together with a lawyer?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Birth certificate RFIE
    8:36 pm today


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    So I am adjusting status from K1 visa and gere is my RFIE

    i have submitted a family book which is an alternative for birth certificate

    is says that the secondry evidence for birth affidavis is insufficient. Well! I am from Iraq where no records are kept... i dont have a birth certificate but I have a Family book from the iraqi national directionate.

    Travel.state.gov for iraqi people says that the family book is an alternative for birth certifiace for iraqi people.

    I am afraid that they are going to deny my application If is just send the same document and clarify that this is actually an alternative.! I dont know what to do!!!!


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