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    Do we really need to use a co-sponsor?
    5:42 am today


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    Hey everyone :)

    I believe I already created a topic similar to this a few months ago before we had even submitted the i-129f but for some reason I can't find the topic so I'm just going to be that annoying person and ask again :)

    We have been waiting on NOA2 for 65 days now (and probably have another 90 days of waiting to go lol) but I'm just starting to get organised for the next stage of this process.

    My fiance is 27 and worked as a server for about 4 years after college and probably didn't make 100% of the poverty guideline - well he maybe just scraped past it, and he also did some graphic design work on the side. This year in February 2017 he finally got a full time job as a graphic designer/advertising coordinator for a company and he is now earning a lot more than 100% of the poverty guideline. To prove this, he has all his pay stubs, his bank statement and a letter from his employer, but as he only started working for the company in February 2017, therefore he doesn't have his W2 or Tax return for this year yet and probably won't have that by the time I interview either. I will be interviewing at the London embassy which I know isn't super strict so do you think we will get away with proving his income by providing the employer letter, pay stubs and bank statement??

    We could use a co-sponsor, my fiances mum is perfectly capable of co-sponsoring us and she doesn't mind doing it, but I just don't want to use a co-sponsor if we really don't have to!

    Let me know your thoughts :)


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    Can my wife stay here?
    5:19 am today

    Earth at Four

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    My wife is Austrian. We've been married since 2003. She lived with me in Boston for two years, 2004-6. She had a green card from December 2004 to May 2006, but it expired, as we didn't return to the USA until 2010. Our daughter was born in Vienna in 2008 and has US citizenship.
    She came with our daughter this year, on July 1, with a 90-visitor visa. It's expiring on September 29.
    We plan to file an I-130 (petition for alien relative) and an I-485 (adjustment of status) immediately, in order to get permanent residence, but I'm afraid it may be too late, and that my wife and daughter may have to return to Austria for some months.
    I'd been incredibly busy with moving to a new place, finding lodgings, buying a car, registering it, starting a new job, etc., and I'm terrible at paperwork, so I put this off until now.
    Also, I don't have US tax returns, which are requested on the Affidavit of Support, because I have only filed taxes in Austria since 2007. I plan to contact a tax lawyer immediately and move on that, and include a note to the affidavit saying we're moving on that.

    So that's where we're at. Thanks for any thoughts you might have.

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    Canadian permanent residents
    5:04 am today


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    Hi, all

    I am planning to get settled in Canada with my brother rather than being in the US all alone. For the past 10 years, he is in Canada.

    I was in search of details and got to know, Canada has created a myriad of immigration streams based on various factors including age, education, work experience. I was on a plan to get Canadian permanent residents in Toronto as they can receive almost all social benefits that Canadian citizens are entitled to, including Canadian health care.

    I have few doubts regarding it. Do we need to demonstrate proficiency in both the official languages of Canada to become a Canadian citizen? And I came to know that Canadian employers value North American work experience and life in Canada is not significantly different from life in the U.S. So, in that case, will it be helpful for me?

    There are over 60 categories of Canadian immigration. I think the best way to proceed is to have a qualified expert assess for my qualification for a Canada immigration visa. Any suggestions regarding this?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Questions about N400 filling under 3yr marriage rule
    5:00 am today


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    Hello Everyone!

    I submitted the application to remove conditions on my 2 year conditional GC (i751) on NOV 2016.

    Since biometrics no updates..

    The N-400 window opens NOV 2017 under the 3yr rule since I am still married to my US born spouse.

    I have a couple question and would be grateful if you help me answer:

    Regarding general questions:

    1- Am I really allowed to submit for n400 while i751 still pending?

    2-Can I file for n400 online? I checked and only saw options of file online for travel doc or I90. Is it recommended to do online or paper, safer and faster which option?

    3-I have not started studying civics 100 questions yet, should I?

    4- Will the fact me and spouse have been under medical for 3 years even tho I never used it, affect anything?

    If they ask, do I tell them I been under it with my US spouse because he needed care but I never used it?

    I am not providing any health coverage paperwork tho...

    5- Will the fact i took unemployment for a total of 3 months affect anything? I am currently employed.

    6- 1 month trip outside of US is not an issue correct?

    7- Can I provide the 3year IRS transcript for joint taxes instead of 1 for each year?

    8-Would any questions arise about the fact I entered us with b2 tourist visa? (I had 0 intents to get married or stayed, it just happened, I always planned to live in my home country as my family was wealthy there, but meeting my current spouse changed my course and I decided to live here for him, even tho now I have to work and be an adult lol.)

    9- I got an ESA letter for our dog (emotional support so he can live with us in a no pet apartment policy) under anxiety claims, it was done online with an online therapist, would that affect anything?

    Now questions about the actual documentation:

    1- Do we have to submit all documentation since marriage ? Does that means repeating documentation already submitted with I765?

    It makes more sense to me just submit from nov 2016 to current date, since USCIS has all our documentation from 2015 to 2016 already...

    2- Is quarterly joint bank statements enough for a year, or should I provide like for 8 months out of a year at least?

    We will be providing :

    1- Copy of marriage certificate

    2- US spouse birth certificate to prove his citizenship since born.

    (We both have no prior marriages, Thank God, that makes the application easier.)

    3- Joint checking/savings statements.

    4- Joint electricity/internet bills (Still deciding if for every month of 2017 only, or if we throw in some from prior years also)

    5-Joint rent receipts since 2014.

    6- Joint Lease

    7- Pictures with friends and family (Do we have to, is it recommended?)

    8-Invoices/Mail/bills from either my name or spouse's name addressed to our same address , some for 2017, some for 16,15.

    9-Invitations for marriages/holidays letters sent to us from friends

    10- Copy of itinerary of airplane trips taken together

    11-Joint IRS transcripts for 2017,16,15, or just the 3 year resume from IRS of those years.

    12-Pay stubs showing each other as emergency contact and same address on it.

    13- Consular brazilian marriage certificate showing that we legalized marriage in Brasil in 2017 through consulate so we married there also.

    Any comments or suggestions? Thank you God bless!

    Thank you guys!!!!!!!

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    4:59 am today


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    3 Replies

    Hi, all. New here. Happy to see you all. Hope all of you could help me.

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