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    Questions regarding my application
    3:02 pm today


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    So we hired a lawyer to help us assemble our application and I have a few questions:

    1) Our application is complete but some pages are colored and some pages are in black and white. I told her that we should have all of our pages colored that way our application can look more uniform. She said that this is irrelevant to USCIS. Is that true and I'm just worrying too much?

    2) Instead of a Letter of Intent, she made us sign a Letter of Declaration (one for my fianc and one for me) which states how we met, the number of times we visited each other, and that we plan on marrying within 90 days of my fianc entering the United States. Is that okay? Because I see everyone on VJ having a very brief Letter of Intent.

    Thank you in advance VJers!

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    Current wait times for spouses of LPR is ~2 Years
    2:58 pm today

    Jimmy The Tulip

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    I see this question being asked a lot here so I thought I would chime in and add some insight. I've done quite a bit of reading on this site and others to figure out a timeline so I feel confident in the approximations below.

    Right now, from PD to interview date, the wait for Spouses of LPR's is roughly 2 years.

    For CSC, the wait is currently 13-15 months to get an Approval or a Request for Evidence (RFE). Other service centers might be quicker to issue a Approval/RFE.

    (I mention CSC because that is where I was processed through, it seems to be the longest wait out of all centers, and most people here seem to be going through CSC.)

    After approval, we look to the Visa Bulletin. This bulletin can be unpredictable, but by current estimates, this will add another 10-12 months of waiting for Final Action Dates to become current at which point you will be scheduled an interview and receive your Visa shortly following your trip to the embassy.

    Different applicants receive answers at different times. If you see others with similar PD's here receiving approvals or moving on to the next step, dont hesitate to call USCIS or NVC to get an update on your application. But understand that applications are not all processed at the exact same time so your approval/RFE/whatever may be coming a few days or weeks apart from someone elses.

    Again, Right now, from PD to interview date, the wait for Spouses of LPR's is roughly 2 years.

    Hang in there, we are all going to make it.

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    AOS but I also have DACA -Question
    2:11 pm today


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    Hello everyone. I have my work permit since I have DACA. I am currently adjusting status since I married a USC. I read the work permit under AOS is valid for only one year after it is given. My current work permit expires in November 2019. Which work pemit can I use? If for example one work permit expires before can I continue using the other one that is valid until Nov 2019? -this is in case I get work permit and expires before Nov 2019. Thanks

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    Casablanca embassy
    2:10 pm today

    Abdel Ben

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    On 1/22/18 m y case was forwarded to Casablanca embassy my fianc and me we supposed to receive a letter stating when will be my fianc s interview as well as permission to do physical exams before she can do form DS-160. But we haven t receive any mail from Casablanca embassy. Whenever I put the CSB number on the website to see our case status I receive a message telling me that is not a case number or a receipt number. Why is that? Please can somebody tell me why? Thank you

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    How to buy a plane ticket for two in the Philippines? Cebu to MNL
    1:22 pm today


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    We have our consulate appointment on March 23rd. (If anyone else here does also drop us a PM if you care to)

    I (the US guy) need to buy two flight tickets from Cebu to Manila. With the help of VJ'ers I know how to do this.

    So here is the question:

    What specific information do I need for EACH passenger to book the tickets?

    Obviously full name, but beyond that?

    Date of birth? Passport ID#? National ID#? shoe size?

    I may just need each person's full name but best to know before I go and try to purchase just to find that I don't have a piece of needed data. What is required here in the USA may be very different than what is required in RP.


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