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    I-129F mailing address question
    7:12 am today

    Amit M

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    Hello all,

    My US fiancee and I are applying for K-1 visa and in I-129F form, there is a section that asks for beneficiary's mailing address. The thing is that I have lived in the US for 8 years and recently came back to my home country (lawfully left US on right time). I have my bank accounts open in US because I'm still paying off my debt from various lenders. So, after I and my fiancee got engaged and also since I left US, I had changed my address with the bank and the lenders to my fiancee's address. The question is if I could put my fiancee's address as my mailing address or should I stick to my home country mailing address? Is this the section where NVC determines where to send package to beneficiary? The instructions mention that if a beneficiary has a mailing address in the US, then write that. I can only claim my fiancee's address to be my mailing address in the US because of address on file with banks and lenders and that's it. Makes sense? Any suggestions?

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    K1 Visa Requirements.
    6:44 am today


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    3 Replies


    My partner and I intend to submit the application for the K1 Visa while I am 18. I am from Singapore while he, is the one from the United States. However the age of majority in Singapore is not as clearly stated as it is in the US, where it is 18. I have contractual freedom, but the legal age of majority is around 21. Would this be a problem in submitting the K1 Visa application even if I am of the age of majority in the US?

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    Sydney K1 Interview questions
    6:12 am today


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    Hi All,

    When we emailed the consulate that we are ready to be scheduled for our interview, we specifically requested dates of 26 Sept or Oct 3rd if possible. When they replied with an interview date, they've scheduled my fiance for Aug 29th! He has his medical on Aug 29th in Perth. The doctor will be out all of Sept, so that appointment can not be rescheduled. We will be responding "cancel" and requesting to be rescheduled. I was wondering if anyone else has had such short notice (7 days) for a scheduled appointment and what have been people's experiences getting a new interview appointment scheduled?

    The second question I have is regarding my Fiance's birth certificate. Yes, we know he has to bring an original and a copy. My question is do they KEEP the ORIGINAL or do they return to him?


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    AwaitingNOA2 approval. London Embassy process.
    5:51 am today

    Helen Quail

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    2 Replies

    How I can use this time ( NOA2 due in a few weeks) to gather info?

    I have the guide for my partner in USA but what should I be gathering here now?

    I understand that the exact process after NOA2 is pretty embassy specific.

    I will interview in London. Can anyone advise for London Embassy?

    Just keen to do what I can given timelines slipping a bit overall. (We mailed in for 129f 28 April, NOA1 8th May)

    Thank you all


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    How to address CBP officers at POE
    5:02 am today


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    4 Replies


    when entering the USA during the questioning of the CBP officer, how would you address him? Sir and Ma'am? Or officer? Or simply nothing?

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