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    Income Requirements for I134
    12:33 am today


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    I make above poverty level, however I am a co owner of a house, its not a small mortgage but its not very big. Should I include my parents as co sponsors? Or does it matter really how big of a mortgage I have as long as my income is above the poverty level?

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    12:02 am today


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    I just found out that while I was on Green Card, every time I moved, I should have submitted a Change of Address (AR-11). Since I was not aware of this, I never did so. In my N400, I have listed all my addresses that I lived at in the last 5 years. 1.5 years ago I moved (to a different city) and have lived at 3 different addresses. The question is do I file the AR-11 now or leave it as is since my N400 has not been sent yet?.

    So it is pretty confusing and I am not sure if I should file the AR-11 now (and if I do will it raise any red flags) or not? And if I do what address should I put?

    And if IO asked me what I have to say?


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    10:50 pm yesterday


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    3 Replies

    Hello! Does anyone know if it is safe to relocate to another state after submitting the petition for a spousal visa? Or is it safer to just wait until after the interview and everything is approved? Thanks in advance

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    electronic filing at Sydney Consulate
    10:32 pm yesterday


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    Does anyone have any experience or know if EP is really much quicker than manual processing for the NVC stage of an I-130? I've read that your documents can be reviewed in 3-5 days but I really don't want to get my hopes up. There is now an 11 week wait for manual processing. I'm trying to come up with some kind of time-line of when I think I might be done with this whole thing. It's proving very difficult since I'm now going into my 7 months of waiting just for my petition and haven't even reached the NVC stage yet.

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    AOS from K1
    10:28 pm yesterday


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    Hi all!

    I am probably getting way ahead of myself as we are just about to file for our K1 but I was wondering if anyone could shed some light and let me know roughly what the processing times are to adjust status from K1 to PR if living (and I suppose) filing in Chicago, IL?

    Any information would be much appreciated!

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