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    After I-130 Approval what is next?
    5:28 pm today


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    Hello i dont know if im in the right group but my husbands I-130 was approved 3/19/2018 he entered into the US at the age of 7 with no legal documents. now im just confused on what is next ? we have a lawyer but we wont see him until next week so im wondering what is next ? im pretty sure my husband wil have to go to his home country to ask for forgiveness but what are the current prices for these paper works ?

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    Change Country Of Interview
    4:49 pm today


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    My fiance and I have submitted our visa but have not received a NOA 2 (expected in June). My fiance is a citizen of both Australia and the United Kingdom. She currently resides in Australia and hence that is the citizenship and address we used on our I-129 form. Given how long the NOA2 process is taking, she may have to move to the U.K. from Australia while we wait for the NOA2.

    My main questions are:

    1. Is it possible to request a change of where her interview will take place? (So that she can move to and interview in the U.K.)
    2. Could she do her interview in the U.K. even though she is a citizen of Australia.

    My secondary questions are:

    • Is there a specific form to do this? (I'm guessing change of address might suffice?)
    • Does anyone know if this causes any kind of delay in processing?
    • Would it be better to do it ASAP or wait until after the NOA2?

    Thank you advance for your time and attention to this question!

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    Dreaded Processing Times....
    4:45 pm today


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    I just saw on the USCIS site that they are displaying processing times differently. If you weren't depressed now you soon will be when you look at the backlog.


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    4:44 pm today


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    Hello good day to you. I was done with the interview today and the co told me that everything is okay but said my wife income is not sufficient enough to sponsor me that I should let her look for a joint sponsor then returned my passport. Then she gave me a paper and checked on Joint sponsor and IRS transcript of the joint sponsor and also checked on international passport too. She asked me to drop them off both my passport and the joint sponsor when I finally see anyone to joint sponsor my wife at one of their drop off office and also gave me another paper about rule and regulation of immigrant in USA. I got home and checked visa status then it shows administrative process. To me I feel it's okay and glad I'm still in good shape but how long this is going to take after I did what she said I should do is what I don't know. Please any idea or advice about the time frame after I do what she asked. Thanks. Interview took place at Nigeria Embassy.

    Questions asked during the interview are.

    CO - Who's calling you to the US

    CO - How and when do you met

    CO - Does she work and where/ how long has she been at her current job and her position

    CO - Have she been married before/ Have I been married before

    CO - Does she have kid and how many/ Do I have kid and how many.

    And that's all.

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    DS-160 free or?
    4:43 pm today

    Elliott & Nickey

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    So I've completed the DS-160 ready for my interview, and I've printed off the confirmation page, but do I have to pay for the DS-160 application at some point?

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