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    Bringing I-693 to the AOS Interview - What happens?
    2:39 pm today


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    I have an AOS interview scheduled for next month, and we're bringing my I-693 with us.

    I have read some threads that some people's AOS applications were denied because of their I-693 wasn't filled out correctly.

    I am so scared that it can happen to me, as well.

    What happens if they find out my I-693 wasn't filled out correctly by my doctor? Will my case automatically be denied?

    My doctor and I went through the form together to make sure everything was fine, but what if something WAS wrong?

    I'm terrified. Please give me some advice, any advice, so I won't have to be so scared. Thank you.

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    December Filers
    2:10 pm today


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    Hi Everyone! I started my I129F process for my fiance. Here is my outliine so far.

    Package sent via USPS Dec 9

    Received by USCIS according to USPS - Dec 12

    Check cashed by USCIS Dec 15

    Awaiting Email/Text with case #. Still not yet transferred to CSC. Heard nothing yet.

    Awaiting NOA1....

    Anyone have any estimates on when NOA2 will be? I read many things on here, with them now finishing May/June and on July 2017 filers. I can't believe how behind they are. I know that this thread is probably duplicated elsewhere on this site, but thought I'd take a shot and see who responds and who is in a similar situation as I am. ALL RESPONSES are appreciated!


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    Benefiaciary with criminal record in the USA
    1:22 pm today


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    Hi everyone.

    I hope to get advice here..
    Me (benefiaciary) and my fiance- petitioner (US citizen), we just submitted our I-129F for K-1 visa. But I (beneficiary) have problems with my criminal records in the USA.
    The first time I went to the US was in 2009 with J1 visa (work and travel program). I was 20 and made stupid mistake (which I really really regret about it until today :(( ). I was caught by the Mall's security for shoplifting in California. We went to the police station, they took my finger prints and I had to attend the court couple of days later. The amount for stolen stuff was around 30-40 $. So since this amount was very small, the judge said that it could be infraction, but not misdemenor if I agree to pay fine and take online theft course. So I did that, I came back the next day with certificate that I completed the course, that I paid the fines and I said NO CONTEST. So basically I received "Infraction". And I also took the papers from the court. And returted to Russia.
    1 year later in 2010 I applied again for J-1 visa. I didnt hide anything from the US embassy while filing visa aplication, but during the interview they denied my visa (they gave me paper 214b (lack of strong ties to home country (potential immigrant)). I dont know why, but I decided to try 1 more time and I went for the 2nd interview right away and really really kind ambasaddor felt sorry for me and approved my visa. While entering Chicago in 2010 I was asked to tell what happened again in the airport and then they let me in the country with no problems.
    That year I actually met my future husband. But after 4 month I came back to Russia because my visa expired. While we were in relationship I never applied for tourist visa to visit him.
    So I said we already mailed our petition to USCIS.
    We didnt hire any lawer. So now I wonder If i would be rejected for my visa during interview? Do i have any chances?
    As I remember infraction should not be problem for non- imigrant visa (i.e. K-1 right?). On the russian website of US embassy k-1 states as non immigrant visa.
    Is infraction a CIMT?
    Ps. I dont have any criminal records in my home country or anywhere else.
    I have attached copy of court's paper



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    I130 still pending since 2016
    1:16 pm today


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    I filed for my husband June 2016. My husband and I have been together for 4 years and married for 2. Right after I filed for him he was detained due to a pending removal. He was removed March 2017 and I had my interview April 2017. At the interview an extra document was requested and we turned it in within the time frame given. Now its December 2017 and our case is still pending. I recieved a letter last week stating our case is still pending. At this point I dont know what to do. Looking for advice.

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    Reschedule CRBA after K1 Visa has been approved Manila Philippinnes
    1:01 pm today


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    I was in Manila for about 2 months while getting my Fiance visa done. We finally finished and said it was approved roughly 2 weeks ago. I was under the impression my son would simply travel under k2 status but they informed me that I need to do a CRBA/ PASSPORT. I was disappointed and my funds were almost depleted so what I I filled out my sons CRBA packet and sent my fiance back to her province in Mindanao while I went back to America to make some more cash. 2 days after getting back to the US they said our apointment was in 9 days. I wrote them asked to reschedule and I think they misunderstood why i was asking for rescheduling. Can anyone give me a better way of getting a hold of someone in order to re-schedule CRBA?

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