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    Letter to Congressman or USCIS Case Inquiry
    11:16 pm today


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    Has anyone had any experience with writing to their congressman or doing a USCIS case inquiry? We are thinking of writing right at about 6 months of waiting or once the USCIS changes their processing cases date to after our received date.

    How long does each one take for a response (I thought I saw someone say that they opened a case inquiry and USCIS said give them 30 days and they never heard from them even after the 30 days)? Which is faster? Which one is more effective?

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    10:56 pm today


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    1 Replies

    Hi team

    I sumbmitted vawa on february 13 2017 and receive noticed of action february 27 2017 up till now i have not heard from the uscis.

    What is the next step.


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    Employment history in I-130
    10:43 pm today


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    I am in the process of filling out concurrent I-130 and I-485 for my wife who is here on L-1B.

    I am not sure how to answer the employment history questions. She previously lived in Dallas (2012-2015) but moved to Boston in 2015, continuing to work for the same employer until present. How do we handle this? The employer is the same, but address is different. Do we list it as 2 separate employers to show both addresses, or just do one employer and show the most recent address? If we do one employer with most recent address only, wouldn't that cause confusion since the address history won't match the employment history? Yet it seems misleading to say employment "ended" when it was only a relocation.

    Same question for me, the petitioner. My office changed addresses once within the last 5 years (but within the same city). Same company, role, etc. Do I list it separately or as one with the most recent address?


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    90 days waiting for EAD card, no work.....
    8:34 pm today

    Wouter Erwee

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    11 Replies

    Newby here...

    I just wanted to figure this out, so I enter the US on the K1 visa, we get married immediately, file the paperwork and apply for the EAD card. Am I allowed to work for those 3 months of waiting or must I just sit at home and earn no money...? That does not make sense!!!


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    F1 to marriage AOS, need name advice
    8:22 pm today


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    Petitioner: Wife- Jane Dough

    Beneficiary: John Pope

    My wife and I married two years ago and are finally caught up with finances to get our AOS done. So on our marriage certificate, her name shows as Jane Pope. However, in all these years she hasn't gotten her name changed from her maiden "Dough'. On all her government issued ID's it shows her name as "Jane Dough" as she has decided to keep her maiden name, with which I dont have any problem with.

    Immigration/AOS wise, will this be an issue?

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