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Recent Immigration Discussions:

arrowEvidence sense check!
August 29, 2016, 4:47 pm Last comment by Merrytooth

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4 Replies

Hi guys! Back to this place as I can send my packet off next week to withdraw my conditions, yay! Just wanted to sense-check what i am including and to see if I've missed anything:


* Competed form & check

* Photocopy of front and back of my current greencard

* Copy of the title on the car me and my hubby bought together in USA

* Copy of lease of old apartment and current apartment (where we have lived since I moved to the USA)

* Copy of our joint bank account info

* Copy of Paypal transfers to eachother

* Copy of me adding hubby to life insurance and healthcare plans with my work, and adding him as beneficiary to my 401k



Does that seem too thin?



I haven't included affidavits form friends and families, or copies of photos, but could if people recommend that? 



Thanks in advance, just want all this to be over with! 

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arrowCitizenship through US spouse or not?
August 29, 2016, 4:44 pm Last comment by teeak

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1 Replies



I got my greencard through marriage with an American citizen (I’m still married to the same person). I’ve been in the US for 7 years now. I want to apply for citizenship, but if I do it as a spouse of an American I’ll have to send a ton of extra documents to proof that we are still married, tax documents, copies of marriage license and kids’ birth certificates, etc.


Can I apply as a legal permanent resident that has lived in the US for more than 5 years instead? This would be much easier.



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arrowOther approved locations for Medicals in Mexico?
August 29, 2016, 4:18 pm Last comment by jacklynriquelme

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So, I originally was happy to see that the US Consulate in Juarez had 3 approved medical offices close by.  However, after realizing that my fiance's kids would be required to wait 3-4 days for the results of their scratch-test, this appears to more of a hindrance, at least logistically.  Mainly, because this will require at least 2-3 additional days be spent in Juarez.


But, I have seen at least 1 post here indicating that official Medicals were actually performed in Mexico City, so that got me thinking...


Are there other approved medical offices for immigration purposes elsewhere in Mexico?  Or, are the only official ones in Juarez & Mexico City?  If there are indeed other locations, would anyone know where to find that information?  I remember searching a few months back but couldn't find anything.


Ideally, would be looking for a facility in Playa del Carmen, but even Cancun would be a big help. In reality, even Merida would be preferable since my fiance and kids could do that in 1-2 days easily and save 3+ in Juarez.


Any insight into this would greatly appreciated.



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arrowOffered a job by a French company affiliate based in the US
August 29, 2016, 4:03 pm Last comment by EM_Vandaveer

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2 Replies



I am a 32yo French citizen, currently working in France for an american company for the last 4 years. It would have been ideal for THIS company to offer me to move to the US as obtaining a L1 visa in this situation seems relatively straight forward.

"Unfortunately", it is actually a multinational European company with its Headquarters in France offering me a great job in California, they have a US-based company there created 2 years ago with ~10 employees at the moment.


They want me on the ground there ASAP and are fine with paying all expenses relatives to obtaining my VISA but are asking me to select among different paths I identified as their local HR support is really poor for the time being:

According to me, the following options are possible:


1/ L1: Being first employed by the French company in France for 1 year, travelling to the US using a Business Visa for 3 weeks every 3 months (is it acceptable?) and then applying for a L1 Visa.


2/ Sponsorship: Asking for the US-based company affiliate to sponsor a H1 Visa: what are the delays, is it actually faster than the L1 route? 


3/ Creating a company with my own funds and being paid through consulting billing the US company - this seems almost unfeasible but let me know your thoughts.


4/ Any other realistic option involving even significant cash being paid by the employer to bring me on the ground in the US ASAP?


Thanks for sharing your time and experience with me, this would be much appreciated.



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arrowAOS sponsor income reqt's clarification...
August 29, 2016, 3:51 pm Last comment by jubbadubba

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4 Replies

Quick clarification on sponsor income!   (I'm the sponsor for a household of two)

My 2014 tax return  =   $20,900  =  OK!

My 2015 tax return  =  $18,900  =  NO GOOD!

My current salaried employment, started in July 2016, with a large university = $60,000/yr 

Will proof of my current employment and income suffice?  Even if the most recent tax return was not?  Do I need to satisfy BOTH of these conditions?  We were sent an RFE because my 2015 tax return was too low...  we have not yet shown proof of my current income, however.

Are a couple paystubs and a letter from my employer enough? or are we going to need a joint sponsor...

Thank you!

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