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    Filing questions
    7:21 pm today


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    I m recently married, my husband is here on an asylum case. We want to file an adjustment and try to get his residency card via our marriage. We also want to be able to travel outside of the US. Which he can t currently do because of his asylum case. Once we file that we are married, would he be able to travel? Or do we need to wait for the green card to come? I can t find any specific answers.

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    i-485 Need Advice On Two Important Questions
    7:21 pm today


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    -- Came on F1 in Jan 2014

    -- No longer currently enrolled in school and F1 expired Dec 2015 ( which obviously makes me out of status)

    -- Married Apr 2017

    -- Now planning to apply for AOS this month Dec 2017

    When i came in on my student visa in 2014 my dad was retired and sponsored my travel and school fee, but he lost all his retirement investment due to fraud and it affected the whole family including me. So took a job which a senior living care company as a sitter. The job didnt require any degree or resume and stuff like that. And i also didnt claim to be a citizen when filling out their form. I did this for a couple of months.

    So my question is this, i am thinking about selection YES to question #16 and #17

    #16 - Have you ever worked without authorization
    #17 - Have you ever violated terms and conditions of your nonimmigrant status

    The explanation i want to provide in the statement for selecting both options is below

    #16 - Unfortunate family tragedy cut off my funding and was unable to pay my rent & school fees so i had to find an unskilled job to survive for some time.

    #17 - I believe i have to answer YES to this question because i answered YES to Item 16 / Part Number 8 /Page 10 (This is the actual statement i want to write down)

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    My fiance and I have
    6:56 pm today


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    Met and hung out for 1 week straight 24/7 within 2 years..

    Will this be enough time for the fiance visa? it states you must meet within 2 years and doesn't specify the time requirement together.



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    Which type of health insurance do I need?
    6:48 pm today


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    I'm having a little trouble understanding what type of health insurance I need to be on at this point in time.

    I am the Beneficiary, from the UK. I entered the US on a K1 visa on 12/03/2017 and married my USC husband / Petitioner on 12/11/2017. We're currently still waiting on the marriage certificate to begin the AOS process.

    Is it best to purchase some type of travel insurance now or to wait until I begin the AOS process (Will I have more options then?)

    Thanks in advance.

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    6:05 pm today


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    SO sorry. It said my original post was moved to this forum but I can't find it/see it.

    I sent all the forms in a couple months ago. I got a letter from USCIS "Request For Initial Evidence (I-485)."
    It says "Submit an English translation with the applicant's foreign birth certificate issued by the appropriate civil authority. If the document in in a language other than English, you must submit a copy of the foreign language document and an English translation.

    Hubby was born in Toronto & I was certain I enclosed a copy of his birth certificate with the I-485 but I may be wrong. Is that what they are asking for? Do I just need to send a copy of his birth certificate in to them? His birth certificate is in English and French.

    All I need to know is.....do I resend his birth certificate again?

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