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    DS-160 - 'Immigrant petition' question?
    2:53 pm today


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    Hi all, I posted this in the main K-1 forum section but have sadly had no luck with advice ?Was hoping my fellow UK'ers will have some experience with this question regarding the DS-160 for anyone that has completed it?

    Under previous U.S Travel Information there's this question:

    • Has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services?

    Now, I've tried to research this question here on VJ and it looks like there's been mixed responses... Some people say that, of course, the initial K-1 petition to USCIS is what they're asking about. Some other people say that 'technically' the k-1 isn't an immigrant petition, but is instead a non-immigrant petition with immigrant intent once adjusted. Some people also mention that because you select 'immigrant visa' when you check the NVC status - that it counts as an immigrant petition for the purpose of the current process?

    Either way it's all very confusing! I just wondered if anyone had recently gone through the interview/DS-160 process and was asked further questions at interview for selecting either option? Or if anyone generally had any advice for what the question really entails? No-one has ever filed any form of petition on my behalf except for the current K-1 process that me and my fianc are doing.


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    Archives of March 2018
    2:49 pm today


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    Archives of March 2018, it is time to find out if we have been approved. Wishing you all Good Luck !!!!

    Imagem relacionada Hugs

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    G-325 This wasn't include in my app? Where do I find it?
    2:44 pm today


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    Can someone please elaborate on this G-325? I did not see it in my application. Do I get this somewhere else?

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    Advise and Reqest for Review on I-751 Cover Letter -- Checklist of Evidence (detailed)
    1:26 pm today


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    Hi Everyone,

    We have been gathering our evidences to get ready to file for joint I-751. We were married on Aug 2016. AOS interviewed on Nov 2016. Will be filing I-751 on Oct 2018.

    We have lived together since Aug 2016 at our first address.

    We moved to our second address on May 2018.

    I can no longer find some of our older utility bills from our previous residence. However, I managed to retrieve one utility bill or utility notice sent for each year we lived there 2016-2018. Should that be fine? Or is it necessary that we have every monthly or quarterly bills?

    Anyway, here is our list of evidences that we will be submitting for ROC in detail of every piece that we will be putting into our submission. I think we should be set, but it would be great to get feedback if we missed anything or if you have any advice/suggestions on the matter, we would truly appreciate it:


    Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse
    123 Street Address
    City, State Zip

    USCIS California Service Center
    PO BOX 10751
    Laguna Niguel, CA 92607-1075

    [Date of Submission]

    RE: I-751 Joint Petition To Remove Conditions Of Status On: Mickey Mouse (A #: xxx-xxx-xxx)


    Dear Sir/Maam:
    Greetings! Enclosed please find a Petition to Remove the Conditions on Residence (Form I-751). Conditional residence of my husband, Mickey Mouse, is based on our marriage and we are jointly filing this petition. We are happily married and request that this petition be accepted for the removal of conditions on his residence. Please find the following enclosed:
    ? $680.00 Money Order (for the Filing Fee of $595.00 and Biometric Fee of $85.00)
    ? Copy of Mickey Mouse's conditional permanent resident card (front and back)
    ? Form I-751
    ? Evidences of the Relationship


    ? Copy of Driver's Licenses showing the same address of residence
    ? Joint Apartment Lease at Previous Address

    [Mickey Mouse (husband) could only be added to lease on January 2017 after receiving his ssn and California ID. This addition was done after the holidays. After the first written lease expired, our landlady allowed both of us to continue living at our apartment on a month to month basis as long as we continue paying rent.
    We, therefore, did not have to sign a new lease.]

    Proofs of continued communal residence at Previous Address:
    ? Joint Home Insurance Liberty Mutual (Policy Declaration)
    ? Utility Bills & Notices (sent to each spouse but shows same address of residence):
    Electricity (under wife's name) Southern California Edison:

    • ? 2016 September (deposit payment receipt)
    • ? 2017 November (promotion notice)
    • ? 2018 April (bill notice)

    Internet (under husband's name) Time Warner Cable/Spectrum:

    • ? 2016 November (statement)
    • ? 2017 April (account notification)
    • ? 2017 October (statement)
    • ? 2018 March (statement)
    • ? 2018 May (promotion notice)

    ? Sworn Declaration of Joint Residence at Present Address provided by great aunt who owns the house (supported with her driver's license copy and photos of us together with her)
    Moved to Present Address residence on May 2018 (economic reasons & to accompany older relative)
    Attached also: copy of USCIS address change confirmation of AR-11. We mailed in I-185 Form.

    Proofs of continued communal residence at Present Address:
    ? Joint Phone Bills (T-Mobile)

    • ? 2018 June October

    ? Joint Home Insurance Liberty Mutual (Policy Declaration)


    ? Greeting Cards/Letters
    received from friends and family addressed to both husband and wife (2016-2018)

    • ? 2016 August - Wedding Congratulatory
    • ? 2016 December - Christmas Greeting
    • ? 2017 January - Birthday Card to Minnie Mouse
    • ? 2017 April - Birthday Card to Mickey Mouse
    • ? 2017 August - 1st Year Wedding Anniversary Card
    • ? 2017 December Christmas Greeting
    • ? 2018 January - Belated Holiday Greetings
    • ? 2018 April - Easter Greeting Card


    • ? 2018 June Cousin s Birthday Invitation
    • ? 2018 August - 2nd Year Wedding Anniversary Card
    • ? 2018 September Card (perhaps if we recv any)

    ? Official IRS Tax Account & Tax Return Transcripts [filed married jointly]

    2016 Tax Period
    2017 Tax Period

    ? Copies of Joint Bank Cards
    Wells Fargo Debit Cards (Both are Primary Users)

    JetBlue/Barclay Credit Cards (Minnie Mouse as Primary / Mickey Mouse as Authorized)
    Capital One Credit Cards (Mickey Mouse as Primary / Minnie Mouse as Authorized)

    ? Joint Checking Bank Statements -- Wells Fargo (Bi Monthly)
    2016 August to 2018 May

    2018 May to 2018 October


    ? Joint Auto Insurance --Alliance United Insurance Company
    (Coverage Declaration, Cards, and Proofs of Payments)
    (Before August 2017, wife's employer was paying for her auto insurance as she s using their company vehicle until they told her to get her own personal insurance. Thus, our joint policy.)
    2017-2018 Period

    2018-2019 Period

    ? Joint Vision Insurance Vision Plan Of America
    (copy of joint insurance cards and evidence of coverage)
    Previous Address
    Present Address
    ? Joint Dental Insurance (2016-2018) -- Policy, Cards, Statements
    Previous Address Anthem Blue Cross
    Present Address Blue Shield Of California
    (Note: The second page of each statement shows that we are both beneficiaries under same coverage)

    ? Certified Copy of Marriage Certificate
    ? Two Sworn Statements attesting our marriage

    Supplied by (uncle & aunt) supported with photos
    Supplied by (friend) supported with photo

    ? Joint Entertainment Subscriptions Hulu & Netflix (screenshots)
    ? Time Lined Pictures of married couple together and with friends & family (dated from marriage

    • ? 2016 August Our Wedding
    • ? 2016 October -- at Uncle Scrooge s Birthday
    • ? 2016 November Thanksgiving
    • ? 2016 December at Rapunzel and Flynn s Wedding (cousins)
    • ? 2016 December Christmas & Holidays


    • ? 2017 Our Birthdays
    • ? 2017 February -- Valentine s
    • ? 2017 April -- Easter Sunday
    • ? 2017 June at Great Uncle s Funeral & Oakland family visit
    • ? 2017 August 1st Year Anniversary
    • ? 2017 October at Filipino Food Event
    • ? 2017 November Thanksgiving
    • ? 2017 December Christmas & Holidays


    • ? 2018 January Minnie s Birthday
    • ? 2018 February Valentine s
    • ? 2018 March at friend's Baby Shower
    • ? 2018 April Mickey s Birthday
    • ? 2018 July 4th Of July
    • ? 2018 August 2nd Year Anniversary
    • ? 2018 September Labor Day Weekend
    • ? (2016-2018) Other Random Pictures with friends & family

    ? Out Of Town Trips Together

    • ? 2016 November -- to Seattle (Plane Tickets & Pictures)
    • ? 2017 June -- to Oakland/San Francisco (Plane Tickets, Hotel, Car Rental & Pictures)
    • ? 2017 August -- to Washington & Oregon (Road Trip; Pictures)
    • ? 2018 September to Laughlin, NV (Road Trip; Pictures)
    • ? 2018 Upcoming Trip to Arizona on November (Plane Ticket Itinerary)

    You may feel free to inquire at any source of enclosed documentation in order to verify the information we attached. However, if you feel that more information is needed, do not hesitate to contact us at the address (or by phone) we specified in our application. Thank you for accepting and processing our petitioned request.

    Very Truly,
    Minnie Mouse
    and Mickey Mouse


    We just want to ensure we are submitting enough into evidence, and pray to God that our process goes smoothly and quickly. As I've read that the process is already long enough, we want to avoid RFEs and/or any interview(s) that would only further delay our petition's adjudication.

    Thank you!!! :)

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    USC vs Permanent Resident
    1:24 pm today


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    My petition is currently in TSC. I am an USC. I do not want to come off judgmental, however, the case processing time for a permanent resident is shorter than that of an USC in Texas service center. I have heard that a USC has priority. Is this not true then?

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