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    Birth certificate
    4:44 am today


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    Hi, I m joining the army and I need My birth certificate from Colombia, but I dont Know where to start?? I ve lost my birth certificate and need to get the original one ASAP! Any information would be appreciated! Mahalo.

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    Possible to Expedite i-130? (expat US Cit)
    3:32 am today


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    Hello everyone.

    I'm a US citizen living abroad for almost 3-4 years. I'm married to a British Citizen for almost 2 years (this December). We currently reside in Switzerland. With a recent death (July) of my grandfather who raised me, I feel like I need to be closer to the family I have left. My husband and I have a very traditional relationship, he's the primary income earner/breadwinner, and I'm the homemaker. So in order for us to go back to the US, he needs to come with me, as I cannot support my self financially, I do have some ties to the US, in regards to a student loan that needs to start to be paid in January of 2019 and a bank with small amounts of funds. My husband is an educator/academic and several places have reached interest in him, so the opportunity of working for him is not an issue (kind of what happens when he has a Ph.D), however, most places can't really go much further than an interview since he can't legally work there yet. Since his job in academia is unique (compared to working in retail where you can start whenever) he usually can only start in Summer or in some cases Dec/Jan.

    I guess the only criteria we can somewhat say is, will this be counted as a sever lost of financial situation to me? because if he doesn't get it in time, he can't start working, and we can't immigrate, meaning I can't pay my student loans. And if we can't live there, there is not really a point to pay them, since my co-signer is now dead, etc. We are stuck between a rock and a hard place. The other option is: after his contract is up in Switzerland, is that we will move back to Asia and just live there if we can't move back to the US.

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    How much evidence do you really need for i130?
    3:27 am today

    Amanda Szab

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    Hello! I am very new to this and want to make sure there is nothing else I need to submit for 1-130. Is this enough evidence and information? Or am I missing something?

    1. Form G-1450 credit card authorization for the $535.00 filing fee;

    2. Form G-1145 petition for e-notification;

    3. Form I-130 Petition for Alien Relative;

    4. Form I-130A, Supplemental Information for Spouse Beneficiary, for the beneficiary;

    5. Two (2) photos of the petitioner and two (2) photos of the beneficiary;

    6. Petitioner s U.S. birth certificate;

    7. Petitioner s U.S. Passport;

    8. Marriage certificate of petitioner and beneficiary;

    9. Evidence of bona fide marriage;

    A.) Financial Evidence;

    • Life insurance policy for Vikor Szab listing Amanda as his 100% beneficiary;
    • Printout of shared U.S. bank account (Fifth Third);

    • Printout of shared Capital One credit card account;

    • Printout of cards from shared accounts (please note Capital One has not yet sent a card with Amanda s new name;

    B.) Evidence of co-residence;

    • Certificate of Residence signed by landlord J nos K lm n.

    • Official translated statement from the Hungarian government confirming common residence based on their records. (please note in Hungary you are allowed both a permanent and temporary address)

    C.) Evidence of wedding

    • Email correspondence regarding premarital counseling.

    • Printout of wedding website

    • Wedding detail program

    • Printout of e-wedding invitation;

    • Printout of trello wedding planning board

    • Pictures from wedding

    D.) Visits to US

    • Flight details printout to the U.S. for June 20-29 2017 so Viktor could meet Amanda s family before the wedding.

    • Flight details printout to U.S. for honeymoon and second U.S. wedding. August 2-22 2017.

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    Need help
    2:50 am today


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    We need help, maybe someone could give me advice. We are waiting for IR-1 visa interview. For already 4 months. We got CC in April 25, but no interview date still. when we call to operator they say NVC did collected all required documentation and we are waiting in line for the interview, and they have no timeframe for interview to be scheduled. First 3 months we actually thought we are waiting in line, but people getting interviews with CC in July. And we are not. We did text on nvc inquiry and asknvc, but they all send us same answer, that we are waiting in line. What scares me the most that they have no timeframe, in this case we could stay in this situation forever.

    We would any information or suggestions you could give us.

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    2:50 am today


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    Can anyone advice me.. My fianc e is about to get her K1 visa from Singapore, can she be able to go back to Singapore to complete her work project after we got married here in the US and applied for green card? Can she travel back while she s waiting for her green card.

    Appreciate any feedback?

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