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    I’m sorry that you are frustrated but aiming it at government employees is a bit unfair. Decisions around Embassy reopening are made in Washington by Dept of State so your “lazy government employees” are depending on that decision. Humble yourself - Immigration is not a right, and no timeline is granted. Even more so under current circumstances. You are physically with your Fiancé, what else do you need? Others are waiting apart from another.
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    As one of those "lazy government employees" you referred to, I can assure you we are not sitting around doing nothing on our cell phones. The vast majority of the federal workforce continues working from home or alternate work sites. Consulate officers still have plenty of work without conducting visa interviews. It isn't laziness that delays your packet 3. The consulate is deliberately slowing your progress. They have to reschedule hundreds of cancelled interviews before you continue through the process. Sorry you are having issues finding the foods you are accustomed to eating. Given the rising beef prices in the United States and Vietnam, I am sure many families in Vietnam and the United States would have difficulty empathizing with your struggle eating beef, chicken, eggs, noodles, and rice every day. Vietnam is one of the greatest foodie/seafood destinations in the world. Definitely reconsider where you are shopping if you are having so many issues with food quality. Bread made with rice flour - like the traditional Vietnamese baguettes - are gluten free. Ask if it's rice or a rice/wheat mix. Vietnam is not a third-world country. It is usually referred to as "third world" (or "hellish") by people trying to insult the country and/or its people. Leadership's decision to close embassies will have long-lasting impacts on immigration. The entire immigration process is a long and frustrating ride. Patience is even more necessary now than ever before. Best of luck to you and your fiance. Jason
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    As noted, DOS made the decision. Only USCIS has set a planned date to reopen. DOS has not yet. The individual employees have absolutely no say when they can resume normal visa processing work. Your anger and insults directed at them are misguided. The decision to resume visa processing is something from top DOS staff and/or the chief of mission for that country. It's like complaining that a DMV clerk won't issue a new license when the state's governor mandated all DMV offices closed. The worker has no say...you're talking to people at least several levels lower in the org chart than those with the power to make that decision. If the plan is to remain abroad until the interview, I'm assuming you have a co sponsor lined up (or large assets).
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    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is preparing some domestic offices to reopen and resume non-emergency public services on or after June 4. On March 18, USCIS temporarily suspended routine in-person services at its field offices, asylum offices and application support centers (ASCs) to help slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). USCIS is following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines to protect our workforce and the public. For the latest information on the status of individual offices, check our office closures page. While certain offices are temporarily closed, USCIS continues to provide limited emergency in-person services. Please call the USCIS Contact Center for assistance with emergency services. As services begin to reopen, offices will reduce the number of appointments and interviews to ensure social distancing, allow time for cleaning and reduce waiting room occupancy. Appointment notices will contain information on safety precautions that visitors to USCIS facilities must follow. If you are feeling sick, please do not go to your appointment. Follow the instructions on your appointment notice to reschedule your appointment for when you are healthy. There is no penalty for rescheduling your appointment if you are sick. Asylum Offices USCIS asylum offices will automatically reschedule asylum interviews that were cancelled during the temporary closures. When USCIS reschedules the interview, asylum applicants will receive a new interview notice with the new time, date and location for the interview and information about safety precautions. In accordance with social distancing guidelines, and due to the length of asylum interviews, asylum offices expect to conduct video-facilitated asylum interviews, where the applicants sit in one room and the interviewing officer sits in another room. Asylum offices will use available technology, including mobile devices provided by the agency, to ensure that the officer, applicant, interpreter and representative can fully and safely participate in the interview while maintaining social distancing. For affirmative asylum interviews, applicants must bring all immediate family members listed as dependents on the application and an interpreter, if the applicant does not speak English. Additionally, a representative, witness, individual providing disability accommodations or “trusted adult” if an applicant is a minor, may attend the interview. For non-detained credible or reasonable fear interviews, individuals must bring any family members listed on the interview notice. Representatives may attend credible and reasonable fear interviews but are encouraged to participate telephonically. USCIS will provide contracted, professional interpreters for credible and reasonable fear interviews. Naturalization Ceremonies USCIS will send notices to applicants to reschedule postponed naturalization ceremonies. The ceremonies may be shorter to limit exposure to those in attendance. Instead of playing videos during naturalization ceremonies, attendees will receive a flyer with information and links directing them to the videos on the USCIS website. Under the shortened format, all legally required portions of the ceremony will take place. Attendance is limited to the naturalization candidate and individuals providing assistance to disabled persons. Interviews and Appointments USCIS will send notices to applicants and petitioners with previously scheduled appointments and interviews. Those attending appointments should follow the safety guidelines outlined below. Those who had other appointments must reschedule through the USCIS Contact Center once field offices are open to the public. Please check our office closure page to see if your respective office has been reopened before calling the Contact Center. Visitors are limited to the applicant, one representative, one family member and one individual providing disability accommodations. The applicant should arrange to have their interpreter available by phone. Application Support Centers USCIS will automatically reschedule any necessary ASC appointments that were cancelled due to the temporary office closure. Individuals will receive a new appointment letter in the mail with specific safety requirements. Individuals who appear at a date or time other than what is listed on the ASC appointment notice may encounter significant processing delays, except for military members. Guidelines for Entering USCIS Facilities Visitors may not enter a USCIS facility if they: Have any symptoms of COVID-19, including cough, fever or difficulty breathing; Have been in close contact with anyone known or suspected to have COVID-19 in the last 14 days; or Have been individually directed to self-quarantine or self-isolate by a health care provider or public health official within the last 14 days. Visitors may not enter the facility more than 15 minutes prior to their appointment (30 minutes for naturalization ceremonies). Hand sanitizer will be provided for visitors at entry points. Members of the public must wear facial coverings that cover both the mouth and nose when entering facilities. Visitors may be directed to briefly remove their face covering to confirm identity or take their photograph. There will be markings and physical barriers in the facility; visitors should pay close attention to these signs to ensure they follow social distancing guidelines. Individuals are encouraged to bring their own black or blue ink pens. More information on visiting USCIS facilities can be found at uscis.gov/visitorpolicy. Please also visit uscis.gov/coronavirus for updates.
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    Can I share somethings with you that I learned long ago about this process? • "the man with the gold makes the rules" • it will take as long as it will take • no one with any certainty can tell you when some process will be completed • Your sense of urgency will never be equaled to what USCIS, NVC or your embassy demonstrates • Your journey is not going to mirror someone else's experience - yours and theirs are not the same • They only promised you a YES or NO answer. Never an exact time that their decision would be completed • Lowering your expectations will make you a much more relaxed individual Good luck on your journey
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    Removing Conditions for 5 Years

    Hi All! Although I just registered on this site, I have been reading it for a very long time and wanted to share my extremely long path to citizenship, in hopes that someone will benefit from it. Thank you everyone who shared their stories and comments, and I want to give specifics thanks to @mindthegap for your contribution: your situation is very similar to mine, and as your posts kept me going, I sincerely hope this post will raise your spirits as well. I came to this country with J1 visa in 2009, met my ex-husband, fell in love, and we decided to start our life together here. I was able to get a tourist visa while in the country, extended it couple of times, till we got married in 2011. And so I applied for residency in the beginning of 2012. This step was very straightforward, the interview was very nice and quick, so I was set with my conditional green card by May 2012 (very fast, right?). That is when the honeymoon phase of my relationship with immigration ended. We filed out a joint petition to remove conditions 2 months before the green card expired, in the beginning on 2014. At the end of 2014, we got RFE, and then we had an interview in May 2015. That was the worst day of my life. And I've had some pretty bad days in my past, believe me. I have never felt that way, so threatened as my privacy was being violated in such a rude way. Don't get me wrong, I understand that the officer is supposed to know all you private paperwork stuff. I understand they are supposed to make you feel scared of them. But the way I was treated felt like something out of a horror movie (for lack of a better comparison). The interview was in NJ. While they do not have stokes interview like NY does (officially), they do separate couples without notice. The only difference is that you are not being recorded, so they can "tah-dam" do it wouthout notifying you. They did not let our lawyer stay in the room with my ex (as the lawyer represented just me on G-28 form, not us together), and threatened him with jail and fines to sign a paper that our marriage was fake. He didn't do it, so they questioned him, then brought me in, questioned me, and commented on the results. All the questions were pretty standard, although I found it very odd that the officer asked us to draw the bedroom, but with her hands - I was not allowed to even touch the paper. Needless to say, it was like drawing though a glass wall - no matter what I say, she would draw it completely differently (I have to admit I am a perfectionist, but how hard could it be to draw a bed that takes up most of the room in the middle? no, she would draw it in the corner taking up 1/8 of the room. then move it to the other side. then when I said it is in the middle, she would give me a look like I have two heads and like no one in this world can access their bed from both sides). My ex told me he had the same issues with drawing. To this day I can't understand why I couldn't draw it myself. Then at the end she asked us when was the last time we were intimate. Yes, she did. And my lawyer didn't say anything. I did realize by the end of the interview that this specific lawyer was useless, but the whole reason you take them with you is for them to object these types of questions, right? Oh well, I guess the officer got everybody scared in the room, not just me. I would say we got about 95% of our questions matching. So I am not sure what was the issue (still don't know, after all these years), however that's when everything went silent. The issues I had to deal with while getting the stamps every half a year (and you know, renewing the driver's license every time too)... They probably deserve a different post. I filed for divorce in 2017. It was supposed to be easy, we agreed on everything, he even signed the paper to waive 30-day "waiting for his response" period. Then after waiting for a month, my lawyer calls me to say that the clerk lost my paperwork (after stamps and signatures provided by them that they received it). At exactly the same time, I receive a letter that we are invited for an interview in two weeks. Do you think that was a coincidence? Doesn't look like one to me. The officer held my case for 3 years, and suddenly, the same month we file for divorce, I get that invitation. If I went to that interview, I would have been denied on the spot as we were not officially divorced yet. To me this looks like a set up, and after reading hundreds of similar posts, it looks like it's a very common practice that makes the immigrant look very bad. Would love to hear other people's thoughts on this. This is the point of my story when I got extremely lucky. I was actually in the middle of moving to NY. Yes, it is a different state, a different jurisdiction, so they HAD TO move my case to NY. So I made sure I went to NJ office to hand them my new NY address and ID, as well as a letter from a new lawyer that he has a hearing in a different state on that day (although the letter itself would have probably been useless in that situation). I was very worried about not showing up for the interview, and I am not sure how, but it worked. They moved the case away from NJ!! The wait didn't end though. I actually started seeing a psychologist around that time because of my anxiety over immigration. So... I got fed up with all of that, and in February 2019 (five(!) years after I filed I-751) I filed for citizenship based on the 5-year rule. That's when everything changed. They scheduled I-751 waiver interview for May, it was very long and detailed, but the officer was very respectful and did not make me feel threatened at all. I received my green card, and ironically, before I got time to enjoy it, I was called for the 440 interview I think in October. I cried when I got my certificate - literally a little over 10 years after I came to the country. Damn, this turned out very long, and I didn't even included all the details I wanted to. Enjoy the shortened version At the end, I just want to say that there's always hope, and I hope all of you who are waiting (for whatever immigration owes to them), will get it resolved very soon. I hope you will meet all the great people of this country who are nice, helpful, and who genuinely care about others. Believe me, especially important in this day and age, there are a lot of people like that.
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    December 2019 - AOS Filers

    My I-485 was approved on May 22 without an interview. Thank God. Good luck everyone and wish you guys are next !!!
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    I suggest you show more respect to the country your future wife is from. That "third world country" has shown a much better response to the pandemic than your home country as you can clearly see. It's hard for people to feel bad about your access to delicious Vietnamese food. So much of it is gluten free and all the delicious fruit in the supermarkets is gluten free, too. Organic food is a marketing scam btw, but if you like to spend way too much money on it, that's your choice. I get missing home and your home food, homesickness and culture shock are real and that's what your fiancée is going to be dealing with, too, some be prepared for her to hate where you will be. But try to appreciate what you have right now, including the fact that you are not in lockdown unlike most of the US. It sucks that it takes so long long to get the visa, but that's what it is. No one enjoys dealing with red tape and the pandemic has made it worse. But the employees are not low IQ and lazy, their leadership sure is but the regular employees are just doing their best.
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    Is it possible that you’re part of the problem moreso than part of the solution? Immigration is not an entitlement for a spouse, let alone someone who you aren’t even married to.. nor is it something that progresses quickly and that’s without taking into consideration pandemics, embassy closures, flight bans, flight restrictions, quarantines etc etc.. and just because the numbers there are low, dosent necessarily mean the infection rate is low, chances are minimal testing is being done and they still have no clue how many of the population their are truely infected.. you should think yourself lucky that you’re with your loved one.. you’ve barely started the whole immigration process, what’s it been? 6 months? Geez many of us are 2 years into it and are still seperated from our husbands, wives and children.. if youre not happy in that country, you as a US Citezen have the option to return home, you don’t want to? That’s your choice, live with it.. you can’t eat noodles or rice? try fish, seafood and vegetables all of which are plentyful there.. you don’t want to? Again your choice, live with it.. learn to be patient, or you’re going to be in a world of hurt when it comes time to apply for AOS, EAD and ROC
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    No, June 4 is for USCIS to open some offices. DOS is a different agency. It’s up to the chief of mission at each embassy to decide which phase they’re in. Phase 3 requires undersecretary of mgt approval and as far as I know no post is at that level. Additionally, there’s a worldwide suspension on regular visa processing- when it will be lifted is still unknown. Why didn’t you leave when you ran out of food? Or you’re roughing it until visa in hand?
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    Great news!! So the couple that flew from Mexico City to Miami with an eb-3 visa entered the US without a problem!! They said they only got asked where they were coming from and how many days they were in Mexico. It all took them about 50 minutes.
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    December 2019 I-129F (K1) Filers

    Hi everyone! We are approved today! Noa1 Dec26. Is there any group to join for after receiving Noa2? Thanks! 😊
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    SSN valid for work only

    Well, clearly it doesn't take a professional anything to understand that sentence as I'm certainly not one and I understand it just fine, despite just being a foreigner with no education.
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    Kat & K

    December 2019 - AOS Filers

    Umm.. okay I I strongly disagree 😄😂🙈 @Sarge2155 is one of the most helpful people on VJ and many of us appreciate his posts very much (and have done so ever since we started the K1 process). I think you are heavily misjudging the situation and on top of that I don’t understand how spreading good vibes is a problem to anyone?
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    Ok, everyone, let's try to learn something from my experience. Here's what I've deduced from what happened to me and what I advise everyone with plans on flying to Mexico does: 1. Go to your countries largest, capital international airport It's obvious that there's a communication breakdown between the airports, check in operators and airlines. Interestingly, I found out that KLM operate out of Manchester via Stobart Air. There's evidently some chain of command confusion going on here. I'm really not sure how other UK airports operate, but London might have actual KLM staff at the airport who are more knowledgeable. If you're not in the UK, see if you can find out which company represents KLM at your airport. 2. Don't overwhelm the check-in staff with information as they might get confused I'd advise trying to make things simple and not pull out endless documentation when you arrive. Certainly have it ready, but only use it if you need it. You don't want to cause concern to someone who doesn't know what they're talking about. Just hope that they don't question it. 3. Do not mention"tourism" ever to anyone. Explain that you're meeting your fiancee in Mexico (even if they don't have a flight booked) If you put an emphasis on this, and crucially use the word "family" (unfortunate grey area with being a fiancee), you might stand a better chance to not be lumped in as a "tourist". 4. Try to bypass talking to check in staff if at all possible If you can travel with only carry on (12kg with KLM, small bag) and don't check any baggage, print out your boarding card and print out and complete the health form, you'll can probably skip talking to check in staff and go through security. You're very likely to encounter questions at the gate (perhaps by the same staff at check in), but this at least brings you one step closer to boarding. Note: This is speculation on my part. I spoke with somebody at the airport who told me I would be able to do this, but use your own discretion and do what you feel is best if you think you really need to talk with them at the check in desk. 5. Get lucky and don't be unlucky From what I've gathered from my experience and reading what happened with other users experiences on here, there's really zero guarantee anything is going to work. I know we're all sick of our lives being put in the hands of fate like this, but this is a roll of the dice depending on the people you speak to who are the only ones who can allow you to do this. The system is in shattered pieces and we sadly have to rely on luck. I truly believe if you follow these steps, you stand the best chance of this working out for you. All else I an offer is some good luck and my appreciation for the help. INFORMATION RESOURCE: Image link to the Mexican Embassy Message on travel - source: https://embamex.sre.gob.mx/alemania/index.php/de/ Mexico US Embassy Travel Fact Sheet (first Q&A answer): https://mx.usembassy.gov/travel-restrictions-fact-sheet/ Image link: Consulate Email via @Ja3germeister The International Air Transport Association (IATA) Interactive Coronavirus Travel Regulations Map showing open air boarders in Mexico ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (I'm going to post this as it's own thread for visibility)
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    December 2019 - AOS Filers

    Travel and work!!! Good day for approval
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    December 2019 - AOS Filers

    Woot EAD approved and I updated my timeline!
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    Greetings! I wont bore you all with the details, but I am sat in an Air BnB in MC now. I flew LHR-AMS at 1030 - I was asked simple questions at luggage drop off and was told there are no resrictions in Mexico itself. Anyway - waited in Terminal 2 and had to fill out a Dutch Health form. This was moot for me as I am transitiing, but you have to fill it out. If stopping in NL thebn you hand it in. LHR - all shops bar WHSmiths are shut. In NL, all shops were open (not bars), I got Mexican cash no issue. Grabbed a beer and waited. Flight was very full - left on time, landed on time. Limited service on plane. You must wear a mask at all times. You need to fill out a MX health form and immigration form (both parts). Luggage was passed straight through I didnbt see it in NL. At immigration, it took mayve 30 mins. Was asked if I was on vacation, I replied and said I am seeing friends. He looked at passport, stamped it, took health form, took slip off immigration form, (you keep the smaller part) and away I went. Then waited for bag, took 5 mins. Scanned bags on xrays. They wanted to know why I had 2 laptops - one work one mine and said I should pay duty on the second as Mexico only allows 1 laptop imported. But he waved me on. I tried to use Uber but the was no GPS, so I went ot a Taxi booth in airport, following the signbs. Booked a taxi , pre-paid and then after 10 mins was at BnB met by host and my 26 hour journey was over. Happy to answer any questions - as I wait this out. Thanks for reading! SB
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    December 2019 - AOS Filers

    My EAD is now " new card is being produced" Thank God!! 🎊🎉🙏😍
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    December 2019 - AOS Filers

    Just got notified that new EAD card is being produced after 157 days!! Such a relief and it seems they're making their way through December filers every day!
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    December 2019 I-129F (K1) Filers

    We got approved today, we're both over the moon, i did not expect it to happen this month. As for everyone still waiting keep your heads up, your time will come and it will be worth the wait to be with your loved one for years to come. ❤️ NOA1 - December 23rd NOA2 - May 28th
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    https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-george-floyd-death Please explaing to me why this cop is not in jail. He clearly murdered this man and his fellow cops are accomplices. I have a co worker who spent several years on the force. He said this was murder and the other cops should have stopped him
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    NVC Filers - May 2020

    Good Morning all, Today I woke up to the pleasant surprise of an Email from the NVC saying that we my spouse is DQ.. Original submitted all docs April 6th. RFE May 19th Resubmitted May 19th DQed : May 29th.
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    Rante Macabre

    I can't believe it's been 2 months since I went to work. At first, I missed it dearly. But now I'm kinda getting used to it. It's like getting outta jail after a long sentence. I always knew that was going to be the feeling. (I'm in my early 50s, some of you dunno). I miss the feeling of belonging. I miss my guys. I miss the laughs. I still wake up at 530-630 everyday. Now with nothing to do except a little gardening and help the kids schoolwork. The older one is a freight train in motion now. So I just help the little Turtle. Her sister is a tough act to follow. Me, JR and the big guy built this company. I'm very sad to let go. But I'm the only one left and it's too much, I can't find good partners. I had plans of moving the whole outfit to NJ. That's not gonna happen. It's getting split up and sold to 2 different organizations. They hate the law guy. They like the other people. I'm finalizing the deals soon. Everybody gets paid. The big guy, JR, me. So they're fat and happy. My guys, they all still have a job with great benefits. At least I'm happy about that. But now, what's next...
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    Yes, KLM hires a bunch of idiots. They deadass said to my face that there are no travel restrictions for the US until I let them double check with CBP. Seems like we all need to put on our Karen masks if we want to board that flight
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    K1 visa still in AP

    It's just as easy/hard to deny a fiance/fiancee as it is a spouse, actually. Both visas effectively have to show the same thing, except a spouse has an MC and a fiance has a letter of intent. The main difference is a denied spousal visa due to not having a bona fide marriage can be reaffirmed, whereas a K-1 dies. That said, this visa application does not appear to have been denied due to the relationship validity. If that was the case, they would refused the visa and sent the petition back by now. I've seen a lot claims against Islamabad, but lack of willingness to just refuse a visa is not really up there. Extended AP is not uncommon with Pakistan, especially when a DS-5535 is requested (as appears to be the case here based on the OP's statement). Most often this is due to background checks, and applies equally whether it's a spouse, fiance/fiancee, or other relationship (because it's not about the relationship). Doing an I-130 now (meaning to marry first) would effectively just restart the process. They would have the > 1 year wait for the interview & may (probably) just end up in the same AP again. Note that they interviewed on 9/24/2018. So it's "only" been slightly over 1.5 years, not 3 years, that they have been in AP. The time prior to AP is relatively the same (give or take months) for everyone from that consulate, so it's not really fair to include that in the waiting period. While ~1.5 years of AP is quite a bit (even for Pakistan), it's also not unheard of either. I think the most I saw was a little over 3 years of wait in AP. As for what can be done, the main thing is to keep in touch with the consulate . You can contact a congressional rep to inquire on your behalf, but they cannot influence the decision - only get information. As a last resort, a Writ of Mandamus (WoM) can be discussed with a competent immigration attorney. I only say discussed as if the issue is background checks, a WoM cannot speed that up. It's only included for informational purposes, not a suggestion to pursue.
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    January 2020 - AOS Filers (merged)

    Hey guys!! Just sent in the fax for the expedite today. Please send me all your good vibes!!!
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    You swear wrong. Been this way since I joined this board some 15 years ago. As for the passport stamps, if it helps then annotate on the photocopy to help the adjudicator interpret each stamp properly
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    NVC Filers - May 2020

    Hi everyone! I submitted everything to NVC for the first time in May 10, and I just got DQ today! Just wanted to share my updated timeline. Now let's see how long the interview scheduling takes!
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    Paul & Mary


    Pretty much a non issue with USCIS. If you have proof that you entered the marriage in good faith you will be fine. You do need to file a police report about the passport and green card. The passport is property of the Nigerian government and green card the US government. If you have filed to ROC and didn't do it as a divorce waiver you will need to update that.
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    The Department of State (DOS) headquarters and all of the US IS you refer to are in the US -- not spread throughout the world, with widely varying circumstances due to local conditions and local laws and COVID-19 policies/laws. All of this has an impact on when a particular Embassy will re-open. For example, if foreign airports are closed to inbound international flights, the consular section cannot open until they are able to fly officers back to that country -- which they likely aren't going to do even if there are flights if it means that officers are just placed into quarantine for two weeks (which you don't want to do but seem comfortable with having others to do). Current consular staffing at most posts is limited to staff needed for providing emergency services to US citizens resident in that country; there is insufficient staffing for any part of the process for routine visa services. Although, to my knowledge the DOS has not announced specific re-opening plans, based on responses to previous crisises (albeit smaller scale), the first service to be fully restored will be American Citizen Services (opening passport and CRBA services, for example), followed by rescheduling all of the cancelled appointments from March on (and dealing with any visas that may have expired while the beneficiary was prohibited from travelling due to airport closures, etc). Only then will new immigrant visa appointments open, likely with priority given to cases for immediate relatives of US citizens. You will probably not receive the Packet 3 information until this last step -- the appointments for medicals need to be available to those ahead of you in the queue. If you think about all the issues that need to be dealt with before and during a re-opening, I hope you can see there is no place for "lazy, low IQ" employees. Or, you at least better hope so -- if they are truly lazy, low IQ, or useless individuals, you will have a very long wait for your turn in the process.
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    Indianapolis Naturalization

    Took my Oath of Allegiance here in Indianapolis today. I just want to encourage you if you haven’t heard anything yet , it will happen !
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    Rejection Notice :-(

    Am I the only one lurking and completely confused? Filing AOS? But has a greencard? But needs a greencard to go to Mexico? Maybe USCIS is rejecting the application because they are just as confused?
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    NVC Filers - May 2020

    Hey guys I just wanted to let you know I got DQ’ed this morning. First submission was April 7. I uploaded more on April 17th. Then I completely forgot my mothers w2 from 2018 so I uploaded that on May 14. I got an RFE on May 22 and dq’ed today. Don’t lose hope people. I know my wait was shorter than others and this whole process is frustrating but hang in there the DQ will come at some point!!!
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    December 2019 - AOS Filers

    Yayyyyyy we keep moving... case tracker just notified me that my advanced parole and employment authorization were approved .... yaaaaayyyyy December is hooooooot
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    December 2019 - AOS Filers

    My EAD just came in the mail today! YAY!!! I have such mixed feelings, to be honest 😆
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    CBP officer at the airport

    The UK also is introducing a 14-day quarantine requirement for all travelers. I’d get that ticket changed.
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    Public Charge Question for Parents

    Skills, education etc are hardly relevant at 66. They are of retirement age so showing adequate finances to be able to retire in the US, savings, pensions whatever would be key.
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    December 2019 - AOS Filers

    After 115 days Update: my EAD went from “show to fingerprints taken” to “new card is being produced” 😍 I-485 stuck on “ready to be scheduled for an interview”
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    And the fortune cookie was right. The company I applied for just called that they want me. Have to go to the store tomorrow to get everything ready for the background check and as soon as that is cleared I'll get the official offer and the start date 🎉🎉🎉
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    NVC Filers - May 2020

    Hello everyone, I got "DQ" ! 1st submission : 09/02/2020. 2nd submission : 11/02/2020. 3rd submission : 22/02/2020. 4th submission : 16/03/2020. Documents accepted : 23/04/2020. RFE (joint sponsor's W2) : 23/04/2020. 5th submission : 26/04/2020. DQ : 26/05/2020. (I-130 approval : 26/11/2019 (162 days from my NOA1 date). Service Center : Texas. Sent by USCIS : 06/12/2019. NVC Case Creation : 18/01/2020. Fees paid : 19/01/2020. Embassy : Paris, France.) Thanks to everyone for their help and wishing you all success in your immigration journey !
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    and most importantly we didnt break the medical support system. It also gave us some time to figure out what we are dealing with and how to proceed.
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    Pretty much what the article was saying. Having just saw a 28 year old guy not make it this weekend, after fighting for weeks and really looking like he was going to pull through, it reminded me that it's always pertinent to reiterate that no one is invincible. I hate for people to take the approach that they don't have any health issues so they are not at risk. It's nice that some are in a place where they can joke about this, but that's not me.
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    He doesn't have a smart mouth. He has a dirty mouth at best so don't glamorize his spiteful speeches. There were other half dozen candidates you people could have voted for if you didn't want the "communist party". Instead people chose a man who had over 30 years of political history with ZERO accomplishments to be their savior. Covid-19 is not the only virus ruining our lives............. And sorry, I know this is an immigration forum, but maybe we shouldn't leave politics out of it. So many things in immigration are political and if we can rant about how long USCIS takes to adjudicate petitions, we should also be able to rant about politicians ruining lives - of non-immigrants, immigrants and citizens alike.
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    All consulates and embassies are closed for the foreseeable future. They need to open up before appointments can be allocated and then the priority will probably be those people whose appointments were cancelled due to the closures.
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    Hopefully, anyone coming from Brazil - green card holders, USCs, anyone - will self-quarantine because Brazil is handling covid-19 poorly, to say the least. The number of infected people has soared in the past few days and there is an alarmingly high number of individuals (including the country's president) that think this virus is a joke. As a Brazilian, such desdain both embarrasses and enrages me.
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    December 2019 I-129F (K1) Filers

    My friend the bottom line is they are looking at the prior petition, the bulk of your response should be directed towards that. There is really nothing you can do other than addressing the issues, talking about it won't help. Use your energy to address the RFE you only have one shot. Beneficiaries having been petitioned multiple times in short time spans is a big deal. They are giving you a chance to explain it to them. Take this chance don't read into it.
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    I understand the anger, I do not understand wanton destruction and theft as a response
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    There's apparently something coming, according to multiple sources. They totally missed the 30 day deadline though, because nothing matters and everything is chaos.
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    That’s what some of us in the US think about our current president...
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