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    I-485 interview schedule came in the mail today!!!
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    We had our interview today and we got approved!! I(petitioner) attended the interview at the embassy in El Salvador with my wife(beneficiary) and it went pretty smooth. They asked us how we met, when we met, if all of her trips to the US were with a tourist visa, why we got married in the US, and they wanted to see pictures of the wedding. They didn't ask a question about my AOS documents. Then the officer told us "Your visa is approved". I am so glad we are almost done(I know this doesnt end until we are finally at our home in the US but it feels like we are almost done). I wish all of you good luck in your journey!
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    Husband and I are flying to the UK tonight to see his parents. Super excited to be going but also super nervous. I don't like plane travel with other people and I just had my GP confirm my first pregnancy. Only about 7 weeks along, but I started feeling sick at the beginning of the week and its probably not going to let up. I've eaten soup, cereal, and saltines for the last 48 hours. Been very uncomfortable this week.
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    Just received ILs for IR1/IR2 Lagos Embassy IR2 Cc :August 30th IR1 cc:sept 18th IR2 IL: November 4th Sent Expedite request on the 16th of October Received IL for IR1 today for same date.
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    Bring a representative of chat logs and pictures and proof of times spent together. Just few pages, not more. London is not a hard Embassy. Moreover, London seems to have adopted the approach of "your relationship must be real since you are willing to abandon a protected socialist society with health care provided to its citizens for free, to live in a messy, crime infested place like the US with a President who proclaimed himself a "stable genius" and just paying for health insurance can bankcrupt you. You are out of your mind. Here's your visa."
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    August 2019 - AOS Fillers!

    Woke up to case is ready to be scheduled for interview😋😋😋
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    Jamie Solo

    April 2019 I-130 Filers

    Still waiting on the snail mail but happy to say USCIS tracking updated to say NOA2 is on the way! =D
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    JULY - AUGUST 2019 I-129F FILERS

    Congrats to all recieving their Noa2s. Very awesome. Good luck on the next step. Those still waiting hang on, yours is on its way
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    June 2019 AOS Filers

    Got my interview notice in the mail today! 1 full week after getting the email that interview was scheduled. Interview is scheduled for 11/14/2019 @9:15pm, exactly 5 months from my priority date. Now to gather all the paperwork needed for the interview. Local office is Los Angeles.
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    It is normal. AP is anything and everything that they have to do before they can print your visa. Everybody thinks the officer just hits the “print” button on the computer and it’ll print like a receipt. The interviewing CO has to submit his findings and decision to his supervisor, if the supervisor agrees then the section chief has to review and sign off on it. If any of those guys is busy at some secret State training or on vacation in Thailand or something, things are gonna get delayed.And who knows how many other layers of approval at State a visa has to have. Then if the visa printer runs out of ink and they have to wait for another shipment of the secret sauce from Washington, so that’s another delay (I just made that up. I actually have no idea if that’s true or not, but it sounds good). Then they have to do quality control on the visa. They have to run it through the machine that CBP uses at the POE to make sure it reads right, and all the information is there, so you won’t have a problem at the port of entry. And every week, every Embassy or Consulate Post can issue thousands of visas, both immigrant and non-immigrant. The point is, all of that together is called “Administrative Processing”.
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    USCIS visit

    I see more people are using the OP' story as an incentive to file AOS right away. TBH, the AOS should have been planned and saved for before the beneficiary stepped foot in the US. It is a critical part of the immigration process. Too many times we have seen people tell us that 1 or 2 years have passed and they still have not file for AOS. And it is mostly due to cost. I know it may be harder for some people to do but that $1200 for AOS should be already allocated when the K1 is approved. There are so many changes occurring in immigration that being in limbo like that is only adding stress and anxiety to an already stressful situation. A small tip: If finances are an issue, the day you send off the I-129 is the same day a person should start putting away a few bucks here and there to go towards paying for AOS.
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    Andy & Val


    No lawyer or any other person can put in the time, effort, sacrifice and due diligence that is required better than yourself. Clock's ticking You have just 30 days remember? Wonder how many is left now. Take control. It's YOUR life here!
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    All they know is russians and Racism. They have reasonable stance or can claim success on any other issue. The only thing this makes me think is, Gabbard might be decent. How can anyone read this and not laugh https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/hillary-clinton-says-tulsi-gabbard-is-a-russian-asset-groomed-to-ensure-trump-re-election
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    seeing your kid, worth all the pennies
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    You are but a mere toddler. You don't have enough points yet to report anyone.
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    JUNE 2019 K-1 FILERS

    NOA1 June 6th... After a RFE, we finally got the NOA2 today!
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    What I realize is polls don't really mean much until the day of the election. They are fine for discussion I guess, but I wouldn't get too up or down over the results.
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    Nu B

    VAWA, Part 16

    1. Thank you @cashweed @Stillwinning!!!😊 @NeverGiveUp Nov17 @Shroy123 @Pinkrlion @sandranj and all the my fellas... to be honest emotional abuse it’s hard to collect the evidence since my father-in-law is a lawyer too but I think I’ll go talk to the psychologist to talk about this, I hope I have a new hope. 2. I don’t want to make a report in the police station last Friday because I know he had a dv already, I don’t want to put him on a jail. He needs help but not in the jail. He depends his life to his father for everything. I can’t imagine if I’m in danger, get pregnant, having baby or need any kind of help, since he don’t what to do before ask his father’s direction. (Even for our sex life he needs his father’s guidance) Since we are married having baby is a good as a proof our marriage also I love children, but according to his father, better wait until I have my GC. 3. I didn’t work since I moved to his father’s house, I don’t have money, if I want buy snacks I use my credit card, his father paid only 2 months and stop. So for the next month I need to borrow money to a friend to help me pay my credit card bills. They refused to have a joint account, while we need that as one of our evidence. I don’t want his $500,000.00 saving, but at least please show his responsible as a husband. 4. They limit and even stop my access to my own life, especially my spiritual needs. I feel like they only wanna fulfill their needs. I’m not their doll. I guess 5 months was enough for me to be silent. I want to have my own freedom again. 5. I know it’s hard to find any evidence in my case, all I want is a new life. I don’t want him, his money, or anything related to him, I want to leave everything behind, is it possible?? It’s hard for me to meet with him or his Dad for while. I need a time to recover.... Please pray for me guys, since I have no status in this country... Thank you so much again. God bless us all!
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    Elijah Cummings dead at 68

    Yet again, I hear no conservatives saying "I'm glad he's dead" or "I hope he suffered" or "Good riddance" or similar. Compare this to what leftists wish on the President and everyone else. Agree or disagree with Rep. Cummings, he was a human being with a family and people who loved him.
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    i think it's all a plot to have hillary show up as the moderate among this band of fruitcakes.
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    Interesting theory. I wonder if she met Alla and slim's ex-wife there. *click* *click* *click* on the cobblestones and all.
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    VAWA, Part 16

    Iam so sorry to hear that .. don’t worry dear you will get yours approved soon stay strong ❤️
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    Hey gurl, congrats. You wear that bracelet and take it for what it is -- just a trinket to mark a really important day. No one actually needs a ring to get engaged -- stick around here on VJ long enough and you'll see that said enough times. Once you say you're engaged -- hey, that's it. Don't let these guys rattle you. I've been with my guy for eight years now and no ring. Doesn't mean he's not 100% committed. I know from his words and his deeds and the way he sings my praises to everyone who will listen that he loves me with every single part of his existence. (I passed the bar exam in May and he's still telling random people at supermarkets this fact because he's so proud.) Be well and be happy. And now I want an engagement bracelet knowing Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis had one!
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    I'll say Tulsi is cute enough to be a Russian asset, but oh my. Really Hillary?
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    Tourist Visa cancelled in transit

    Thank you for all the responses and input! The airline refunded about 75% of the ticket cost , I’m so grateful. I was bothering them every single day with phone calls and emails!!
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    I-751 Filers (September 2018)

    EAC Nebraska ROC divorce filer here. No interview required - just got an email today that my card is in production!
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    i'm afraid to ask what the relationship is between the reported story and your situation - something about engaged and swallowing while sleeping?
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    Andy & Val

    Biometric /interview I 751

    Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don't belong. You'll find yourself losing every ounce of self control. And please, don't set yourself on fire to keep someone else warm.
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    June 2019 AOS Filers

    Hi Guys, my status just changed to "Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview" as of Oct. 17. It's been "Fingerprint fee received" since June, although i did my biometric in july. Since I'm in NY I'm giving it couple months minimum to get an actual interview date lol but at least now I know that they didn't lose my application... fingers crossed! Anyone else from NY here?
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    What is with all these wives throwing stuff out? When he moved here I gave him my second closet and its still not enough room. 😉
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    Birth Certificate

    Updating this and copy/paste from my other thread on similar topic (maybe they should be merged) I did find an attorney in the area. $2400 for the whole K-1 through AOS. They do not think the B2 misrepresentation is material since there was no advantage gained by entering the false place of birth. She said this without me even asking about it and was very confident that it wasn't an issue. She did, however, stress that fixing the passport is critical and was really surprised we were having such a tough time fixing it (as all of you were). So we will do our best to get this changed, might entail hiring an attorney in Myanmar. She told us to document all attempts at getting this corrected, and also to start gathering secondary evidence (affadavits from family, nonavailability letters, etc.) So, she had all the same suggestions as you guys did which speaks to the expertise on visajourney!
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    VAWA, Part 16

    As I said before they will NOT put/combine your two VAWA cases, and you must withdraw one of the cases, but of course keep the case that you submitted ALL proof of abuse, good faith marriage and good moral character. When you withdraw the case explain why you are doing this and DO NOT use online translator to translate the letter.
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    VAWA, Part 16

    Yes you need to follow up with a psychiatrist and take some psychological sessions as well. It will help you to divert your mind from your past traumatic memories. Also, if you have any friends/family who witnessed your inlaws dominating nature on you, you can ask for their help to write an affidavit. And submit all the proofs of previous domestic violence your husband was involved. These evidences will make your case stronger. Also, your personal affidavit but do not write what you mentioned here like you afraid of trail, about adultery movies because these does not include extreme cruelty
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    Biometric /interview I 751

    You have two separate issues: 1. Marriage- The logical step forward would be to seek counseling or divorce. 2. Immigration- You can choose to either attend the interview or do nothing.
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    It's like you guys can't quit her! Face up to it, it's over, she's not coming back and you have to move on. And yes, I am talking about Hillary and not whatever ex you still secretly think about, and what she must be like now. Seriously!
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    NVC Filers - October 2019

    Site is still down...unreal!!!! I can’t be more straight forward than this, I am so tired of this sh*t. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
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    Inshallah. I hope your IL comes soon also. I’m praying for everyone. It is not an easy fast process. Inshallah our journey to be with our spouses will be soon over. We’ll all appreciate each other even more and our marriages will be stronger.
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    We’ll continue to pray
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    It would go like this: The Russians made her lose. The Ukrainians made her lose. Mr. Trump had a secret deal with Putin to make her lose. Global warming made her lose. He should have been impeached. No, you lost because you have no ideas. Go home liberals, you're drunk with powerlessness.
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    OCTOBER 2019 AOS Filers

    UPDATE!!! USPS informed delivery has 4 mails from Uscis containing all NOA. 3 for me and 1 for my wife!! I didn't get any texts or email notifications. Guys, sign up for USPS informed delivery so you can see mail heading your way. Apparently USCIS might not text or email receipts even if you attached the forms.
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    OCTOBER 2019 AOS Filers

    That's the main deal getting your numbers. Don't worry about the money Uncle Sam will get his ALWAYS!!!!
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    Whooohooo!! So happy for you and I'll keep praying for the rest of us 😊😊
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    Hey guys good evening! We were able to pick up my husband’s visa this afternoon! To God Be The Glory! Continue to have faith in God for He is good! You will get your visa soon! 😊
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    Could be time for a happy dance very soon.
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    VAWA, Part 16

    St. Albans is such a small town seems like people are getting used to slow-pace life. I am done with those people. I-360 pending. My 485 package has been delivered to St. Albans for about three weeks check still not cashed out. I am wondering if I re-send another VAWA 485 package to Chicago will they give me receipt right away? I know they will eventually transfer to VSC. All I need is a I-485 receipt I-797C ASAP. Did anyone here try it out this way????? Apparently Chicago lockbox is known for its high efficiency they give receipt within 72 hours. I really don't mind pay $1225 multiple times.
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    K1 interview & payment

    Check now. I just got a date one the pay visa page. Good luck
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    Pharmaceutical companies are big fans of the current health care system. This probe has a lot of greasy palms to get past for anything to really happen though. I don't have my hopes to high that anything will ultimately be accomplished.
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