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  1. Hello Ryan! if your a May filer, its best to post this in the May discussion. To answer your questions: 1. Your fiancé and uncle will have to fill out the 1-134 for K1 interview. The I-864 is for AOS. 2. The embassy will provide you with a list of doctors for the medical exam when you are at the interview stage. 3. You will not need to request a police report from the US. You will need a police report from UK.
  2. Well USCIS is known for jumping around and reviewing a small portion of a random month to stay within processing time. However, with the current backlog, you are probably looking at another 3-5 months before they start July.
  3. Congrats. Make sure to update your timeline! Next thing is to call the NVC for your case number in about a month.
  4. Major Snowstorm in the Northeast. NVC located in New Hampshire so im guessing they got hit with snow/ power outages as well.
  5. You may be a January filer depending on when USCIS "receives" your application. You will use that as your NOA-1 date on the timeline. There is a discussion forum created for January filers.
  6. For those who have just filed your I-129f application with USCIS, this thread has been created for your needs and for you to be with others experiencing different aspects of this journey. This is a place to ask questions and to share experiences. All are here to learn together. Stay patient because this is a long process currently running 8-10 months for your NOA2 approval. Then depending on your embassy, you will be dealing with backlogs. (Hopefully not) Also note that USCIS goes by "Received date" not NOA-1: Example I-129 F Sent - December 30, 2021 I-129 F Received - January 4, 2022 I-129 F - Notice Date - January 10,2022 In this example your NOA-1 should be January 4. This will help you fill out your timeline properly.
  7. As far as i know, they do not work like that. There are petitions from the Philippines, Nigeria etc still being worked (approved/denied, RFE), so country does not matter to USCIS. It matters when you get to the NVC and whether your petition will be forwarded or held until an interview is ready. Also, the reason there are many different timelines to what date USCIS is up too is because they work randomly. We have seen a small amount of April 2021 filer petitions (about 150 or less) be reviewed when they were still working on December 2020 filers. The processing time on the website always fluctuates. After January there seemed to be a big slowdown as to how many cases they processed. Some speculate that since it happened around september, the vaccine mandate played a role and then holiday vacations as well. I was approved in 7 months and still waiting for an interview slot. So this process very frustrating but calls for patience.
  8. I know this process calls for lots of patience. I would say about another 2-3 months before june is touched
  9. Hey did you guys get approved? 

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    2. J&D1008


      Oh congratulations!! Happy for you guys. That was such a long wait :) . We are still waiting ourselves. Hopefully by June or July. 

    3. RCCJ


      Thank you! It was honestly so difficult, glad to finally see the finish line! I am rooting for you guys!! Let me know if you ever have any questions! 😃

    4. J&D1008


      I can only imagine being at NVC for 1 year. We are only 5 month post NVC and feels like a never ending scenario. I will pm you my number. Also can you just update your timeline. It would really help the rest of us waiting from lib. 

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