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  1. For anyone else who encounters a question about this, it was no problem at all. Visa was approved and we entered the US together with no problem. Thank God!
  2. Hi OldUser! This is what I thought I had read elsewhere. The source is the invitation letter we received from the Embassy via email: There are other things in this invitation letter that are clearly incorrect (request police certificate from Iranian applicant when US State Dept. does not require this, as well as incorrect phone number and email address for embassy which are now inactive.) I am really hoping this is not a strict requirement, but it makes me so nervous to notice this at the last minute without time to renew her passport. 😟
  3. Hi everyone, My fianceé and I are just about ready for our interview, but I had a question regarding the required passport validity for being approved for our K1 visa. According to the invitation letter we received from Armenia, my fianceé's passport needs to be valid for at least 8 months after the date the visa is issued. Unfortunately, my fianceé's interview is in about 10 days, at which time her passport will only be valid for 7 months. I just realized this last night. 😟 Does anyone have experience or knowledge to know the consequences of this? Would we be rejected? Would we be better off to reschedule everything? In searching online, I got the impression that this might not be a strict requirement, but a rule-of-thumb. We are both traveling from different countries, so rescheduling is something we would really like to do as last resort only. I emailed the embassy, and have not received a response yet, but I'm hoping one of you might know more on this issue before I hear back. Thanks!
  4. Oops, you're right! 😆 I fixed the dates I mixed up in my example. And thank you! I suspected it's no problem but it helps so much to hear it from someone who knows a lot more than me.
  5. Hi everyone! We are finishing up our DS-160 for our K1 visa and had a question about the employment and education history section. When we were filling in "previous employment," we noticed that we made a couple minor errors for my fiancee's (beneficiary's) employment history on our original I-129F petition: Due to an error in converting between different date formats, we accidentally reported employment start date of "Janurary 10" as "October 1", etc. We listed occupation as "IT Engineer" when the proper title was actually something like "Software Analyst" My understanding is that employment history is not really important at all for K1 visas, and this is all probably really inconsequential. Is there any issue with just putting the correct info on the DS-160?--and only addressing the discrepancy if there is some question about it?
  6. 12/1/2022 NOA2 1/31/2023 Inquiry sent to NVC 2/3/2023 Inquiry response with case number from NVC 2/5/2023 2nd inquiry sent to NVC to transfer case to different embassy 2/9/2023 2nd inquiry response with new case number for transfer 2/14/2023 Case "In Transit" in CEAC 2/16/2023 Case "Ready" in CEAC We have most of the DS-160 done, but are just finishing gathering some old employment info. My understanding is that this isn't really important for K1, but we'll still make sure to include accurate information. For Armenia, https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-am/iv is really insistent on stating that we need to wait until we receive the letter from them with instructions to try to schedule an appointment. So we'll work on being prepared for that. It seems like it shouldn't take so long!
  7. I sent them the inquiry on Sunday and today they just replied! They switched our case to Yerevan, Armenia and provided a new case number starting with YRV with no issue.
  8. I promise I will update this thread as soon as we get a reply! Good luck!
  9. Wow! I didn't realize that! I'm glad it worked out for you and it really gives me even more hope we have a good chance of transferring.
  10. Thank you guys for the help! It seems like we did the right thing by sending another inquiry to NVC and asking if it could be changed/transferred. Hopefully we stand a chance of fixing it because of how early we discovered this! I don't 100% understand how it ended up like this: whether they ignored our answer on the I-129F, or if they simply don't pay attention to it when assigning the embassy/consulate for Iranian applicants. It doesn't seem fair to ignore it, because traveling to a foreign country is already a big burden for Iranians, and even more so if the country is chosen arbitrarily.
  11. Hi everyone, My fiancee is Iranian and, as there is no (active) U.S. Embassy/Consulate in Iran, we have to be processed through either: U.S. Embassy Ankara, Turkey, U.S. Consulate General Dubai, United Arab Emirates, or U.S. Embassy Yerevan, Armenia On our I-129F, we wrote that we wanted to apply to Yerevan, Armenia. We received our NOA2 December 1. I sent an inquiry to NVC this past week and got our case number on Friday. However, our case number starts with ABD and we are concerned this seems to indicate Abu Dhabi and not Yerevan. (?) Are we interpreting the case number correctly? Does anyone have any experience with a situation like this, or any advice? I sent another inquiry to NVC and am awaiting their response! Thank you so much.
  12. Thanks! We got the invoice number as well and can log into CEAC and see "AT NVC" status. I guess for some strange reason we have to use "Immigrant Visa Check"--"Non-immigrant Visa Check" doesn't work.
  13. I know it's so easy for anyone else to say, but you are on your way and you will make it. ❤️ Don't give up hope, don't overthink it! Just keep going and soon you guys will make it. The hardest and longest parts of your struggles are all over and soon these hard days will just be memories, believe it or not.
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