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  1. My understanding is that you can file for the work authorization because you have a pending green card application. Also I think this is the wrong place to ask this question since you already got your k1 visa
  2. Wow this is awesome, I wish I was this smart. Are you going to share the program with the rest of us peasants afterwards ? I'm on the August group
  3. Is it the one you're talking about ? I keep getting "Network error" every time I try to run it.
  4. You may wanna check this out https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nfin98c33IEpB0T0FlURERriblYmlm5O/view
  5. On a more hopeful side of things, they have hired a bunch of people and are also working on updating their tech. So once they get everything sorted out we might see faster times.
  6. Processing times has been updated to 14 months on the uscis website. Now it is in par with what some VJ members have being stating.
  7. It hasn't been updated lately because there is nothing to update. I'm not the person managing this spreadsheet. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15hiSOTm85W1CG6c0jzQ8B7lXLo1JEwsWKr3zIszC2Zg/edit#gid=750263404
  8. There has been cases of people being denied their green card because they came to the US on a tourist visa with the sole intention of getting married to a US citizen. So I'd be very careful with it. Maybe you're better off having your fiance over for a month or so and then you can apply for the K1, or you guys can get married in Japan and then do the CR1
  9. I found an app on github that I can run on a regular PC but it needs to be compiled. I think I just managed to figure out how to do so. I haven't tested it because I'm cooking lunch right now but here is the app. Just rename the .txt to .rar before attempting to open it. Here is the link to the github app https://github.com/gentlespoon/USCIS-Case-Status-Checker dist.rar.txt
  10. The system hasn't been updating this week. We suspect it is some sort of issue with the system. Hopefully they'll fix it soon.
  11. Check the last six numbers on blocks of 500 so WAC2190118863 would be on the 118500 group
  12. I-129 F Sent - August 18th 2021 I-129 F Received - August 20th, 2021 I-129 F - Notice Date - August 23, 2021 126000 group I wanted to file in February but my fiancée made me wait until August. I keep telling myself not to cry over spilled milk.
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