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  1. Has anyone received an update? I wrote my senator and they did an inquiry but basically NVC said that there is no timeframe for when I will get a message from them but my application is processing normally. I also received a response to my public inquiry and received the same response. Has anyone tried to submit an expedite request for NVC delay? If so how did it work?
  2. I still have not heard from NVC, there is still no new messages on my CEAC account. There are still 2 documents that have not been accepted that I had submitted in November 1st. Now, NVC's timeframe says they are past my date of submission. I have sent a message to them and I have also asked a senator to help. Hopefully we will hear from them soon. Has anyone else heard from them yet? Did yours change to DQ or was it an RFE?
  3. Hey I just received an email from NVC that there has been a change to my account. When I log in there is nothing that has changed, no new messages or anything. All my documents are accepted except the 2 that I submitted from my rfe in September. I have already given it about 3 days and there is still nothing new. Is this good news or should I be worried? Is there anything I can do?
  4. Hey there, my wife and I are working on her CR1 visa to the US. Her mom unfortunately lost her immunization records and there is not an easy way of getting a new set. Will she have to get all the immunizations again or is there a way to get around this? Thank your for the help.
  5. Hey everyone, I just need a bit of help knowing how the interview process works. I am a US citizen filing for my wife. We both currently are living overseas. I have a couple questions that I need help with. First, will I be interviewed with my wife at the US embassy or is it just her? It would make sense that both are interviewed but on the visa website it says the petitioner does not need to attend. Secondly I’m also wondering about how I can prove that I am wanting to reestablish my domicile after the visa process is completed? Thank you so much for any and all help!
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