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  1. I know this is a bit off-topic but thru Affordable Care Act (a.k.a Obamacare) you can get health care coverage and depending on income level, in some instances it may cost you next to nothing. Please Google Obamacare for the state where you live and you can get more information about this. All the best.
  2. No. There is no difference. While back there were a lot of issues with data corruptions. One of the VJ users spent some time and moved everything to a new url. It basically works same way but we have not had any issues since it was moved.
  3. Please note Google Sheets were moved to a new URL while back (in case you want to update this info in your signature line): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vonQCJgs9HODO2Y1DdSs3HNyL_FRnMfenlIeDQAUpWg/edit#gid=2059265866
  4. Please see below thread...bunch of people got the same thing.
  5. Are you WAC (Calif Service Center)? One year is unusually long. I have seen 4-6 months mostly for WAC. I have also read of a few instances where they skipped Bio all together and gave final approval.
  6. I also use the app "Lawfully". It is sort of a data warehousing app. It looks back 2 years of reported cases and then it gives you an estimate of when your case could be processed by USCIS. In our case, we are Sept 2021 filers and it currently shows March 2022-June 2022 as an estimated timeline for processing the I-751 ROC. Also, I only use the "free" services of this app. There is an option to pay and get more data, which I do not use. Hope this helps.
  7. Finally an update for WAC filers.....I just received update that my wife's case was updated to show "Fingerprints were taken". So, I am assuming it has been waived.
  8. Thanks for sharing. We are finally getting some movements for WAC filers. We are Sept 2021 filer so perhaps next month for us!
  9. If you were to look at "Timeline" within this VJ user, you see the answer for yourself.
  10. While your I-751 is pending approval, you can file N-400 for citizenship when you are eligible. However, your petition for N-400 will not be approved unless your I-751 is approved first. In some circumstances, USCIS will conduct combo interview of both I-751 and N-400 on the same date but your I-751 ROC must be lifted before they approve you for citizenship.
  11. I think you can leave for limited duration (less than one year) and then can re-enter US as long as your 18/24 months extension letter has not expired. The only gotcha is that USCIS may take an action on your case (i.e. biometrics appointment; schedule an interview, etc.) and may or may not update online status. We know they mail a notification to the address on file. So, if I were to leave the country for an extended period of time, I would make sure someone is monitoring my mail.
  12. Hmmm. Can you please let me/us know what decides which service centers you get assigned? I have seen a lot of folks who are in western region get WAC.
  13. So if you have not received your i-797, then you need to call USCIS and give them the receipt number and ask them to send you another copy. Sometimes mails get mis-delivered, etc.
  14. When they sent you a text, you should have received your receipt number. It starts with 3 letters and then bunch of numbers. If you live in CA, it would start with WACXXXXXXX (other locations start with different 3 letters). You will need to use that case number and then find the current status by visiting this web site: https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do
  15. What interview do you have next week???? Is it your I-751 interview or is it the initial interview to get your conditional GC. Please clarify so that you can get better responses.
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