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  1. I am stuck at case status - called uscis on friday just to find out if my case got transferred - it’s apararently still in california. Don’t know if thats a good thing🤔 but hey at least something to look forward to
  2. Congratulations! Vsc or csc? What was rfe for if you dont mind me asking?
  3. congratulations i am stuck with the same case status error so seems i have to hope for delivery...
  4. i am sure it is - mine says Kansas City, MO - i thought it could be it but now i doubt it
  5. Hi - not that I really have high hope but where would the greencard be sent from? i signed up for that informed delivery and have something coming that could be it ... my case tracker is stuck with that case status error so that doesnt help much. thanks
  6. yepp mine says that from the beginning... they told me it basically means no updates..
  7. everything above matches my case - you are all good - honestly i think thats better than your case being transferred..
  8. its great to see all the approvals coming in... what happened to the chart? would be nice to see that updated
  9. All of you who got approve - congrats.. just one questions did you receive notifications via email or text? I'd rather rely on that and stop checking my case
  10. Hi, So i am flying back from mexico tomorrow.. when they ask for expiration of greencard at online checkin.. do i just add 18 months to the expiration date on the greencard? thank you everybody:)
  11. All you need is a state id or passport..no one will ask you for gc or extension letter on domestic travel.
  12. Received the extension letter yesterday.