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  1. Print a copy of the e-mail from NVC with the case number, location of interview, and the need for PCC. Send/bring it with you if you request HKPCC in person. In my case, I used a third party so I had to make a cover letter for that. Once you get the receipt, upload it on your CEAC account under HK PCC and write a note beside it. Tell them that it is HK’s policy that they will send it straight to the US consulate where you will have your interview. Not all officers reviewing cases know about this. I did this too. Our lawyer uploaded without explanation and it was rejected and we got delayed for additional 3weeks. I then wrote a long note beside it and was accepted. I requested mine Feb 2019 and had my interview in Montreal Nov 2019.
  2. CR1/IR1 visa type? I can add you to the group. It’s 4mos wait atm.
  3. Hi! Tell her to join this facebook page CALIFORNIA BOARD OF NURSING -FOREIGN GRADUATES https://m.facebook.com/groups/255308534544358?group_view_referrer=profile_browser So helpful. What year did she graduate? I graduated and passed 2010 and planning to take the exam as well. I hope she still has a copies/record of her OR/DR cases.
  4. You will need a police check from RCMP if you are planning to have your interview in CANADA. What was your status here in Canada for that 362 days? Tourists are only allowed 6mos? Were you on student visa or temporary work?
  5. Will add you to group. Are you a spouse of USCitzen or LPR? CR1/IR1?
  6. We were rescheduled as well 1week prior but ours is spouse visa Montreal. They replied quickly. This is the e-mail Montreal-IV-DV@state.gov
  7. Hi! May I know what was your POE? We just got the visa but planning to enter POE March nxt yr. Shld we pay the GC now or is it too early? Thank you
  8. Hi @Ryan H I have a question regarding the payment of GC. We are aware that we can pay it before entering POE but what if I will be entering in March and the issuance of visa is Nov 20? Should we pay the GC fee now, 4 months prior to my entry date? Is it too early? Thank you very much!
  9. I picked up IL, CC, DQ from members here last April when I signed up hahaha! I was also confused about packets then. I am not sure but I only received an e-mail for my interview and there is no part on the e-mail that says packet 4. I guess that’s why other members call it now interview letter (IL)? I just got my passport back with visa yesterday and we also don’t have the sealed packet anymore for POE. Here is mine: The National Visa Center (NVC) completed its processing of your immigrant visa application and forwarded it to the U.S. Embassy/Consulate General, where an immigrant visa interview has been scheduled. Appointment information is located at the bottom of this email. Important Information: You submitted forms and supporting documents to the NVC in electronic form. You must present the original forms and documents for review by the consular officer during your interview. Please promptly read and follow all Interview Preparation Instructions located on the Department of State's web site at: https://nvc.state.gov/interview. Important information regarding the required medical appointment is also listed on this site. Failure to promptly follow all instructions provided on this site will result in your immigrant visa being refused at the initial interview. You should present this letter upon arrival at the Embassy/Consulate General. Those members of your family, named below, must appear at the Embassy/Consulate General on the appointment date. What To Do if You Cannot Keep the Appointment: Some Embassies/Consulates General reschedule interview appointments themselves; others utilize an outside service provider to reschedule appointments. To determine the proper procedure for rescheduling your interview appointment, please go to the Department of State's web site at: https://nvc.state.gov/interview, under "Step 2", select your interview location from the dropdown and click "Download PDF" and follow your Embassy/Consulate General's instructions listed under "Contact Information" on the right. Reminders: Read and follow all interview instructions located at https://nvc.state.gov/interview. Bring this letter to your medical examination because the panel physician may need to review it before performing the examination. If a sponsor filed an I-864 (Affidavit of Support) AND provided the NVC with proof of an IRS Federal Income Tax Extension in lieu of a Federal Income Tax Return, you must upload this to CEAC or bring the sponsor's most recent Federal Income Tax Return to the visa interview. Failure to present all necessary documents to the Consular Officer will result in your immigrant visa being refused at the initial interview. Questions: The National Visa Center has completed its processing of this case and any further inquiries should be addressed to the U.S. Embassy, Consulate General, or Diplomatic Mission listed below. When communicating with the Embassy/Consulate General by e-mail, letter, or fax, always refer to your name and case number exactly as they appear. Immigrant Visa Interview Details:
  10. Yes. Montreal CR1/IR1. The interview is quick and easy. Just verifying things on documents you submitted and details about you and spouse. If you go to Canadian consulate reviews, you will read other applicants experience. Over 5 months from documentary qualified (June 3) to interview day (Nov 18)
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