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  1. Another same sex couple right here. No problems whatsoever.
  2. Happens to me a few times a year. I thought it was just me!
  3. It’s true. We did a K1, and since then two sets of ppl we know have come to us for immigration advice. We always presented the K1/CR1 paths. Both disregarded, came here on tourist visas and are currently adjusting.
  4. That’s terrible! And why so long to reprint without the error? Crazy. I’m sorry!
  5. It was maybe only 10 minutes long. We both had a series of questions, but most were directed at my wife. First was a bit to establish who we were, names of our parents, our address, etc. (Things that we’re directly taken from our application). Then came a list of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions for her (criminal history, arrests, etc). Then acknowledgment that I understood my responsibilities as a sponsor. The officer took a photocopy of a wedding photo only and spoke to us about the next steps with our visa and ROC. Very easy. I’m sure you’ll be fine.
  6. Yep, seems that a lot of people are getting interviewed now. I thought we’d bypass this and get the green card in the mail. But nope, our interview was last month (applied for AOS in March). I was a bit worried when we were scheduled, but a quick search proved to me that it was nothing to worry about at all.
  7. Another Washingtonian here! We had a similar situation (same sex couple, I had about a 2-year overlap between this relationship and my previous marriage to a man. We had separated, but just were procrastinators with the actual divorce). I realize each country is different, but it was never an issue. I had a similar question here in 2016 actually because we were pretty worried about it.
  8. I didn’t even know this thread existed! Our AOS interview is tomorrow afternoon...not sure if I’m nervous or not. We didn’t get EAD or AP yet, I’m guessing we’ll get it all tomorrow! Good luck to everyone.
  9. We had the same RFE. Here’s my thread: http://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/670440-give-this-rfe-letter-a-look-for-me/ We sent in my pay stubs for the past 6 months and all was ok.
  10. The only things I’ve come up against from others is that my wife only used me for a green card (laughable, but this came from an ex) and the constant asking why it’s taking so long to get everything finished. I admit I also was not fully aware of all the steps necessary to bring a fiancée to the USA, but in no way did I think the process would be a snap—-unlike everyone else.
  11. Thanks again, guys! We sent in our RFE stuff and just got word that our interview will be August 15.
  12. Same! I immediately thought of us!
  13. Similar situation here for my wife! I thought she’d die of boredom this winter. She joined a book club at the library here, knitted, and even sewed together a men’s suit by hand! The book club helped her meet folks in our small town, and she’ll even ride into work with me and take the bus to neighboring towns to shop and visit others. I know it’s been really hard on her, but she’s getting some extra time for hobbies she normally wouldn’t have.
  14. Lived with my (now) wife for almost 7 years abroad...did K1, but wished we had done the CR1 in retrospect.
  15. What does the RFE letter say to submit exactly? I’m asking because I got a similar RFE due to not turning in my pay stubs to PROVE I made enough to sponsor my wife. Here is my thread about it here, maybe it’ll help?
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