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  1. Hey, just wanted to thank all the helpful members here for the support and knowledge. My wife just had her citizenship interview and oath today! Ohhh my goodness…we can’t believe it’s finally over. Our visa journey started 2016 in Buenos Aires where I, my son, and my then-fiancée had lived for almost 7 years. We started researching** and compiling our packet to send in when I moved back to the USA January 2017. We’ve learned so much here and this was just a fantastic resource. We had zero knowledge going in! Being able to search the answers for any questions we had was so valuable and even reading posts by people going through the same process was comforting. Again, thank you all from the bottom of our hearts! ** maybe still didn’t research as much as we could have, because we would’ve filed a CR-1 had we known about those better, haha!
  2. Ok, home now! My spouse had her interview around noon today (appointment was at 11, but they were running behind), was approved and had her oath immediately after! We didn’t know what to expect, but outside of the jitters right beforehand, we were the most relaxed we have ever been for this final step. I was able to go into the field office, but was was in the waiting room while she had her interview. They asked her her name, birthdate, plus my name and birthdate, how many marriages we have had and if we had any children. They also asked what organizations she had been in in Argentina, if she any weapons training (weird?), if she had any international travel after applying for the N-400, and if she had ever been arrested. The officer then asked if she supported the Constitution and if she was willing to bear arms for USA. She then had to show that she could read and write in English (was just a few simple sentences), then she got her test questions: Who is the president? Name our state capital. What is the Rule of Law? Name 2 Cabinet level positions. Who is in charge of the executive branch? What is one right of US citizens? The actual interview was about 15-20 minutes and we were thrilled to know that we didn’t have to go back to Yakima for the oath ceremony. We live a few hours away and winter weather can be quite treacherous, so this was wonderful news. 😀 Good luck to everybody still waiting! ETA: sorry for the font size change in my post! I had written down her questions elsewhere earlier today while they were still fresh in her mind and I can’t see how to make my text the same size. It’s distracting as heck to me.
  3. Going to our interview in thirty minutes! Very excited and a bit anxious. Yakima, WA Field Office.
  4. Interview scheduled for January 27th! This is the Yakima, WA office. 🤞🏻
  5. Hi there! Should have applied forever ago, but just got around to it today. In the home stretch and it feels great!
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