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  1. I would recommend waiting until you are DQ'd. As therraybe unforseen issues, the NVC can RFE you for some of the most silly reasons. From DQ to getting your interview letter (IL) used to be short but recently send to be taking over a month, you can book your medical inthe hope that you get your IL for the appointment.
  2. Submit a signed statement as the W2 explaining that for the recent tax year you have been employed abroad and they do not issue w2. This is what we submitted.
  3. Have your name added to spouse's credit card, be added to car insurance policy and use updated proof of insurance.
  4. roughly 3-4 weeks, keep an eye on your case status on CEAC / State department site, you should see your case go from Refused -> AP -> Issued. Embassy is backlogged due to the medical results coming in late, don't stress and be patient.
  5. if you do go into London to collect it note my experience in the following thread:
  6. Check all your documents against this site which outlines what the NVC will look for the validate the civil documents for the UK; many have got caught out assuming the short form birth certificate is acceptable, it's not, you need the full birth certificate (costs more so some parents only took the short form for their baby's). https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Visa-Reciprocity-and-Civil-Documents-by-Country/UnitedKingdom.html
  7. It's a shame you've left it to last year of your 10 year green card validity to consider applying for citizenship. I'm guessing you'll have to scramble to get your citizenship process complete before your greencard expires. You'll also have to complete that before you move to the UK. We went through the US to UK spousal visa process for my wife two years ago. Main obstacle you'll have is to show you have sufficient income and housing to accommodate your wife. Aside from that I would highly recommend getting a solicitor to help you with the process, the firm we used were amazing (Reiss Edwards, London), you can find my review of them on Google. The process is arduous but way faster, we got a response and my wife was in UK in 4 months of applying. Path to permanent residency is harder for immigrants to the UK, it's spousal visa for 2.5 years then extend for further 2.5 years, then apply for indefinite leave to remain (permanent residence) and then immediately for naturalization and citizenship (if you choose to do so).
  8. Hi Gabriel, welcome to the VisaJourney forum. Please take some time and fill out the details on your profile here and your time line, this will allow people who see your posts and questions be able to put them into context and help you. This thread is for London interview appointment updates, and whilst it's pretty long and popular it's not the right place for your query, you will have better luck creating your own thread in the main UK sub forum with your query, otherwise only a small subset of people will see it here. (admin if you move the quoted post please delete this one as well)
  9. You'll be doing yourself a huge service if you read back through this thread, as you'll find many of your present and future questions have been answered already. At the interview ask for a certified copy of your passport to take to your medical.
  10. That's because you're using the old recipient number for your i-130. As I described in my post, you need to use the new receipt number that you were given when you paid your immigrant visa fee, if you did not make a note of this I don't know where you would get it. Please click on the heart icon on my post that you find helpful and click onth thanks icon.
  11. We kept calling the local SSA office until we got through to someone. Took a long time. When they did answer initially they refused to give us an appointment, but we told them that we cannot apply by post as our original documents (passport and visa) have to kept with us at all times, we got out through to a supervisor and they approved the appointment and set it up. There's is no way that I know of to check the status of your SSN being issued. Your greencard will be issued in 90 days to 6 months. You can check the status of your green card by going to the USCIS case status page (same page you used to check the status of i-130 petition). Use the receipt number you were given when you paid your immigrant visa fee. The status generally will stay as 'immigrant visa fee paid' for a LONG time until they print the card. It's been over two months and my card has not been printed yet, and the status has not changed.
  12. Great to her your interview dates have come through, looks like they have slowed down but still working to the 1-4 weeks from being DQ to sending out the interview dates.
  13. Yep go ahead and book your medical, and get out the way whilst you're waiting for your interview date. Based on the above comments, it seems you can expect to wait anything form 1 to 4 weeks to get an interview date, interview dates maybe withing a week of the email being sent so best to get your medical booked, so it's sent over in time.
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