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  1. I was under the assumption by reading it that the maintenence should not last that long. Anyone can help?
  2. No she is trying to login. She is not seeing the normal view with the continue button. Just a generic screen.
  3. stringpuller

    CEAC login

    Hello I am in the US and my wife is in Quang Ninh region and I can access CEAC from phone or laptop but when she goes the the website there is no continue button. Is there a specific way you access NVC website in Vietnam? Thanks in advance
  4. Thank you for your reply. So I want to be clear headed here. At the IRS website i choose download instead of print? And the paper copies to take to interview will be the printed transcripts from the site or that which my tax person filed?
  5. I have the same question. Can someone tell me which category on the IRS website is best. Return transcripts? There are 4 categories. Also are printed versions ok or do they have to be sent from the IRS themselves.
  6. Thanks for the link. Lets hope for the best
  7. I just heard that covid is getting worse in HCMC. Any word on the interviews??
  8. Congratulations. Can you tell me she still had her interview without the police clearance? How did she tell them she could not have it at the interview? Thanks
  9. Well we have talked and we are hanging in there but this Covid is really pressing Vietnam right now. No work and there is no welfare or unemoyment there. A lot of stress. And still no Police cert from Taiwan. Very frustrating. She is calling them tomorrow.
  10. Sorry for the vague question. Yesterday was an emotional one. Covid has affected everyone but in the case of being married. If the marriage is terminated during the NVC stage what happens at this point? Is the file just terminated? Spouse has not entered the US yet. Its been a year and a half and the lock downs put an immense amount of stress on our marriage
  11. Its looking like our relationship is going to hit the rocks. Haven't seen here since july 19. Thanks to covid. How do you annul an over seas marriage?
  12. Hi Can someone tell me the best way to get my beneficiary's email to the NVC? Best to call or can it be added on the website? I know they are overloaded to call so thats why i ask. Thanks
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