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  1. I believe it is true. Oct 22 my wifes 1rst interview she was not asked much of anything. Was literally under 5 mins. Bam 221g. I think they are previewed and categorized.
  2. Yep. Always a few who ruin it for the rest of us. This system is by far the worst in our government.
  3. Ok I feel dumb. They all say pivot case haha. Welp just hope for a favorable outcome. They asked for nothing more. AP we are
  4. On the form it says pivot case and it says additional administrative processing. They did not ask for any additional documents
  5. Hello everyone. She received another blue slip. It says Pivot Case. It says no additional information needed. They told my wife they will call her? Never heard of this
  6. Thanks for the info. Well her appointment is monday. We will go through it and see. Whzt a MESSY process all around while so many ppl just walk into the US everyday. Smh
  7. Hi yes she did another one on May 19th. Now the question of the passport expiry in September. In Vietnam do they take your old passport when you renew it? I read here that she could copy all pages, take the copies to 221g appt while renewing passport. Doesn't the passport number need to match the DS260? And will they ask to update the DS260? Thank you
  8. Hello I have a follow up question. Been in contact with the medical place and they confirmed the medical has expired. They said she can do the medical at any time but they can't send it to the embassy until they reopen the medical case in the eMedical system. She said the embassy has to do that. Do we have to contact the embassy? Does anyone know anything about this particular issue of having to redo a medical exam?
  9. So another thing that came to my mind. If we have to do the medical again fo we have to redo the DS260? Does the ds260 have an expiration date?
  10. The vietnam one can do easily but the Taiwan one was difficult. But she has not returned there. I will have her do the Vietnam one again.
  11. Thank you. I looked. Good for 2 years it says if she had not returned to that country.
  12. Do you know long the police records are good for? And would it be better to do the medical first with current passport and then after apply for a new one?
  13. Thanks I did not realize this. I will have to reschedule again. The required vaccines are still good?
  14. Her medical was done just before interview in Oct. Is medical good for 1 year?
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