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  1. If you examine our time line, you will see a large amount of time between NVC Received and NVC Left.
  2. Yes, just fill it out and sign, make a digital copy, then email that to beneficiary for them to print.
  3. This comment was very helpful. We just had interview, and are now approved. Thank you.
  4. Thank you, dawg!! It was a few minutes to wait. Hehe And, I very much appreciate your help.
  5. We had interview today in Manila, and we are approved!!1 Visa will arrive in 1 to 2 weeks, and flight is scheduled for early June. Woohoo!! Thank you for everyone who helped along the way.
  6. Things are moving faster now for those that did it during the corona thingy (see my time line). Normal time is around 9 months, but expect a year, at least.
  7. We too are interviewing soon. Good luck for you!!
  8. Filling out our I-134, and do have some questions: 1) Is the A number from the NOA 2 (above beneficiary's name) the one to use for I-134? I've seen some who use it, and some that don't. 2) The I-134 is sent with her for the interview. Does it have to be originals, or can be copy? I know this is asked a lot, and she is checking with the embassy, but thought I would ask from experience. 3) I have filed an Affidavit of Support before, but I don't remember the exact date (2010'ish). I want to generalize the date, but not sure if this will hinder? 4) Question 26.a. from I-134, should I put the current beneficiary, or a previous one? Thank you all in advance; as many of you, we have been waiting a few minutes for this to go 'Ready'.
  9. Thank you for info, Chancy. I apologize if obvious, but what is CFO?
  10. Congrats for you too!! Currently researching next steps. Do you know of a good source of step by step process?
  11. Just went in transit today. Woohoo!! Any good rec links for next steps? Thank you!!
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