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  1. For the fellow Canadians waiting, my case just left NVC today! NO2 Feb. 19th, 2021 (no RFE).
  2. Pre-covid they would send cases from the NVC every other Tuesday (at the request of the embassy). The month of august they seemed to be following this schedule. As far as I’ve seen/heard, there weren’t any K1 cases moved this past Tuesday.
  3. NOA1: August 6, 2020 NOA2: February 19, 2021. I'm hoping I'm in the next batch sent to the embassy, they sent some cases with NOA2 in early Feb a couple of weeks ago. Thought maybe our case would be sent this week, but no such luck. Do what you will with this info lol. MTL is taking their sweet time. I'm hoping I can move before the end of the year, or at least have an interview scheduled.
  4. did yours say “other” or “non-certified criminal information” next to the privacy act (or something else)? I just got my fingerprints taken today, and I’m worried I let them bully me into getting the wrong one...
  5. It's just a practice in patience, really. There were some timelines with Feb 18 NOA2 that said NVC received them a week before mine, and a week after mine. I don't think there's cause for concern just yet. Hang in there
  6. When did you last contact them? I called on Friday last week and they told me they received mine on the 16th of March. As of yesterday they were processing cases received on the 10th, so I'm going to call again this Friday and see if they've processed it.
  7. NO2 Feb 19. I called NVC today to see if they'd received our case yet, and the person I talked to said to wait around 60 days for them to receive and process it ("COVID and all that"). I was looking through the k1 timelines and there were a handful where the NVC received their case a little over 2 weeks after NOA2, so I was hopeful, but more waiting game for meeeeee Montreal consulate is still working its way through the 2020 backlog though, so I'll be haunting this forum for a while yet lol
  8. Have you had any luck getting your number yet? Mine was Feb 18 and I was going to start calling at the end of this week.
  9. Yepp! NOA1 was Aug. 6. I decided to check our receipt number on the USCIS site on Wednesday, and saw we were approved on Feb. 19th! Just got the hardcopy of the letter today
  10. Feels silly that I'm just finding this thread now after what felt like some deep dives digging through forums, but joining the party I-129F Sent : 2020-07-23 I-129F NOA1 : 2020-08-06 Happily watching July filers start to get their NOA2s, and that estimated adjudicated date move closer instead of further!
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