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  1. I applied for it, along with my I-485 and I-131, on November 21, 2022 (right before Thanksgiving). The case (along with the I-131) got terminated officially in June 2023 because I received my two-year green card in April 2023.
  2. Hello, I just wanted to share that after two years of waiting, our case was finally approved yesterday by U.S. Embassy Manila. We were one of those couples contemplating between switching from K-1 to CR-1. I posted about this here: and here: The last post was back in November 2021, and we were about 1-1/2 years in the process. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who gave their advice and their words of sympathy and encouragement. Being in this forum really helped us get through the long wait. For couples just starting out on this journey and are choosing between K-1 and CR-1, I advise you to read all the comments on both posts and encourage you to go the CR-1 route (if we were to do it all over again, we would definitely choose CR-1). But of course, it all depends on your own unique circumstances and what feels best for you. Also, regarding the long waiting time, it was really stressful for us because of the uncertainty of when it would happen, so my advice is try to immerse yourself in projects, hobbies, or any productive activity to distract you and to while away the time--this actually made the wait easier for us, and when our interview letter came, we were pleasantly surprised. Then everything seemed to go much quicker afterwards, from scheduling my interview and medical to procuring the required documents to the actual medical and interview. I'm actually still in a bit of shock and can't believe that the interview's done. 😵 Interview - Check. Now moving on to the next stage, the CFO. 😬
  3. I just read this very helpful thread from the Philippine portal: https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/782135-nvc-to-manila-embassy-next-steps-k1/ I also bookmarked the Philippine forums page for K-1 visas https://www.visajourney.com/forums/forum/129-philippines/ and the US Immigration portal https://www.visajourney.com/portals/index.php?country=Philippines&tpage=2. They've been a great resource for me. A lot of helpful folks there.
  4. Also had our case in transit today. Finally! Congrats to us! 🥳 Hoping and wishing for a smooth ride for the rest of our journey! 🙏🍀
  5. Thank you all for all your advice. You've all made excellent points. I actually didn't know about the random assignment of CR-1 cases. I assumed (mistakenly) that they were assigned depending on the petitioner's location and the nearest service center to it. Is this also true for K-1 applications? (My fiancé is from California, and our K-1 was assigned to CSC). At this point, with our K-1 application going 1-1/2 years in, we've decided to stick with it and wait it out. If we could go back in time and to the starting point, we would definitely pick the CR-1 route, but what's done is done. You all are right, it really depends on what our ultimate goal is. Right now, what we want is to be together in the U.S. We both discussed the limitations of K-1, with me being unemployed for a year (maybe more), and we're both fine with it. We'll take that time to catch up on lost time, visit family and friends all over the U.S., me learning how to drive "the U.S. way," and just immersing myself in the new culture and environment. To anyone who's in a similar boat, I hope what everyone said above clarifies things for you as well. Good luck to us all! ☺️
  6. Hello, I posted here before regarding switching from K-1 to CR-1. My fiancé and I have seriously considered switching at this point and going the Utah County Zoom marriage route (we found out that as a former Filipino, he will be able to come back here in the Philippines thru the Balikbayan program). But being the super cautious and risk-averse persons that we are, we decided to consult an attorney re: switching, and here's what the attorney said: "I don’t think it is any faster to switch to a spousal visa because you will need to file a new I-130 petition and that is currently taking CIS 12-18 months to process. We just need to wait for the embassy to process your case." I checked the USCIS website, specifically at the California Service Center, and under U.S. citizens applying for spouses, it says processing time is "26.5 to 34.5 months." I know this is just an "estimate," but can anyone explain the huge discrepancy in this estimate and the actual time it takes to process cases? Because I've seen several cases here that were getting approved in USCIS in 1-3 months (not expedited). Am I correct that USCIS processes cases by case number and not by country? Is there a way to know what case numbers/dates they are processing currently? This just jolted me a little bit because we were already planning to get married but got scared of the long waiting time at USCIS. Thanks in advance for all your input.
  7. Hi, @hopefulfor2021. Unfortunately, we are not together - he's in the U.S., and I'm here. Yeah, I agree the CR1 route looks to be the most appealing and beneficial choice right now. But for now, we've decided to wait a bit, see how things go by the end of this year to early next year. We are, however, still also considering and researching how to get married outside the Philippines (and also figuring out if I'll even be able to get out of the Philippines, given I'm a single female). Although we would have wanted to get married here, I thinks it's nearly impossible with all the arbitrary lockdowns and quarantines. At this point, we feel like we're experiencing analysis paralysis, weighing all pros and cons and worrying about "what if we do this, then this happens? What if we get married, then the K-1s suddenly go faster?" type of things. It's all just so confusing, stressful, and overwhelming. But reading these forums and your and other members' thoughts certainly puts things in perspective, clarifies a lot of stuff for us, gives us comfort, and makes us feel less "alone" regarding this situation, so thank you all for sharing your opinions.
  8. Thanks, @flicks1998. Yup, been following @top_secret's case, as well as the recent Utah-Zoom marriages from the Philippines. Wishing all of you good luck on your cases! Thanks for the tip about the August numbers, appreciate it -- will keep an eye out for those. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts, greatly appreciate them. My fiancé and I have decided to wait it out a bit, see what the situation looks like next year. Hopefully, we get to see some progress then. At this point, all we can do is wait anyway, whether it's K1 or CR1. This is gonna be one heck of a marathon. Gonna need lots of Gatorade and patience!
  9. Hello, I'm a newbie member here but have been reading posts and following others with similar cases since last year. I just wanted to know if there is a way to get an estimate of when we'll get an interview. From reading around here, I understand that there's a whole lot of people WAY ahead of us in the queue (going back to 2019 cases), and that based on the current pace that the embassy is going re: K1s, it'll take 3-4 years to clear the backlog. We applied in June 2020, and right now, our case is at NVC. Using that 3-4 year time frame, just wanted to know where we lie in that frame (front, middle, last of the pack? Unfortunately, I'm not very good with numbers and stats). That's one of the hard things about this really, is the uncertainty of when that interview will happen. I understand the we-have-to-wait-a-lot-longer part -- my fiancé and I have conditioned our minds to that. I just wish the NVC or the embassy has what USCIS has, an estimated time of processing, so that we can at least manage our expectations better and/or so that we can decide whether to shift to spousal visa or not -- which is also one thing I wanted to hear your opinions on -- at this point, should we shift? Thank you for taking time to read this, and I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts. A big hug to everyone here who are in a similar situation -- we feel everything you're feeling. Let's get through this together. ❤️
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