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  1. Neither, I am a naturalized born US Citizen
  2. Thank you for responding Chancy, I guess I am not required to provide a singleness (Cenomar) for a K1 visa? May I ask how you know? Thanks Again! Daryle
  3. Hello all, I am in need of direction concerning my issue. I have been previously married to a Filipina Citizen. We are now divorced here in the US and I have started a Recognition of Foreign Divorce petition. I would like to know if I would have to wait for that to be completed before applying for a K1 for my finance? Thank you in advance, Daryle
  4. Thanks for the info Charlie, I hope your other issue goes your way. May I ask how and where you obtained the Korean Police report? Also, did you report the overstay in Korea? DG
  5. That's what I thought. But they will stail ask her if she lived in another country and request for a police record there. It will say overstay with no arrest. I guess we still need to mention it.
  6. Yes, we're actually debating between a K1 and CR1 still.
  7. Hello SMSgt, May I ask you to elaborate. thank you BTW.
  8. My fiance had an overstay in South Korea a few years back. She is back in the Philippines and I like to apply for a K1. My question is, would an overstay in another country hurt our chances for a K1 Visa? TIA Daryle
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