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  1. I think it is best to wait until you got the temporary credential to know for sure I’m only speaking based on my experience so hopefully the expiration date on your state ID isn’t the same as the expiration of your I-94! So you can use that ID to get a driver’s license. They didn’t ask for my I-94 again when I got my driver’s license, the state ID was sufficient for them. I don’t think there will be a problem if you go for a road test, but I guess the main problem is, it defeats the purpose of obtaining a driver’s license if it’s going to expire at the same time your I-94 expires which will be in a few months. But then again, if your EAD arrives, you can just renew the expired driver’s license and just show them your EAD!
  2. When does your state ID expire? I’m not so sure if it’s the same with every state but in my case, my state ID’s expiration date is the same with my I-94’s expiration date. I had to wait until I got my EAD to renew my state ID and get a driver’s permit.
  3. Hi there! I am a December 2018 AoS filer too 🙂 But I would assume also that we won’t hear until Dec 2019...
  4. Thank you! I did not. I was in complete shock because I wasn’t expecting it until late May/early June.
  5. Hi everyone, I just checked my cases and this appeared. I’m assuming it’s for my EAD or AP, I’d have to check my receipt number when I get home. Usually, how long does it take until the EAD/AP card arrive after I get this update? Thanks so much x
  6. Thank you for your response! That’s almost 5 months.. oh well. Nothing to do but wait..
  7. Hello everyone, I filed for my I-485 on December 2019 together with my I-765. I was wondering how long did you guys wait until you got your EAD? 😊
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