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  1. It depends in your interview. If the consul is not satisfied with all the evidence that you presented then, he will ask a DNA to prove that you are really the father.
  2. OK, PD was on April 18, 2017.... her birthday is March 1998
  3. A Permanent Resident petition her 19 years daughter. She got a receipt from USCIS dated April 18, 2017. Anyone here know the time frame of the approval of the I-130, Petition for Alien Relative of Permanent Resident? Because she's concern about the age of her daughter, she's almost 21 years old.
  4. meblue

    Medical!! Help!!!

    During my medical they did not asked if my husband has health insurance. I got arthritis and high blood. My blood pressure was really high, I told the doctor about it and she told me to take my medicine. The doctor also told me that I can get a good treatment in the US. My visa was approved during my interview. Don't be scared because like what JFH said At the medical they are looking for- - TB - sexually transmitted diseases - mental health problems that pose a risk to the safety of yourself or others - drug and alcohol use
  5. meblue

    trip to Mexico while in US on visitor visa

    Thanks for all this information. I really appreciate it.
  6. meblue

    trip to Mexico while in US on visitor visa

    Yes, my sister has a valid 10 years multiple entry US visa. She's a permanent resident in New Zealand. During her visit for some reason we did not check this site if there would be any problem re-entering the US. My husband and I always go to Mexico to have our dental implants. We stayed at the hotel in the US side and we just walk and cross the border in the morning and come back to the US in the afternoon. My sister will visit me again and we are planning to cross the border to Mexico by walking and come back to the US in the afternoon. We can enter Mexico by walking with no problem, they won't check but coming back in the US, they will check everybody.
  7. I think the Proof that you've listed are still not enough. It is a case to case basis.... it depends on the situation or depends if the Consul officer is convince with the proof. Sometimes it is just one simple question and the CO was not satisfied with your answer and he will asked to do the DNA. In my case, the Consul asked me what time I gave birth to my daughter.... I said, it's early morning. He asked, what time? I said I forgot the exact time, but I know it is around 5 AM. Yes, it is really around 5AM but I didn't know that he really want the exact time including the minutes LOL.... So, he asked to do the DNA. My daughter and I did the DNA and the result is 99.99%..... Now all I want to say, she is really my daughter.
  8. meblue

    trip to Mexico while in US on visitor visa

    I also want to know about it. When my sister came here in the US to visit me, we went to New York and visit the Niagara Falls. My sister got a tourist visa with a 10 years multiple entry visa. My daughter and I are US Citizen. We want to cross the border to Canada because we want to see the Niagara Falls in Canada side. I told my sister maybe she can just go to the middle of the bridge to see the Niagara Falls in Canada side but my sister just stayed in the USA side because she doesn't want to have problem coming back to the USA. I hope someone can share their experience about it because when my sister will visit me again, we want to go to Mexico.
  9. meblue

    Please helpppppp

    Yes, it's harder. But you can try..... My sister in law own a business and has lots of properties in the Philippines, got money in the bank. She also traveled many times in Europe, she applied for a US Visa, she was denied. But my other sister in law, she and her husband just own a house in the Philippines, no business but got money in the bank, they got approved a US visa with a 10 years multiple entry visa. They come here in the US to visit their son every year. My sister she and her husband and kids are permanent residents in New Zealand, when she applied for a US visa she got approve right away, with a 10 years multiple entry visa. You can try, maybe you will get approve.... who knows.
  10. Correction: DNA Diagnostics Center DNA Technology Park One DDC Way FAIRFIELD, OH 45014 US
  11. Pat Simbulan..... Look for another AABB approved by USCIS for DNA testing. But just in case you need the address where me and my daughter had our DNA. Here's the address: DNA Diagnostics Center DNA Technology Park One DDC Way FAIRFIELD, OHOH 45014 US I think it depends on the AABB approved by USCIS for DNA testing. 221g letter is ok. Most members here who had DNA just give that 221g letter. Because when my husband got the letter from USCIS, it is the same letter sent here in our home in the US, the 221g letter.
  12. Can CSPA will apply on this petition, just in case the priority dates will takes longer?
  13. My friend a permanent resident petition her 19 years old daughter . She asked me how long her daughter get a visa interview.
  14. Hi, I need to check the Visa Bulletin that shows the waiting times for obtaining immigrant visas through family and employment preference categories. I need help. Thanks