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  1. OK, so I called the embassy to make sure that the k-1 visa expiration cannot be extended, and, like so many times before, the information I got here on Visa Journey was correct. The embassy representative put me on hold and returned to tell me that it was not possible to get an extension to the expiration date. He told me that normally the k-1 is valid for 3 months. I'm not 100% sure that he really knew what he was talking about. I think that missileman was correct about the visa being good for 6 months from the medical exam because our expiration date is 6 months exactly from the date of the medical. Now, a friend of mine wondered if we could redo the medical to get more time. I asked about that, but the representative basically said it expired when it expired and there was nothing else you can do. I'm under the impression that I would be back to square one and the I-129 all over again? ugh The expiration date is July 8th, and she will get here on the evening of July 4th. Teachers had good information above. China Airlines has good rates for the flight on July 4th. Its fitting that my fiance arrives on Independence Day, but we'll be too late to see the fireworks. Thanks to you all for your replies. I'm posting this in case anyone else has the same issue.
  2. Yes, we completed the medical in early January, so that makes sense. I'll call the consulate to make sure there's no convenient option. Thanks.
  3. I have a question about K-1 and K-2 visas Philippines to USA expiring. My fiance received her K-1 visa and the K-2 for her child. She got the CFO stickers and we have completed the process. We had planned her trip for 4 to 5 months after getting the Visa based on the state department website that says you have a maximum of 6 months to use the visa to enter the United States. I was shocked to see that the Visa expires only two months after they sent it. I had just visited to accompany her to the embassy and CFO. She is afraid to make the trip to the US by herself (never been on an airplane before, etc.). I don't have much vacation left, and I'm hard pressed to afford the trip right away at the high price of booking for only a month in advance. Is there any way to extend the expiration date of the visas?
  4. OK, I see the difference and explained to my fiance that the CFO has a different agenda than the embassy. For the embassy, it works in your favor possibly that you are shy and don't know all the answers, don't seem rehearsed. They are looking for fraud at the embassy, and if you seem too comfortable and rehearsed, then maybe that would be a red flag. At the CFO, they are more concerned that you are strong enough to protect yourself in a new country, and they have little information about your petitioner. We went to the CFO the day after the embassy interview, and her demeanor probably played much better with the embassy. I told her that it might be better at the CFO to express her confidence in me as her husband and that she has had contact with my family and knows my history. I also told her that instead of being very shy and meek that its OK to express her frustration with the CFO if they give her a hard time. Don't be a pushover. That might help let them know that she can take care of herself. Thanks for your responses.
  5. My fiance said that the counselor asked when she would get the visa. We had just been approved at the embassy the day before, and they told us 2 to 4 weeks. The counselor asked her "why so long?" and commented that something seems fishy.. She also asked her if she was ready for this. My fiance was a little irritated at all the questions and the counselor's demeanor. I think they might want to see the actual visa and passport before they approve. The paper they gave her didn't give a specific appointment, only to come back anytime between 9 and 11 with her visa and passport. Do they actually deny a fiance who has the visa already? Does anyone know of a case like that? I won't even tell my fiance she should have the certificate already. She will just worry.
  6. I guess she'll find out when she goes back. She's waiting for 2Go to deliver the visa and passport. The embassy approved the visa. Thanks for the info. Maybe she didn't understand something when she was there.
  7. My fiance attended the CFO guidance counseling. She paid the fee and left with a paper from the counselor saying she should return with her passport and visa anytime between 9am to 11am after she has the visa. She did not receive a certificate. Was she supposed to wait for it, or has something changed? I hope she doesn't have to repeat the counseling session!
  8. OK, so I sent an e-mail to the NVC asking for our MNL number. They have responded with the number, but they say our case is going through administrative processing before it is sent to the embassy. I am visiting the Philippines to see my fiance in a week. I want to get the medical done when I am there. She has a child so we want to get the K-1 and K-2 at the same time. Can we go to St. Luke's with the e-mail that has our MNL number and get both medicals done for her and her child? My plan is to return to go to the interview with her in a month or two, then she can complete the counseling seminar that the Philippines requires for travel. She wants me to be there with her when she gets the medical and for the interview. She would have me attend the seminar as well if it was allowed. Anyway, just wondering if we have enough to go ahead with the medical before I plan the stay in Manila.
  9. NOA 2 11/20 and visiting Philippines for New Year's and first two weeks of January. Any chance we can get the medical and interview done? She will get NBI before I visit. I read before about people calling for the case number, is that what we need for medical? I just want to expedite however I can so we can at least complete something when I'm there. She wants me to go with her to as many appointments as I can and vacation time is limited after January...
  10. Thank you. I have the same difference between the websites as others. May 25 NOA 1 on one and May 31 on the other. I updated my timeline here and it says 173 days, but I thought it was 179 days already. Good luck to everyone. I guess I go to a NOA 2 discussion now. Thank you to all the people posting regularly here. The information is really helpful and it was good to read about everyone else's experience. I didn't post much, but I'm sure other people are reading the posts like I was.
  11. I got text messages from both websites and Case Tracker app 179 days. Excited, wow this is real? Lol
  12. Thanks Greenbaum. We all get a little nervous with all this paperwork. Nothing cures nervous like good information. NOA1 May 31. Waiting...
  13. I think all we can do is be patient. I'm checking my mail every day and the case tracker; but honestly I'm excited to hear, but not disappointed yet. Its been 161 days only for us. I like to check here to see where everyone else is and who is getting an NOA-2. You can imagine your folder just sitting somewhere, maybe your worker is out sick or on vacation. You hope you have a good one who is quick and trying to finish before the holidays. Once you get the NOA-2, then you are waiting for the embassy and the case number. I just scheduled a trip to visit for New Year's and I hope that we can be busy finishing, but if not, then at least we will enjoy being together. Then the worry is how she will feel away from her family and in a new country. Many unknowns and concerns, but we are all doing it for love.
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