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    elkski got a reaction from Sara and Joaquin in What happens after the 90th day?   
    seems crazy that this is an issue at all.. you have 90 days to get married and cant file the AOS until your married .so what do they expect?  The prudent person would wait 60+ days to get married to be sure.
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    elkski got a reaction from Kel_H in What happens after the 90th day?   
    seems crazy that this is an issue at all.. you have 90 days to get married and cant file the AOS until your married .so what do they expect?  The prudent person would wait 60+ days to get married to be sure.
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    elkski got a reaction from pm5k in What health insurance do you get for your K1 recipient? Would ACA be and issue with COS?   
    but even with 25k income you will get quite a bit of government subsidy on your health care and this is what I worried about 
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    elkski got a reaction from AB UK US in Expedite K1 (split)   
    its a long lonely road.  I have no idea how easy it is the get a tourist medical visa from X country... but if she says she knows a man here... I say less.  I have sympathy for every case but there are many cases of K1 who started 14 months before you and not finished. Those of us that just got out of NVC Jail dont know if this means the old 3 or 12 months since some people who could see the light at the end of the tunnel were stuck at NVC for 9 months or 8 months longer than a year ago.
    the hope is that it appears the monthly application rates fell off like 50% about April until now...  Not easy to meet or keep in touch... Also how many LDR's failed this past 10 months test on their love?  it has to be significantly more than last year.  so even thought your a year later than many it not the normal amount being added to the  que. 
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    elkski got a reaction from Crazy Cat in Different beneficiary name spelling on NVC notice   
    Just got email from NVC about case in transit and my fiance's name is spelled wrong. But it was correct on the NOA2 I-797?
    It appears they typed an s for an a.  
    Please advise.   I'm thinking a tRump sympathizer did this intentionally. 
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    elkski got a reaction from Mike E in k1 VISA Route to marriage and prenuptial agreements, costs, DIY,& and timing   
    I realize the affidavit of support still stands and being in a community state maybe a prenup does nothing for me. 
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    elkski got a reaction from Mike E in k1 VISA Route to marriage and prenuptial agreements, costs, DIY,& and timing   
    but if a person quits a job and leaves her accommodations and moves to USA and has 90 days to get married I think any good lawyer can get that prenup tossed out as being signed under duress.
    Legal smeagle.. it really shouldn't be that hard to draft a document that lists all the assets and plans in case.  Maybe some time ladder of change.  The assets will already be listed as pat of the I-134
    It would make me sad to spend more on legal fees than say a wedding ring or the dress. I am not a fan of lawyers. 
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    elkski got a reaction from rahakim in OCTOBER 2020 K-1 NOA2 to NVC to EMBASSY   
    Site seems down today?    hey i am not normally the grammar police but my gun has a sight but this site https://ceac.state.gov/IV/Login.aspx  is broken..  I thought we checked  immigrant? 
    from the PDF
    8. Tracking your case
    As a K1, when checking your case online at CEAC.state.gov, you must select an "immigrant
    visa" as it is treated as such, even though it is a "non-immigrant visa." Technically the K-1 is a
    non-immigrant visa with the intent to immigrate, but it's treated like an immigrant visa because
    of the AOS.
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    elkski got a reaction from SunflowerSweet in Best way to ship belongings to USA from Bangkok?   
    I am pretty sure all my fiancées clothes and things will not fit in our luggage even if I find a way to meet her to escort her to USA hopefully in first half of 21' 
    I know in the Philippines there is some sort of a standard box and fee for shipments each way. 
    One place I looked said using thai post is a good method
    Also I am trying to get her to try on all of her clothes and try to reduce things that don't fit or she or I don't like. Any advice on that?   I love to see a woman try on clothes and while I want her top have her own style it is hard for her to imagine living in a snowy 4 season climate.   ITs not that she has so many things only for a hot climate as it gets to 38c here in summer. 
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    elkski got a reaction from SunflowerSweet in Best way to ship belongings to USA from Bangkok?   
    As most gents know clothes are a sensitive issue.  Shoes maybe the next level.  She uses a uniform at work and never really had a nightlife. But she seems to have enjoyed shopping... she has told me sometimes a woman cant resist buying something she thinks is beautiful.  Or a good sale.  So many things she has never worn. I dont think anything is designer stuff.
    I was thinking if a  20 kg box would be less than 100$ this might be worthwhile.  She wont be needing a container. Just clothes and sentimental stuff.  I cant complain about her having a hard time reducing stuff as I have  a crazy amount of stuff.  A shed full... of course my tools and stuff is valuable... haha... I need to try on all my clothes and sort stuff too.
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    elkski reacted to rkk1 in Prenuptial Agreement   
    I am going through the I-130 process right now. I married my husband overseas, and we got the prenuptial agreement done. We contacted the lawyer some weeks before I left for the wedding in India, and he put together the packet. That packet with my signatures was scanned and the lawyer emailed them to my husband (then fiance). He printed them out, signed them, and scanned and emailed them back. I believe 1-2 of the pages had to be notarized also. He also gave me a hardcopy of them when we had come in for the wedding.
    Some of you may think a prenuptial is unromantic, etc. I am fortunate that I have such an understanding husband. I didn't do the prenuptial for myself, as I don't consider myself to have much of anything. However, my name is on some of my parents' accounts, so for their safety the prenuptial was done, as I wouldn't want the outcome of my marriage to (potentially) have effects on my parents' losing their retirement savings. (Although I could have attempted to remove my name from the accounts, it would have made the process much more complicated, which is why we didn't go that route). My husband and I are committed to one another, and he even told me that although he signed the prenuptial documents, he believes that we will never need to utilize them. He just did it for my family's contentment.
    Just to mention though: my husband did waive his right to his own attorney when we were putting together the packet. He could have hired a lawyer in the US (which would be very costly) or potentially gotten one in India (though I don't know how that would work as that lawyer wouldn't be there to defend him if there were marital problems in the US). My husband himself is a lawyer and believes in the strength of our relationship, which is why he waived the lawyer. But in many cases this is not a good thing. In my case, the lawyer had put some very unfair terms in the agreement (which would have benefitted me in the case of divorce but might have put my husband in a very bad situation). Luckily I realized this in proper time, and I got really upset with the lawyer and made him change the terms to something much more fair for both of us.... so in essence, I was the one representing my husband, as I did not want anything bad for him in the terms. So I would recommend that if you get a lawyer to write up a prenuptial agreement, make sure you actually read those 30 odd pages or so.
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    elkski reacted to vacrimefighter in Prenuptial Agreement   
    Posted Today, Dec 23, 2011 03:13 PM
    I am a US Citizen (born here), my spouse is from Latin America.
    My spouse and I were married for 3-1/2 years before finally filing for her residency. She was on a student visa she would renew until we finally filed the PR forms. I won't get into the details as to why we waited so long before filing right here, but after filing, everything went relatively smoothly and we received the Temporary Permanent Residency for her pretty quickly (~3 months).
    Immediately after, she wanted to return home to "show-off" her green card. I was a little hesitant, but was told many immigrants like to do this right after getting their card. So, about two months after receiving it, we went. I went for one month (I have to work - she doesn't work), and she was to stay a few weeks longer. Immediately after I returned, she told me that she was staying a bit longer. Over the course of the next few months, she became increasingly agitated with me on the phone - and eventually told me that she got what she wanted from me (the green card), and now wants a divorce. She has also started a relationship with someone else in her home country.
    She will be returning shortly, after staying out of the US for 4 days short of six months. She wants to finalize the divorce quickly so that she can move and travel.
    I thought we were married for love, and it sure seemed like it. She, though, has made it clear it was only for the green card.
    Is there anything I can do about that at this point? I hate the thought of being used in such a way.
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    elkski reacted to canuckbos in Prenuptial Agreement   
    We did a prenup to give our children peace over their future inheritance. We both have assets which were ours long before we met; without a prenup; if one of us were to die unexpectedly, the other person would legally inherit all of the deceased's assets which rightfully belong to the surviving children of the deceased spouse. The prenup gives all of our 5 children the comfort of knowing the new step-parent in their lives is not after ther parent's money. We both wanted a prenup as a sign that money was not what we were interested in, we were in love and wanted to share our lives together. Assets obtained after the marriage are joint and excluded from the prenup. If we purchase property, we invest 50/50 and if one spouse dies, the other spouse gets the property. Any home we live in that belongs to the other spouse can be lived in by the surviving spouse until they die or chose to abandon it for a different home.
    We were both widowed and the assets we entered into the marriage with; are rightfully the inheritance of our kids.
    My SIL's dad remarried to a poor widow, he died of a sudden heart attack after 2 years, no prenup; the widow got all his assets; refused to share them with his three kids and instead gave the assets to her children. We are talking about more then cash and property, heirlooms belonging to the first wife/mother such as her hope chest, her wedding dishes, her treasured trinkets; all vanished from the original family and were transferred to the step family. Very hurtful behavior then no one saw coming.
    Our children are protected and I feel good about this. It's the right thing to do. Of course we are older and it is different for younger marrieds.
    One more thing, part of the prenup also provides for me (the younger spouse) financially should my new husband die before me. I agreed to retire 5 years earlier to enjoy life together and he has taken care of me so that I will not be financially penalized if he should die before I am eligible to draw my pension.
    Prenups are to protect people in case something goes wrong and it's not just in case of a divorce (which is not going to happen in our case) :-)
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    elkski reacted to Austramerican in Prenuptial Agreement   
    No offense vacrimefighter, but you sound a bit defensive, having made up your mind about a prenup based on the bitterness of what befell you in the past. Marriage is about trust, you trusted your past wife and she took advantage of that (based on what you've said), but that is no reason to apply that same mistrust to the woman you are choosing to marry. Love cannot exist without trust. If you have even a shred of doubt that this woman whom you profess love for, whom you want to share the rest of your life with, is a person who will take you for everything you have and deny your children safety and financial security after you are gone, why even bother getting married? Yes, planning for the future in all that, yes, being safe because you never know etc. But then why get married? Why not have a girlfriend, someone to spend time with but that you can keep at arms length. You keep saying you love her, but I just can't understand loving someone and having even a tiny lingering thought that they may be dishonest with you or planning to leave you.
    To me a prenup in the 'foreign spouse' type way, suggested by the petitioner, seems IN MY OPINION almost like marital slavery. Picture this, you don't have a lot of money, you have known a man for about a year, who speaks a different language than your native tongue, who has a culture far different from your own. You know him from visits but not the day to day life as roommates, getting to know each others quirks and seeing flaws as they emerge naturally over the course of being in constant close quarters. So you arrive in the US, a completely new and strange place to you, living with a man whom you love but know nothing about how he lives at home, far away from all your family and friends and everything familiar to you. He has everything and wants a prenup, you sign it because your in love and he won't marry without one. Time passes. You find maybe that he wasn't everything you thought. You find that the two of you are incompatible in ways you never thought of, because living together as husband and wife are completely different than the romance of visits. Maybe its not his fault, maybe its just what happens, people discover they aren't right for each other because we are all only human. But then, what if she wants out. Divorce is expensive, and not everyone can afford it. Depending on how a prenup is worded, and if people are savvy enough to weedle in the right conditions, such a thing could leave someone trapped in a loveless marriage. What if the man has children with her, and it doesn't work out? Staying together for the kids and the security is a bad idea, trust me. All it does is create an environment of misery, bitterness, and disappointment of what could have been.
    Obviously this scenario is worst case, and prenups aren't totally at fault. But the attitude is. To me if you're going into it with the lingering bitterness from what was in your past, then you need to do some introspection, have some premarital counselling, something that will help you let go. I was never married, but I did have a long term relationship that ended badly. I know what its like to harbor bitter feelings because of an ex, and feel as though its hard to trust anyone new. But after working on myself a lot, and with my current man's careful gentleness and him weathering my flare ups of fear at trusting, I came through, and now I'm ready to get married because that hole was healed with love.
    Am I saying don't get a prenup? NO. Like you said, some people it's a good idea. Just make sure its for the right reason and don't make your fiancee pay for what someone else did to you in the past. Make sure there is a mutual respect and that you talk about it with her a lot and fairly, not just 'this is what we're doing and thats that.' Marriage is give and take after all.
    As for me, I'm obvs not getting one. I don't own any property and neither does he. This is both our first marriages and we don't have kids. So its totes obvious that we don't 'need' one anyway. But even if I was filthy rich or forsaw myself becoming that way, I wouldn't sign one because basically I don't care about money. We love each other, and I know that even if I was rich, and even if things wen sour one day, we both have a mutual respect for each other and would make sure everything was done fairly. We would both grieve if the marriage died, and wouldn't be spiteful to each other with respect to the love we had, and the possible kids we would have. SO In my OPINION if someone really loves someone and respects them, even if things go sour they wouldn't spitefully seek to ruin them. And if they do, then they never loved them at all. That's why people should do some deep talking and soul searching BEFORE they get married.
    (Also, not trying to flame anyone here, I just think this whole sort of discussion rather sad )
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    elkski reacted to vacrimefighter in Prenuptial Agreement   
    ANOTHER REASON FOR A CONTRACT AGREEMENT - someone TELL you "WE" moved you without even your input. This topic is all about the K1 Visa... The pros and cons..
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    elkski reacted to Roe in Prenuptial Agreement   
    Marriage is Grand. Divorce is Fifty Grand.

    Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the blockbuster tome Eat Pray Love, recently made the case in her new best seller, Committed, for why she and her husband got a prenup.
    "Marriage is not just a private love story but also a social and economical contract of the strictest order," she says. "If it weren't, there wouldn't be thousands of municipal, state and federal laws pertaining to our matrimonial union."
    More than one-third of adults — 36% — said prenups make smart financial sense, according to the Harris survey. When Harris asked that same question in 2002, 28% said so.
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    elkski reacted to Tim/Mav in Prenuptial Agreement   
    Well, I don't like the idea of a Prenup Agreement. I'll tell you why.
    First of all, 99% of all those that agree are Americans or the Petitioners. OH YES, I Want To Marry Her Alright. But ? What if she finds out I'm really a Jerk later? Will she own half of me ? Petitioners, IF YOUR SO SMART. You want that Woman but you have DOUBTS. That makes you an IDIOT to Get Married.
    So, what you do is talk her into a binding relationship with a Prenup Clause which tells her she is stranded and will leave with the same clothes she came with. BEFORE THE MARRIDGE. Screw You is what I would Say.
    I Have seen so many positions of beneficiaries reporting abuse/forced sex etc. And the Petitioner has a Prenup. .
    To members I seen post: I been threw the Ropes and will never do it again. Well, don't get Married.
    Fact of the matter is: Know your Spouse. Not your second brain.
    A Prenup is basically a legal option to split and keeps your assets. TELL ME, IS THIS THE CASE WITH THE MAJORITY OF OVERSEAS Spouses/Fiancee's.. No its not.
    To the Replies that agreed to the Prenup. You should have never Married. But, I be willing to bet that over half of you that agreed to this post never asked for a Prenup.
    Thats my thought
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    elkski reacted to vacrimefighter in Prenuptial Agreement   
    I agree DIFFERENT world and different cultures. DIFFERENT VALUES, that is what I fell in love with my current bride to be. Some People in the USA has lost their morle compass "To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish 'till death do us part."
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    elkski reacted to Dan & Jenni in Prenuptial Agreement   
    only its not quite as clear cut as you make out now is it as the guy got a prenup in place but yet his immigrant wife is working to support them both!?!? that is really not a good example to use!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    imo a prenup is just used by someone who doesnt think the marriage is going to work. a prenup is used in place of actually getting to know someone properly
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    elkski got a reaction from Naz2020 in FEBRUARY 2020 I-129F K-1 FILERS   
    I had to look at your timeline to know what you meant by approved.  I see you got NOA2! 
    Congrats.. now wait in the next line. for ??? 2 or 6 months... we dont know
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    elkski got a reaction from Cyberfx1024 in K-1 Lawsuit has been filed in federal court today   
    if the lawyers were so great they would not have had to ask the plaintiffs for help compiling prior years data  and statistics on the K1 visa's like they did in the video . IMHO that struck me as typical poor service.
    on another note I thought  most of the Consulates had resumed interviewing for K1's.  I have seen posts of people going through the  Bangkok consulate getting interviews and approved in Oct and Nov.  But Thailand has Covid under control.  
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    elkski got a reaction from imsan in K-1 Lawsuit has been filed in federal court today   
    if the lawyers were so great they would not have had to ask the plaintiffs for help compiling prior years data  and statistics on the K1 visa's like they did in the video . IMHO that struck me as typical poor service.
    on another note I thought  most of the Consulates had resumed interviewing for K1's.  I have seen posts of people going through the  Bangkok consulate getting interviews and approved in Oct and Nov.  But Thailand has Covid under control.  
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    elkski got a reaction from midsummer in FEBRUARY 2020 I-129F K-1 FILERS   
    Antics??  now we can talk about antics... but I believe in the honesty of all the mixed party election officials in each state and the lead just looks so large its just its just a matter of time.  The honesty I mention is of polling place workers of both p[arties , Im not Not considering the gerrymandering and deliberate voting obstacles used so often like polling location closure by the GOP.   And yes the letters to Joe would be to the President elect  before he is sworn is. 
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    elkski got a reaction from ding in Best way to send money to Thailand   
    transfer wise i highly recommend.  Sometimes it arrives within 24 hours.  
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    elkski got a reaction from Cheburashka34 in FEBRUARY 2020 I-129F K-1 FILERS   
    maybe if everyone writes Joe a letter and tell him how much pain this cause each one of us.  IF we only knew what happens to some of these cases.  
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